"Not in my squad... not my problem."

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gustavo M, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. Gustavo M

    Just a FYI for some individuals who think that every support class -MUST- help -HIM- out... and nobody else. If you aren't in my squad and I'm already taking care of someone else... you can shoot my face, spam voice macros or even kill me as much as you want -- I won't give a damn about you. Hell, even if I'm playing solo and I just want to chill -- I'm (still) not in your squad. Which means that I can leave your MAX/heavy assault to rot if I so desire. "Oh, but we are playing in the same empire!" -- which doesn't mean that I became your pocket/personal support class out of a sudden right when you put your eyes on me. I mean, it's your fault for not having a squad and/or not inviting a support class to your squad -BEFORE- switching to MAX/tank/heavy assault/whatever, in first place.
    tl;dr: Title.
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  2. JDS999

    lol there is still people out there who think this is a team game where the nearest medic or engi will support them. omg get a clue, people have directives to complete kills to farm to increase their kd, or the I have to be at the top of the leaderboard or people are gonna think I suck at this game. but to each his own I guess.
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  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    In the past I've received tells from players saying, 'Revive me' or similar but less polite. 1. Who are you? 2. By the time I actually find you, you've probably respawned/got revived anyway. 3. I'm an Engineer.

    My favourite is when I'm driving a vehicle and someone starts shooting at it because they want to get in. It's not so bad when it's something like a Sunderer or an ANT because they're not affected by small arms fire, but in a Valkyrie or Harasser? Nope. Shooting and damaging my vehicle makes me less inclined to want to let a person in, given they've just caused me to have to spend extra time repairing their damage. Sometimes I've had teammates aggressively want to be let into my vehicle when I'm speeding off on fire that they've actually killed us. I've even had some players be so aggressive that they have the mentality of, 'If you don't let me in I'll TK you'.

    Actions like these, and the ones you've described, they just make a person less likely to want to do nice things for others.
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  4. Gustavo M

    Indeed. It's like the other player is seeing you as a slave -- that s/he can do whatever with no consequences. There's also another thing that I'm used to say to those kind of folk -- "Start like a random, end like a random." If you don't have a support class in your squad and you need heals/ammo -- just fall back and don't be a nuisance to your fellow teammates. Pretty sure you'll get much faster support instead of spamming voice macros or even TK'ing others.
    Let me rephrase that for you: "lol there is still people out there who think random medic or engis will support them." Again, if you aren't in a squad and/or in a squad with no support classes -- it's your fault for not being a squad in first place. Or not inviting a support class before switching to a "critical" class like max, tanks, heavy assault, whatever.
    tl;dr: Join a squad. Stop whining.
  5. NXR1

    Yep, thats the way to play a combined arms tactical shooter.
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  6. Gustavo M

    There's a difference between expecting support from randoms and forcing/demanding randoms to support you.
  7. Kristan

    You may not need to rez people outside the squad, but if you go as solo medic and don't revive people on your way to objective - FOKKEN SWAP! Go play as HA, LA, what-fokken-ever! Medics are the most crucial roles on the battlefield that keep the flow of soldiers in one wave, without stretching them from the spawn point. While people see medic running around they don't hit respawn button, so by your inaction you make things worse for everyone. If you're there only for kills - SWAP! You wanna regen? Get yourself a bloody regeneration implant, or medkits.

    But for the love of all what is holy, if you're playing as solo medic and don't fulfill your duty as one - SWAP!
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  8. DarkStarAnubis

    "Fulfill the duty"? Man, you must have seen way too many John Wayne movies :)

    Nobody has sworn an oath to play the game. PS2 is a sandbox so each and every player can choose how he or she wishes to play: aside from cheating, exploiting, stat-padding or harassing other players everything is possible.
  9. Mehillus

    This is a really poor attitude to have in a TEAM oriented, COMBINED ARMS game with battles bigger than you. You are meaningless, I am meaningless, that guy to your right is meaningless, even Death Is Meaningless. Unless you check your Ego at the Login screen you are most likely in for a bad time.

    If I'm playing Medic, or Engineer, I'll of course prioritize Squad>Platoon>Faction, but I'll give my 110% as much as I can.

    And I'm not saying I'll pocket for any rando Max, but if he is getting constant DPS on him, and I have the choice between getting shot and killed, and supporting the Max who is being a damage sponge for Me and everyone else, you damn right I'll sit there and rep him till one of us dies or we decide to go on our merry way to the objective at hand.

    And don't forget, maxes are 400 nanites, yeah, it takes time to Rez, but if you can manage to get them up, you just got an effectively free force multiplier back into the fight.

    I'm usually part of the silent majority, but its not the HESH ****ters, A2G ****ters, (Insert whatever BS people complain about) ****ters, ruining the game, its the ****** attitudes like this that truly are toxic to the game, the community, and to yourself.

    Just remember, when you point your finger at other people, you have 3 more pointing right back at you.
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  10. Twin Suns

    When I ran as a Field Corpsman 8404 (combat medic for you land lovers. ;) )

    The Medic class was the easiest class to lone puppy with compared to the others classes when I just started out.

    I didn't worry about my class directives too much. They just came to me while playing the class. Which was support first and foremost, regardless of squad/platoon/outfit affiliation. Staying alive and learning the maps was second.

    That's just me though. I'm old fashion, I would give my faction mates the common courtesy they deserved.

    I still get called Doc by my new friends even though I run a filthy, infil most times now.

    To each their own I guess.


    P.s. Feel free to revive/heal me. I won't complain.
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  11. Campagne

    I am of the opinion that if a player chooses to play as a support class they should provide support to their allies.

    If a medic will only help his squad, he should not play as a medic.
  12. Mehillus

    Also, PSA;
    Playing Medic¹ is one of the best cert generators in the game.

    ¹competently and selflessly
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  13. Kristan

    I have no idea who's John Wayne.

    Of course you're not obliged to anybody. I too get pissed off when people in squad ask me to change the class I mostly play with, because they think "LA is useless". So they basically tell me how to play the game I pay for! But, for maxed out medic it takes less than a second to revive somebody on the way to the objective. They don't even have to stop for it. That might be someone who will save your ****, or take a bullet for you, or revive you if that was a medic as well. Reviving people has much better consequences than just mindlessly running around in the search for kills. Not to mention exp rewards that are almost as equal as kill exp.

    And tell me how you feel when you're in combat, lying dead, you open a map to pick a spawnpoint, and then you see a medic running in your direction... just to step over your chilling corpse?
  14. Gustavo M

    As the one who fully endorses "As long as you aren't in my team, I don't give a damn"... nothing, really. It could be a "cert vulture" (ressing others for the sake of gaining certs;0 awareness of what is going on around him) or just someone who has no idea what is going on. Or could be someone who is really busy and couldn't ress you for reasons outside your mindset/knowledge. Shocking, I know.
    Seems like you failed to find the point behind this thread. I'm not condemning team-play;but when other players forces/demands randoms to do what s/he pleases:"If you wanted a medic this bad, why didn't you asked a medic to join your squad and follow you around instead of randomly TK'ing everyone around -- thinking that'd change anything?".
    "Not in my squad... not my problem" still applies to your post, honestly. If you were so demanding/in need or a engy/medic/whatever -- why you haven't invited one to your squad before capping a point, or taking out a tank, whatever? Don't blame on randoms for your lack of knowledge/tactics.
  15. Twin Suns

    I my day we understood what is was to go "above and beyond" and we strived for it daily.

    As a former medic i can understand the OP's point of view. I don't agree with it. But I respect it.

    To the OP. If you find me lying sprawled out. Would you kindly pick me up. Thank you Doc.

  16. DarkStarAnubis

    I feel bad of course.

    But nobody is obliged to rez me. If they do, I am happy and say thanks. If I play Medic, being a Lone Wolf I belong to no outfit, so I rez everybody without distinction. Not because I feel obliged but because I like to do it.
  17. freedom_burger

    What a dumb and egotistical mindset to have. Ignoring revives that you could 100% get with zero risk just because someone isn't in your squad is just so dumb that I have no words. Go play solo if you don't intend to support your own team.
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  18. JibbaJabba

    Um. What the heck are you playing a support class for then?

    Prioritize your own guy? Of course!
    Ignore some other player when your own squad doesn't have outstanding needs? W. T. F. Chuck?

    I don't think anyone expects you to go traipsing around being a pocket medic or a pocket engy. If that MAX didn't arrange an engy before pulling the suit, yeah he's gonna learn the pain.

    But... if his well planned engy got killed it wouldn't frickin' kill you to top him off before you go on your way.

    Look, you're free to do whatever you want (of course). If that means being sanctimonious about how you want the game played so be it. Spare us the PSA next time though. Just do your thing.
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  19. Pacster3

    Yeah, some people do not understand the word "team". They think the "ea" in there stands for "elitist a**h***". That squad mates have a priority is one thing...locking vehicles without any reason, throwing people out, ignoring anyone but suqadmates etc. is a no-go for real teamplayers tho. I think locking vehicles should go from the game. There should maybe an option where a squadmate that wants to get into a full vehicle can throw someone who is not in that squad out of the vehicle...but that's about it. Everything else is just catering to egoistic people. To many players like Gustavo just ruin the game for everyone. I frequently kill players that act that stupid or blow up their vehicles. More people should do that, maybe they'd learn.
  20. CplRDaWiggy

    For the record, I very much disagree with with the op's view on this.

    That said, blowing up friendly vehicles because they don't adhere to your definition of teamplay then accuse them of being ego driven is as ironic as it is moronic.
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