Nothing Keeps SNIPERS in Check

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by IrishInsanity, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Ryo313

    nope. i was trying to engage and activated the adrenalin shield a VS Sniper poped up and shot with the Ghost and onkoed me whilest i had the adrenalin shield up (95% ish energy were still on the shield). he simply headshoted me throu the shield and killed me with a single bullet.
  2. Zagareth

    I have no experience with the Adrenaline shield, but the Nanite Mesh and the Resist Shield do their job. I already shot a lot at HAs and every time when their shield was up, they survived the HS, unless I got the chance to hit a 2nd time or they where already too damaged.

    Maybe you only saw 1 shot, but he shot twice on his computer? Unfortunately things like this happen a lot in PS2
  3. Ryo313

    all i saw was the infiltrator poping up (deactivating his cloak) and i instandly died within 1 hit. and as far as i know there is no sniper rifle with such a high RoF that he could've shot 2 bullets in that timeframe (at least none that could ohko you). he used the VS Ghost rifle.

    and i was at full health full shield and the overshield had around 95%ish energy.
  4. Zagareth

    Ok, got some research....
    Your AS was at ~95%, means you got ~1377 HP (450 HP shield at 95% = 377,5 + 1000HP) - a Ghost makes 700 base damage within 10m with a HS multiplier of 2,1, means 1450 damage within 10m, getting lower with more distance.

    Maybe you was in an unlucky distance, but the damage was enough to kill you in the right distance.
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  5. Ryo313

    ok ty ^^ now that explains it. i think i was at around 10-15m away from him. too bad nanoweave doesn't help with headshots tho... i know it used to but they removed that long time ago. with those 20% i would've survived it (1450 - 20% = 1160 dmg)

    why isn't everyone like you tho... that's how a discussion should go
  6. Moz

    Oh nice!

    This is good to know, i use AS and sometimes get OHK..... I kept thinking i need to figure out why this happens and you have done the hard work for me! Nice 1! :)
  7. Icehole1999

    There are so few good snipers that I don't see this as an issue. Someone already said don't just stand there like a knucklehead. I run NMG and NW on my HA. The only time an Infi gets me is when I deserve it.
    On LA I never stop long enough for one to draw a bead on me.
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  8. PanzerGoddess

    cover and movement is everyones best friend. That and latency and lag :p
    Just remember if your a cqc bolt sniper, aim down the pipes, those bunny hopping straffers will lose more times than none. Just aim down the pipes.....

    if anyone doesn't know what that means feel free to ask.
  9. Jac70

    I picked up my Ghost again tonight to mix things up. A style I played quite a lot a few years ago. It used to be that a HS with the Ghost was a kill on any target, other than a MAX,no matter what but I seem to have had a few enemies who have survived. I thought it might be due to a new implant or change to nanoweave!?

    I shot a LA from about 5 meters, HS and he didn't die. He must have had the tiniest amount of health left because his health and shields bars both looked empty but he shotgunned me before I could get another shot off :eek:
  10. JobiWan

    The auxiliary shield adds 50 to your current shield and is probably enough to stop some OHKs with bolt actions.
  11. BartasRS

    Yeah, at certain range it works like that.
  12. Moz

    That should have been a kill, either a bug (****** hig reg) or you missed.

    There are 3 things that will save you: Heavy shield (AS worst of the lot for this purpose), NAC as an Infil (tested this pre changes, only thing that will get through is a railjack inside its minimum damage range pretty sure the resistance didnt change, correct me if im wrong) and finally **** hit reg.
  13. Ucarenya

    What? I thought sniper is Heavy Assault? Sorry wrong game...
  14. Silkensmooth

    No, dont fix snipers. Just run around like a chicken with its head cut off CONSTANTLY. Avoid fighting outside of buildings. Stay in a tank.

    Thats how you counter snipers.

    Obviously a terrible mechanic.

    Snipers were fine until they allowed them to rechamber a round without unscoping.

    The unscoping made it balanced as you had to re-aquire a target that you missed.

    It allowed you to quickly change position if you were the snipee.

    Now there are so many snipers at every battle all you can do is die repeatedly and accept it.

    Simply remove the rechamber mechanic and all is well again.
  15. Brewergamer

    There is a counter to infiltrators, it's called a vehicle. Their sniper rifle does nothing to your vehicles.
  16. LordKrelas

    Or move at all.
    Or use cover.
    Or not be brain-dead to need someone to literally un-scope every shot to make use of cover...

    Balanced.. to what exactly? To ensure a miss, results in complete target-loss?
    I'm sorry, that we don't need to re-establish everything after each bullet we fire.

    Same with every threat - and you find snipers needing to handle the mess that is entering & exiting ADS to use Anything of the above?

    All is well? Jesus.
    You originally thought the straight-bolt increased RPM ffs.
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  17. That_One_Kane_Guy

    He has no idea how the mechanics he complains about actually function. He just like to complain because it's easier than learning and improving. Although for someone so adept at typing long-winded hogwash you would think that a little WASD movement wouldn't be such an ordeal...
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  18. Dualice

    Except that most people that use sniper rifles struggle to hit a moving target no matter how many free shots you give them, straight-pull bolt or no :p
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  19. Doc Jim

    How exactly does a player get worked up about snipers? I remember dying maybe... two or three times to sniper weapons this weekend and I put it plenty of hours. Of all the things I die to - and I'm casual pleb - sniper weapons are really far down the list.
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  20. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I've got a headache, so I'm going to try and make this short...

    If you're dying to long-ranged snipers, it's your own damn fault. Plenty of people have already mentioned the extremely simplistic ways to avoid getting shot in the head, so I won't reiterate. When you combine those with the fact that client-side hit detection often causes a miss, and exposes your position, alongside the jittering graphical-glitch on infantry, once you get past a certain distance, those who can shoot you in the head while you're moving are few and far in between. Move. Weave. Succeed.

    Anyway, I'll explain why it exists at all.

    There are people who don't run and gun, or are absolutely terrible when they attempt such an endeavor. Long-ranged sniping is an entirely different sort of playing style that provides it's own challenges...often related to maximizing efficiency within the shortest volume of time. You die less, but you're also generally going to kill less than your moderate-to-adept run-and-gun player. That fact is just in general; if you're actually performing your're going to be killing even LESS than that. That's because you want to save every shot for high-priority targets and aren't going to waste your shots on anyone you don't absolutely know you're going to kill.

    - Medics.
    - Enemy snipers.
    - Engineers repairing MAX units.
    - Engineers repairing defense turrets.
    - Engineers on AV and AP turrets.
    - Anyone trying to access a vehicle terminal.
    - Engineers who are driving armor and slip behind a pile of rocks to repair their smoldering tank before driving back out to continue bombardment.

    Most people think that long-ranged snipers have no role and, instead, simply stat-pad...but a sniper actually performing their duty correctly doesn't simply kill anyone that comes into sight...they're killing enemy units that are causing the most difficulty for their faction. When that MAX that's been constantly repaired suddenly goes down, or that tank who's kept moving in and out of battle mysteriously vanishes...that's likely an unseen gift to you from a long-ranged sniper, or a Light Assault with C4. Either or.

    Death is irrelevant in Planetside 2 and shouldn't even be a stat. In many situations, your deaths do not properly reflect how well you are helping your faction push territory. For example, when my faction is pinned down by the enemy who has clumped into an adjacent building...I'll often perform suicide runs to cause chaos and encourage my faction to push in. I am, literally, throwing myself to my death to cause a distraction that my faction then takes advantage of by rushing in while the enemy is all pointing their guns at me. More often than not, I'll do this with proximity mines...but even without, I'll try to get in there with the knife and cause that distraction regardless. Otherwise, people just engage in a stalemate for who-the-****-knows how long because neither side wants to push.

    Even if I've just pulled a MAX, I will go all out on an enemy Sunderer if I see it. Doesn't matter if it means I'm going to be taken down or not, I'll charge towards that Sunderer and dodge/tank the oncoming damage just to take that spawn point down. So long as I succeed, it doesn't matter that I could have gotten many more kills were I to have not performed a suicide run to take out a single target. That Sunderer is a high priority target, and through its destruction...I have prevented a flow of enemy forces and, thus, bought my faction time or flat-out won the battle for us.

    I'm a **** player, don't get me wrong. Through the combination of infrequent play and a poor internet connection, I'm nothing even remotely special...but this is all simple common sense. Death in Planetside is, generally, to claim that Snipers rarely die amounts to nothing. What matters if what they're doing with the time that they're out there...and if it's just shooting at anything that moves, they're absolutely irrelevant to the battle. As others have said, that's when they're nothing more than an annoyance.

    Furthermore, you arena shooter kids are spoiled rotten.

    I come from the days of Delta Force: Land Warrior and within that game, I could take my Barrett 50.Cal to 800-1000m away, where you become nothing but a black pixel, and shoot you in the toe, through a wall, and kill you instantly. Not only that, but if I took the sniper class...I'd have absolutely no scope sway and could even go prone... You know how many people complained about that? None... Instead, people would respond with a "N1," more often than not, because they knew how difficult it was to actually accomplish that from such a far distance when all you have is a pixel to work with that could move at any moment. Yes, even with all that stopping power...all it took to thwart a long-range sniper was to move. Now days, kids cry when they get shot in the head and die from long-range even though the ability to avoid those deaths is as easy as it was back then.

    In Planetside 2, you have the lungs of a smoker and can only kill from a maximum of 300m with the best long-range sniper rifle in the game. You can't go prone, and you absolutely have to nail that head-shot. Not only do you have to worry about counter-snipers, but enemy armor as well...unlike in DF:LW that didn't have tanks or aircraft that could easily bombard a sniper nest. Atop of that, you have the graphical glitch that causes people to move as though they're bunny-hopping at mach speed...making head-shots on-the-move that much more difficult.

    The tables flipped completely. I'll be the first to admit that snipers in DF:LW were spoiled rotten, but as arena shooters dominated the market...the exact opposite extreme transpired, where people lost the understanding of everything long-range sniping embodies and now throw a fit if they stand still in the middle of an open battlefield and get killed for doing so.

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