Nothing Keeps SNIPERS in Check

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by IrishInsanity, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. TR5L4Y3R

    difference between stalker and sniper
    stalkers are for the most part reachable without the need of a vehicle or needing to change to infil or LA ..

    also the extra frustration when latency is in the snipers favor .. and that is something you DON`T have influence over ..

    .. also you are basically saying "don´t EVER leave a building ore vehicle .. there is a chance to get hit by a bullt to the head .."
  2. iStalk

    Lol, best counter to a noob "red line" sniper is a good stalker with blackhand and power knife. ^_^
  3. OldYetNewNoob

    The counter is that they can't push a point worth ****. If the game is just about killing in an open field, yeah they've the upper-hand. But it isn't.
  4. Scroffel5

    The MOMENT literally ANYONE fires at a sniper, they have to move. They know they have lower health and can't afford to lose their overall position. If you want to deal with a sniper, either snipe at them, get in a vehicle and drive over and try to find them, shoot at them with literally anything to make them move, or ignore them and use cover. Infils aren't too powerful in the game as a sniper. A sniper doesn't have to take out everyone. Just the right people.
  5. Tr34

    Stalkers are more annoying imo, camping with a permanent cloak is kinda op. The only way to detect them is flashlight if they aren't moving and seems like not many people use flashlights. Hunter cloak has a limited time which is a balancing point.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    old post but...

    while arenashooters have sniperrifles and railguns
    you know what most arena shootergames don´t have? cloaked snipers ..
    and arenas also aren´t too big and can be traversed fairly quickly by foot as general playermovement in these is also fairly quick and players can be reached with any weapon .. and NO ONE stands still in those games ..

    you are comparing that to a game were player movement is slower and areas of engagement can vary between indoorfights from one corridor to another to a engagementrange were one player can be at the edge of a base to snipe another who´s on a tower behind a bridge and weapons force you to move a specific way than allowing you to be mobile or otherwise be simply imprecise then they also have varying bulletdrop and varius effective ranges were they can´t reach further ..

    if a arena player wants to have it his way with PS2 he would probably play in bioplants primarily ..

    infantry doesn´t fight outside of bases because the game does a terrible job to allow infantry actualy support vehicles and fight the opponents (primarily cause of lack of effective ranged AV weapons and tools that allow supportive classes to survive long enough there ... like seriously what is a medic by his own supposed to do against a vehicle, like good luck getting C4 on a tanks butt also now that flack no longer protects against direct mbt tankshots because not like those dien´t have any AI turretoption ... oh wait ..) neither is there enough player interaction to have infantry use vehicles as mobile cover .. so it´s just vehicle vs vehicle in the open
    one problem however is with cappositions that are outside instead in a building were a sniper can have a fieldday on infantry when in low pop basefights like say 6v6 f.e. , and the problem is it´s either trying to cap the point and eat sniperrounds or leave the point to hunt down the sniper and the later simply has the main advantage of both a one headshotkill where other weapons require two shots minimum and his weapon outranging all other infantryrifles in vellocity and effective range ...
  7. Scroffel5

    If you don't like infils with snipers, shoot at them. You probably won't hit them, but you can at least shoot bullets their way. Then they have to move and cloak and change position, and then you know what general area they are at.