Nothing Keeps SNIPERS in Check

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  1. Demigan

    The fact that they have never bothered to fix spawncamping snipers with simple additions like a small house over the vehicle terminal doesn't instantly mean they are impossible to keep in check. Also we have spawning vehicles from the deathscreen now, so much of these things can be circumvented. Also I wouldn't call a single situation where the Infiltrator can be useful a sudden "nothing keeps snipers in check" anyway. In general gameplay, the Sniper can be kept in check.

    As for shooting people at Sunderers, you rarely see that and for two reasons: People don't make the effort, and the snipers who do it will have a limited angle to fire upon and will be quickly neutralized by the angry players who will countersnipe them or force them off their spot.

    And it's rarely ever because a sniper did it. It's more likely that an LA or SMG infil went into a choke and messed it up, or did some hit&run attacks and is now kiting half a dozen players who are looking for them. But an actual sniper? Rarely ever. Hell, if it was so effective, I would have seen some sniper video's doing stuff like that, but those are conspicuously absent.

    If there was anyone who would see this disruption of the supply chain by a friendly sniper, it's me. Because I'm the guy that as an LA is doing the supply train disrupting behind enemy lines. I'm not saying snipers are incredibly weak, I'm saying they are kept in check and don't do magic stuff like single-handedly disrupting entire reinforcement lines.

    They should have ****** off with KD. Keep the K, remove the D, because it creates D's.

    Thanks for recognizing that ;)

    Also, your "perfect definition of a sniper" also applies to SMG infils, or an LA setting up an Ambush, or a smart HA that doesn't need stealth to set up an ambush, or an engi/Medic who sets up an ambush... Hell it just means "setting up an ambush" and can be done with vehicles as well, it's in no way a definition of a sniper at all! Worse! A good sniper doesn't fire when someone walks through his crosshair, he leads the target! A good sniper will practically never have his target walk through his crosshair at all!
  2. Zagareth

    ... well, I let you believe that ...
  3. PanzerGoddess

    lol....still on this thread :p. Play how you want ot play Zag, everyone else can suck it. I gave up trying to impress and just play how I want to play.

    Tsar - cqc-long range, used in any application, no bleeps given
    KSR - read above
    RAMS - personal shotgun, why, cause I can

    so yeah play how you want, keeping snipers in check, still funny topic. I play heavy and wreck people, typically having twice the TTK on both kill/death ration.

    I know plenty of long range snipers like Zag that play long range really well, it works, pisses people off, disrupts more things than you know. I get bored playing LRS, so I do everything up close, which for me requires the use of movement, cover and more of a chaotic play style.

    Until this game is fixed and things change there is gonna be just the few cry babies that actually whine and complain. I mean I can dumb the game down, change a few settings and rock a 150+ fps all day and play so much better and have more of an edge over other players if I really wanted to, hell make it where I can see cloaked infis better than most (yes it can be done lol.....there are reasons why PS2 can never be on EA Sports or be competitive).

    So again this game is played how you want to play, if people don't like it, they can either join us or go zerg in a big outfit where numbers are the only thing that matters.
  4. SW0V

    You lack imagination.
  5. Demigan

    You "let" me believe that by first trying to convince me of it? Well good on you!
  6. 007iam

    Why does this thread continue to exist?
  7. Eternaloptimist

    Nothing keeps this thread in check :)

    Just on a small point though - I have recently started stalking with a Blackhand as getting within normal pistol range of enemies and surviving seems a lot harder now than before. I have noticed that my directive score for killing other infils is shooting up (check, your move)
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  8. Zagareth

    So I am.. :cool: (It's not like I care much, though, if someone gets convinced by some facts or if he rather likes to ignore them)
  9. Demigan

    But I did not ignore them, I provided answers to properly interpret how Infiltrators work. If anyone "ignored" anything, then it's you isn't it?
  10. Zagareth

    You are one of those guys, who always want to have the last word, isnt it? Thats not a real question, only an observation...
    However, Im one of those guys who stops listening to those guys who always want to have the last word - and that is right now. This thread bores anyway...

    (10 bucks say he cant withstand... he cant! ... I bet...)
  11. Demigan

    The only thing I can't resist is pointing out the hypocrisy of saying I want the last word and then trying to challenge me not to have the last word... So you can have it.

    Not to mention that you've been a double hypocrite by saying I ignore facts but with the same post not reacting to what I've said, ignoring it. Lets make an observation: you are "one of those guys" that prefers to discredit with insults rather than discuss the thing we were discussing.
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  12. Faerer

    Tldr- snipers shouldn't be nerfed because no skill babies can't learn basic skills to kill snipers which are highly disadvantaged in many ways no other class or weapon are. Especially from the insane ramblings of people that are full of crap and have no idea how weapons work. /end thread
  13. Droid15.24.3

    The ounter is to switch classes and take them out. At least spot them for allies.
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  14. Jac70

    I remember back in the early days, Nanoweave 5 would prevent a sniper OHK headshot if that sniper was more than 75m away from the target. The hot salty tears of snipers was a sight to behold. I, as someone who mained sniper at the time thought it was totally legit. The devs caved to the whining and so a sniper can sit miles away from the fight and farm kills and everyone else has to jump about like they're on speed 24/7 in the vain hope of preventing the random out of nowhere instadeaths that snipers are apparently entitled to.
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  15. Ryo313

    no matter what you do there is always a sniper somewhere lurking
    are you running into an empty room? infiltrator says nope and knifes you
    are you running inside a base? infiltrator says nope and ohkos you from a nearby mountain or building
    are you trying to take cover in an open field? infiltrator says nope and kills you from an open angle

    no matter where you hide or run.. an Infiltrator is always lurking somewhere waiting for it's next prey.

    remove cloak while carrying a sniper rifle. give us back the old nanoweave 5
    infiltrators are OP they can KILL any infantry with ONE hit

    joke aside they work as they should be same with HA and yet... ppl are crying like little babies about HA
    but for infiltrators it's ok to be a killing machine that can literally kill any infantry class with one hit from a distance where noone exept an infiltrator can even shoot back.
  16. LordKrelas

    Movement blocks the shot, as does cover, as does awareness.
    Empty room, infiltrator knifes you? Apparently didn't clear the room, and that's a stalker.

    Inside a base, a sniper has the fewest angles, with the most obvious positions.

    Open Field: That's the point isn't it? Open field battles, you have to be aware of long-range fire...
    In which case, strafing is once again also incredibly good.

    An infiltrator with a sniper rifle, would be unable to get into position, let alone fire a shot without being massacred before the second.
    Any sniper already in position , would easily remove any sniper moving in.
    As well, it means the class with the least health, has no ability to evade or keep operating in an area since at a distance, let alone up close, it has no means to engage beyond a pistol.

    Any class, any vehicle, that sees the tracer, gun-fire or gets close enough to fire, ends that infil whom has to manage a head-shot on a target, while being stationary, without any means to disrupt their shot..
    Sniper becomes one-shot & dead, for using sniper rifle.
    And no position can be kept, even for a moment, with a massive kill zone on every sniper perch.
    Easily handled by a bit of cover, evasive motion, explosive weapons, and awareness.

    You can fire back actually at quite a lot of the distances, a Sniper rifle fires.
    For the ranges you can not - That's where the Infil doesn't need to head-shot while also being the easiest target to head-shot.
    A sniper is the most stationary target.

    People complain more about heavies, since they see them & engage them more.
    As well, it doesn't take a skilled shot to make one work.
    Not saying I agree with the complaints much.
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  17. Ryo313

    you obv didn't get the joke xP
    ofc your counters are on point tho i just put the same nonsense up there that ppl are using against the HA.
    as annoying as infils and stalker are... they can be dealt with... same goes with HA. it's just ridiculous with what ppl come up with if they can't beat a certain class with their class... as i said before in another thread... each class has it's pros and cons ppl just need to know them.
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  18. Zagareth

    Well, Im the living proof, that nothing can keep snipers in check...
    ... when definitely played as a sniper and not as a "Jack of all trades"-hero.

    And NO, my Score/Minute doesnt matter - Im a lot AFK, a lot in VR and I give a damn about any Score. I kill people when I want, if I want, they are standing, they are moving and upto 700m and I give a 2nd damn if I need a lot of time or more to kill anyone - as long as I kill as much as I can and get away with it! (very important: W/o any kind of cheat)

    And that is rule #1 (for me): Get away with it (survival)!

    You think snipers like me wont help their faction? You are definitely wrong.
    Every dead toon loses time... a certain time that he needs to respawn and to get back to the point where he was to continue the fight. Also a kill gives Exp and Certs, which make you stronger. A death makes the enemy stronger.
    See this like a time and power pool. Every kill delays the enemy by a certain amount of time and gives you a bit more power, every death delays your own faction and powers up the enemy.

    K/D rate doesnt matter? Really?
    Killing the enemy lets say... over 3000 times (3000 x time lost for the enemy, 3000 x Exp gained for your faction), while the enemy only gets 300 kills back - sounds like a good deal for your faction? :D

    Yes, K/D is not everything and Snipers alone cant win a continent. But these frontline heros with their finger breaking acrobat skills aint the solution. You need the harmony of all classes in the right coordination. The right people at the right time at the right position (...or a huge zerg...), then you will win.

    But Nothing Keeps good SNIPERS in Check
  19. Ryo313

    freking snipers are getting throu the overshield as well...
  20. Zagareth

    No, Overshield protects against snipers