Not Batteries [nGAB] - Briggs #1 VS OPEN Outfit Recruitment Thread

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  1. equinub

    [nGAB] Not Batteries welcomes the promotion of our two long term outstanding serving senior officers as outfit co leaders.

    Please give your thanks and congratulations to GoodByeYouDie and Splattty, our NEW Co-outfit leaders.

    With the promotion of these two fine officers and players, that leaves room for new senior and junior officers.

    With that DiamondDarrell is recognised for his leadership and sound advice receiving promotion to senior officer status.

    nGAB also recognises the great work done by our team of squad and recruiting leaders.

    Shibly44, Achewater, HarknessC.

    Thank you guys. Your continuing enthusiasm and efforts are appreciated by all.

  2. equinub

    If any prospective recruit would like a squad invite, please contact /tell one of our junior officers.

  3. equinub

    After much consideration of the state of the server (briggs) and declining game population..

    [nGAB] Not Batteries has decided to raise the minimum joining battle rank requirements to 10.

    Applicants may still apply, but must not expect prompt acceptance until reaching the target milestone.

    Thank you readers for your understanding.

  4. equinub

  5. equinub

    [nGAB] Not Batteries welcomes the promotion of long time player, DiamondDarrell, to Co-Leader RANK and Shibly44 to Officer RANK. Well done guys and thanks for your hard work over the years.

    And with that announcement we're opening public recruitment towards new players. :)

  6. equinub

    [nGAB] Not Batteries welcomes the promotion of long time player and dedicated outfit member Anordae to Officer RANK. Thank you for stepping up. :)

    We also say goodbye to long time player and co founder, Splattty, thank you for your feedback and contributions over the many years. We wish you the best in your future with the RSNC playing group. :)

    And we thank our friends at for their generous hosting of our player community.

    Thank you m0n0, spudles and dalordish.

    We can now be found on the below Discord after 7.30pm AEDT Saturday/Sundays nights.

    ^^^^ Please note: We have moved away from the above Teamspeak address, our new outfit meeting place uses the DISCORD voice and chat service.
    Following Sharelink:

    nGAB Channel.
  7. equinub

    With Aussie Briggs server population reaching an all time low and daybreakgames offering player server transfers,
    [nGAB] Not Batteries has officially moved to the US West Connery Server from April 16-17th 2019.
    Thank you to all the players who helped make Briggs such a uniquely fun and rewarding community.
    Outfit meeting place uses the DISCORD voice and chat service.
    Following Sharelink:
  8. Galaet

  9. demondrew

    We have been inactive but we will have some key players coming back in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Look out Connery.
  10. equinub

    Thanks for your comment. Though our "core" membership planetside 2 activity has dropped off in recent times, we still have about 10-25 active players each month. We're still actively playing many other games, including being beaten up in the most recent popular game Apex legends.

    lol, might need to update my forum signature for the Connery move... :D
  11. equinub

    [nGAB] Not Batteries has officially become an invite only "friend fit" from 10th July 2020. It has been a fun ride over the years, the leadership wishes thank to all the former active players that joined and played in server and community smashes. Thank you to the outfits and individuals that supported us, [RQGT] Warhalo, [FCLM] M0n0, [ACIV] Armed Civ, [ED3G] Foxxtrot / Cloudy87, [RISE] Fiogazm, [BREF] Megacake, [UVOC] GreenTreeSnail and numerous others.
    May the Zerg be with you always. ;)

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