Not Getting Medals for NS-11a or Platinum

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Twiggy, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Twiggy

    Pretty much as the title says. I check my stats for the guns and even though I have over 400 kills for the NS-11a I don't have a single medal for it. In the medals section of the gun, for the "Kills to Next" section it says 0, whereas other guns I haven't even touched say 10. Am I the only one experiencing this bug? I love this gun and it sucks that I'm missing out on some easy certs for using it.
  2. EWarren

    Saw it tonight as well - never really paid attention until I got a medal for using a new LMG I bought - then I checked and saw the same thing for NS-11A
  3. CaminoArcher

    Same here! No medals and its my Favorite gun so far for my Vanu Medic! Is it different than the NS-11C?
  4. Ack0n

  5. Richardsonnn

    The Platinum is just a promotional version of the gun with shiny chrome on it. It should be functionally identical to the 11a.

    I would imagine this issue would rise from the fact it's a cross-faction gun. Silly thing to miss.
  6. Twiggy

    I have both and they are both identical in specs and in appearance, the platinum looks like it would have chrome on it but it doesn't unfortunately.
  7. Darkian

    I just picked up the gun yesterday (The NS-11a plat), and while killing It said that I received a bronze medal and a few certs, but the stat's window seems to say I have no medals. It would seem that it does track medals but you might have missed the pop up.
  8. viciousmidget

    Yep no medals sucks since it's my favorite weapon
  9. xyc

    You get the medals they're just not shown in the stat page, it's just a visual bug ...

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