not crashing but laggy as all hell

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DooDooBreff, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. DooDooBreff

    anyone else experiencing this?

    choppy gameplay even after trying potato mode
  2. Pikachu

    Ping not want to go below 100.
  3. Pfundi

    Same here. No problem to play PS2 with like 200ms ping, but the lower the better.
  4. FunkFest

  5. matt0027

    Extreme stuttering, as low as <1fps (or should I say: seconds per frame) and freezing common, and I'm still getting crashes to desktop. I might login a few times to see if there's a fix implemented server-side, if not, I'm going to have to wait until the next patch to be able to play. When I have tried playing, it's been so bad I put down a few claymores and tank mines and run back to the spawn room, and hope I get some kills before the CTD.

    Since the patch, I've noticed extremely heavy CPU and GPU utilization by the game client, whereas before it was much less. Taskman regularly shows 99% CPU usage by the client, and my graphics card practically has the fan on max the entire time due to heavy usage. I think the CTDs are occurring when the client runs out of CPU/GPU to utilize.

    I think something in the last patch made the game much more CPU/GPU heavy, I've even heard people comment that with SLI 980s they're experiencing stuttering.
  6. Bambolero

    Yep, still not fixed so it's that time again.
    The time to uninstall and make room on my hard drive for games that actually work and are playable.
  7. St0mpy

    PS currently has an unfixed stutter bug tearing down screen rates.

    See the planetside reddit for the workaround on how to kill the rouge threads.