Nothing holding my attention to this game anymore

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Schisist, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Schisist

    Once the spectacle of large persistant battles wears off, which it does very fast. You realise this game is nothing but endless tanks, ESF's carpet bombing everything (even thought fighters should be to shoot down enemy aircraft and escort their own, not ******* carpet bombing, why even have a liberator in the game?), instant deaths from every gun in the game.

    This is getting tiring. I was just in an ANTI-AIR turret, a ESF comes straight at me, i begin firing before he does, my damage indicator is constant meaning im drilling him. 1 salvo later and my AA turret is in bits and so am i, and he flies off with 15% hp left to repair to full.

    This is not ******* fun. Then you look in the shop and see these ridiculous prices, this game is just tiring and insulting. Whoa 44 certs in 2.5 hours because i didn't pick an eng/medic and spam my crap on the zerg frontline non stop like a god damned bot. Silly me for picking an Infiltrator and.. you know, infiltrating.

    Leave spawn room, ROCKETS. Leave spawn room, 20 TANK SHELLS. Leave spawn room, 0.5 second death no matter what gun they have! I'm having fun ;D.

    Maybe the "instant" deaths to every gun is because i'm Oceanic and we don't have a ******* server? An AU label means ****, all that means is Americans can come in and destroy the Oceanians with their much superior ping. How about a server for all regions that you market your cash-grab game in?

    I'm just tired, already. I try to be hopeful but then i realise "why are you bothering, it's SOE... one of the biggest cash-grab F2P game-spamming devs around", Constantly making games with HUGE potential but ******* them up at every step so that the potential is replaced by $$ signs.

    Tanking the quality of games just to make a quick buck, games that have had such potential (look at DCUO... sigh).

    If you insist on doing this forever SOE, can you at least sell intellectual rights on things like Planetside so other devs who actually give a **** can make them instead of $OE?

    People who defend this tripe baffle me, i seriously think they have been deprived of quality for so long (modern day gaming has destroyed quality) that they no longer know what quality is.

    This game's balance, business model and the people who control it are going to drive it in to the ground before it even has a chance. I seriously doubt this game will amount to much more than a play ground for elitists to fight each other non stop in on the 1 active server left.

    /end rant, **** $OE.
  2. Achmed20

    well all i can say is: this is not BF3
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  3. HMR85

    Join a Outfit and stop running around solo and I promise you that you will have much better results. It helps to have some buddy's who are actually going to watch your back and help you out. Once you do that you will see that air and armor really isn't that big of a threat.
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  4. RAS

    being a ps1 vet i feel your anguish from all angles about ps2 and soe , btw i like the $ <--- in soe made me lol a little ;)

    now you'll get endless negative post's by players who think that its all your fault and try and tell you how to play because you've never played an online game before , pointless posting meaningfull threads as the common iq is lower than the average shoe size
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  5. Schisist

    I didn't play PS1, but i don't need to to see how flawed this game and it's model are.

    Also no amount of get better will make up for 0.5 second deaths to every auto/semi auto weapon in the game. All i see/hear is 2-3 shots and i'm dead from full hp/shields, only way to win is to fire first when they can't see you.

    If that is because of ping then why bother playing this game unless you live in the USA?
  6. Shadestrike

  7. Predzo

    Maybe stop zerging? Try to play with brain set to "enabled"? I dunno, it works for me.
  8. newlynx

    Another moaning thread.... OP can you define what quality means for you?
  9. Babaganoush

    To be honest, can't think of any other F2P company that would provide better service. And that doesnt mean SOE provides quality service, just saying it's least of all evils.

    If that wasn't an outfitted Liberator, their default tail turret is inaccurate and weak. Most pub Lib pilots only upgrade their belly turret and ignore their tail upgrades.

    And the market really isn't there for more servers in AU/SEA/Asia. They're just a handful compared to most of the player base in the Americas and EU.
  10. Mightyhalo

    In beta the battles were better. Now even in squads it's just moving from one base to another. Cap base move to new base, cap and repeat. I can handle about an hour or two but then the monotony overcomes me.
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  11. Blueink

    I usually do not post but you are aware the Oceanic server is located in Sydney don't you?. Sorry to invalidate that part of your argument carry on.
  12. maxkeiser

    Why are you still here then?
  13. RAS

    exactly my point ^^
  14. RAS

    and another , so narrow minded
  15. Babaganoush

    So narrow minded? If I don't like a game, I leave. I don't whine on the forums.
  16. Schisist

    Maybe you should read the post and see i do the opposite.

    I don't think your brain is set to anything, it's in default mode.
  17. Rune

    Door... hit you... way out.. blah blah, you know the drill.
  18. Thunderhawk

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  19. Schisist

    And this is only week 1. Imagine how many people will feel the same, and realise that they've reached the point of monotony and still have barely any certs to show for it.
  20. Fleabag

    No one has posted the immortal words yet. :eek: For shame Forumside 2, for shame.


    Can I haz ur stuff?
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