Nothing Keeps SNIPERS in Check

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by IrishInsanity, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. 1stCamper

    I'm pretty sure the shear fact that they are useless at taking most objectives keeps them in check.
  2. Jond4261

    Totally agree what is needed is the ability for infiltrators to hack enemy AMS vehicles as in the old Planetside 1 game. Come on Devs get your butts in gear and get this actioned..!!
  3. PrimeraStealthByeBye

    Hi all,

    Oh oh oh waiiiiiiitttt a second !!!

    Is this post is for crying kids who are getting farmed by Snipers?

    If you dont mind i want just to say some little things as a "All FPS Sniper"

    - 1st thing i saw. Starting Weapon TR is weak after 300m even if you "skillshotHS", you spend your first 40 hours of the game getting farmed by Light Assault etc.

    - 2nd thing = 1000m+ HS succes rate can't be more than 30-35%max => next
    If you use a Bolt action Snipe on moving Target GL HF and show me what you got every time you want. I'll start running from 1000m to you with light strafe time to time and we will see if you hit. Whatever.

    Some tricks when you want snipe Long range... USE YOUR CROSS ! 1st dot 200m // 2nd dot 400m etc. depends of scope and riffle
    Choose your place really far and make 1 shot near the zone you want to snipe and look where the shot hits etc. Take your marks and keep in mind one thing... If you can't counter a sniper who stay more than 10 seconds on the same place without cloak (AFK free) It doesn't mean that dev's have to nerf Infiltrators, but that your skills are pretty bad.

    It's a game, and the cloak even for long range snipers is a primar survival tool. Especially when suddenly you see 10+ players jumping on the Platform where you snipe from air transport.

    Oh by the way, you dont have to buy a half of store to be good.

    - Sound of the cloak
    - Sound of the riffles
    - Minimap location
    - TeamSpeak with friends

    Can also help to improve your skills like a sniper. Training in small fights, battlefield zone analysis. Light/Darkness...Night/Day

    Personnaly i think the Infiltrator's class is pretty good for a FreeToPlay game. C4 maybe, but just try to imagine...You sit in your tank with proxy move sensor wich doesn't spot StalkerInf and 1 month later => "Oh my gooooooddddd NERF C4"

    Oh last thing but not least^^
    Infiltrator's armor (i mean the shield) 3xAllweapon => R.I.P

  4. Eternaloptimist

    .............and anyone wearing pink armour or clown face.
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  5. BoatsFriends

    No. I need exact damage for one shot kill.
  6. BartasRS

    Just wanted to say that new, maxed out, Catlike implant is fckin GREAT for snipers! The places we can reach now! Even if I had very little time to play with it so far I already managed to get to places I always wanted to snipe from but was too lazy to get Valk to fly to them. Also, I am quite sure I can get on top of Biolab with some stubborness and taime.
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  7. PanzerGoddess

    lol, truth in that. Should gather you and a few others together, make a trolling video just so we can upset more people, get a small squad of cqc bolt snipers together and go trolling bases :p Maybe a lonely medic to bring with us lol
  8. Bacardie

    I pay Infil 90% of time. Don't tell me there aren't ways to stop them. If I need to rid the area of TR/VS snipers, I use Stalker Cloak.. get up on them and kill em. Snipers are suppose to be the way they are. Reason for one shot kill, then move is so you're NOT caught, but trust me, many of them stay put and CAN be eliminated. Cloak is not 100% either. I'd like to see NC's cloak to be not so easy to hear!.. TR and VS have it made in that area. Bottom line is.. DON'T stand out in the open! Be happy we don't carry C4!
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  9. OldMaster80

    Stalker Infiltrator, Sensor Shield, a good pistol.
    They are often so focused on their sniping they do not even watch their backs.

    My favourite preys and the easiest kill ;)
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  10. Deadreach

    A common problem I'm seeing from many different and various changes to the game over time is that infiltrators have no real counter. Specifically, the extreme long range one-hit-kill infiltrators


    Ahemm, Mic Check, Check.


    *Mic drop*
  11. BoatsFriends

    Yes please.
  12. BoatsFriends

    But there are no extreme long range one-hit-kill infiltrators. The farthest OHK Range is only ~300 meters, or ~350 for infils. Let alone the extremely short 200 meter OHK range for the good sniper rifles.
  13. Zagareth

    Well, its easier to get a maxed out stealth ESF and junp down on a parachute, than a maxed out Catlike implant to get on every spot you want :D, but that's your personal choice.
  14. Zagareth

    That is true, but you can count the unavoidable 2HK (2 headshots) experience over 400m with a Scout-Rifle also as OHK - Even the 4 Shot Body hits are pretty unavoidable if you dont have anti-flinch implant and being otherwise unprepared
  15. wolfexy

    some of the statements on this thread are just BS

    Snipers are very popular so they must be OP:- Come on they are popular with BR1-10 then they work out that they are a high skill class and give up because they have a KD or 0.0002

    Take away the cloak and OHK:- really and leave the squishy class with what, oh that right thats what u want to be able to turn on your heavy shield and kill them without any skill, but thats probably not enough when they kill you because they headshot you will say that the class with no health and no over shield is OP because you cant kill them with a heavy.

    All the arguments on this thread are junk, regardless of class a high skill player is going to get kills deal with it. I now understand why so many nerfs have been happening in this game, nerf the EMP, nerf the infi, because the devs listen to the noobs crying OP on this forum, get good and dont expect to be able to kill everyone in 5 min. It took over 2 years and 1000's of hours to get a +1 KDR playing infi. Put in the work and stop complaining.
  16. OldMaster80

    Good point. Before complaining first study and try to get better. Learning the game is part of their game.

    You know, modern gamers want everything immediately.

    Btw you made my day: it took 1 year to me to have a positive kdr, and I thought I was bad.
  17. TR5L4Y3R

    the general frustration against sniper infils comes from them attacking you outside of your effective engagementrange, not realy knowing were they are even if you barely hear their decloak and worst the general latencyissues this game has meaning if the infil gets the jump on you he may have a greater advantage on you as he should due to lag ..

    personaly i don´t care about kdr and i sure don´t have 365 days of gametime to git gud ..
    i just care to be less frustrated about something that at the moment is rather hard to engage for me and many novices at least ..
    and realy that argument of "play sniperinfil yourself" doesn´t realy hold up ... why shall i play a classconfig i don´t have fun with ..
    the reason i play infil is for what´s in that name, which is infiltration ... running arround with a sniperrifle is not much of infiltration to me so i rather may use autoscoutrifles or smg´s .. those are more fun to me ...

    instead i would rather have other classes with the means of engaging snipers on their own terms .. which is possible with battlerifles safe for light assaults (which imo are kinda best for hunting down infils with their mobility) the biggest issue comes down to knowing were they are and to me might need an extra .. either allow a thermal railattachment to see cloaked infils while ADS or give non infil longrangeweapons access to a heartbeatsensor (again only useable while ADS without being able to qspot cloaked infils still)
  18. Zagareth

    The "common" sniper is the most easiest to kill toon in PS, because people pull it just here and then and usually completely wrong played.
    An experienced player can kill snipers with ease. What you need is:
    • listening to the sniperrifle sound, so get a clue about the direction
    • watching the bullet tracer that comes here and then
    • once you get his location, you either:
      • get close to him and kill him with knife or whatever you want
      • get a sniperrifle and kill him
      • and for the most experienced snipers you need:
        • the patience and the right timing to kill him in his cloaking and moving style of play
        • get close wiith an SMG type of bulletsprayer
    Well the very most experienced snipers usually get only killed by random events like:
    • jumps from a cliff while thinking the (just on this toon un-)eqipped fall damage implant would save his life
    • random placed APM anywhere in the nowhere
    • a stupid n00b comes along while the sniper takes a peebreak
    • a misleaded tankshell from a battle miles away
    • a wrecked ESF falling down from the sky
    Good snipers are a very rare species - the common sniper is just cannonfodder. Both dont have a real impact on the game
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  19. LordKrelas

    You can often nail a Sniper with an LMG, or Rocket... especially the rocket, at their longest range.
    As well, in order to survive, they must keep that distance, since quite literally they are the most fragile.

    You already can engage snipers at your own terms; Cover is plentiful, and snipers are fragile.
    Any vehicle also makes them screwed.

    A rail attachment, that invalidates the entire point of the cloak, allowing them to be shredded at long-range and close range - Since obviously your dark-light & the sniper tracers aren't enough to put a big "kill me" sign over their head.
    After all, snipers cloak as that is their way of trying to not die after a single shot.

    So give more than the engineer, weaponry of long-range caliber, the ability to see infiltrators while they are cloaked...while ADS.

    Pop heavy shield, look at enemy sniper, know You have a weapon that literally invalidates their only means of not being killed as they fire a single round.
    Without the cloak, every single infiltrator gets basically one shot, if that, if anyone noticed the tracer rounds, the death message, seeing dots, or thought snipers would use the obvious perch.

    You want a means to invalid the cloak at extreme range? Pull a vehicle, and fire off an AOA shell - Cloak or not, that shell doesn't give two *****.

    Or close the distance, which removes their range advantage (which barely is there often enough), and fight the most fragile class inside your own weapon's optimal ranges.
    Hell, with a dark-light in addition to them being unable to fire while cloaked; it ain't all that hard.

    I've stormed infiltrator cliffs \ perches, as an engineer with an archer, a heavy, light assaults, medics, and as infiltrators.
    Once you get close, the cloak literally is just a run-away-or-die ability when facing anyone actually hunting your ***.
  20. RockPlanetSide2

    What keeps them in check is that rarely are they ever truly doing anything at all, outside of solo personal indulgence.

    That is what keeps them in check.

    Connection speed is also the biggest boon to a "good sniper"... most kids don't understand that when they shoot and then move, on most other peoples screens they shot before they de-cloaked... and they wont to imagine they are personally good... not the case... a good connection can make any ****** good.