Not Batteries [nGAB] - Briggs #1 VS OPEN Outfit Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by equinub, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. equinub

    [nGAB] Not Batteries has officially become an invite only "friend fit" from 10th July 2020. It has been a fun ride over the years, the leadership wishes thank to all the former active players that joined and played in server and community smashes. Thank you to the outfits and individuals that supported us, [RQGT] Warhalo, [FCLM] M0n0, [ACIV] Armed Civ, [ED3G] Foxxtrot / Cloudy87, [RISE] Fiogazm, [BREF] Megacake, [UVOC] GreenTreeSnail and numerous others.
    May the Zerg be with you always. ;)
    Outfit meeting place uses the DISCORD voice and chat service.
    Following Sharelink:

    Not Batteries [nGAB] is an Australian Planetside 2 Outfit for the Vanu Sovereignty.

    Since 2014 nGAB has been built on the foundations of a casual and laid back gaming experience. More recently, we have been focused on squad-based play to better support a fair go at Planetside 2.

    Not Batteries is committed to helping the VS as a faction whether it is in alerts or facility captures. This involves working with other well-known outfits for increased faction cohesion. To this end, we are always looking for more leaders within the outfit, so if that’s you, then expect nothing but a warm and respectful welcome to our outfit!
    Leadership is always open to any feedback or queries relating to the outfit, so all you have to do is speak up!

    Our main play styles include but are not limited to: • Construction system + Orbital strikes • Galaxy squad insertions • Various flanks on sunderers and other armour • Infantry defences and captures • Initiating fights of value rather than zerging charges (for the love of god): • Welcome non outfit members to squad lead and contribute their knowledge. • • BR 10+ level requirement No Teamkilling

    nGAB Discord details, after 7.30pm AEDT Saturday/Sundays.

    nGAB Discord Channel ShareLink:

    nGAB Channel.
    Current Leadership Group.

    Equinub (Semi Retired, Founder, Co Leader)
    GoodbyeYouDie (Semi Retired, Co Leader)
    DiamondDarrell (Semi Retired, Leader)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message and happy hunting from Not Batteries [nGAB].
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  2. DevDevBooday

    YES! A proper VS open outfit!

    Briggs VS may live again!
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  3. Codex561

    An outfit like this was always missing :D
  4. Crackulous

    It's been a while seen I last read Chinese. Surprised I'd see it here.
  5. Toxiy

    Toxiy i'd like an add :)
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  6. equinub

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  9. meaturama

    Just how strict are you against bad behaviour?
  10. equinub

  11. equinub

    With the release of the outfit management / recruitment browser feature.

    Not Batteries is now officially open to the vanu sovereignity playing public.

    Please come join us, instructions are provided below.

    Press Escape - Select Social Tab - Outfit - Find An Outfit - Choose Not Batteries [nGAB] and Click Apply.
  12. Superinfected1

    Superinfected1, looking for a new VS outfit. Best with Light or Heavy assault
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  13. equinub

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  17. Respawnicus

    for vanu
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  18. equinub

  19. equinub

    A big thank you goes out to those Briggs [nGAB] Server Smash players (equinub, Captainrambo, Goodbyeyoudie, DiamondDarrell, Hal17, Ryonez) for representing us so valiantly in Platoon 4, Squad 2 (Cheers Perexers, Twiglad) @ Deserted Mineshaft Lattice Lane.
  20. equinub

    After much consideration [nGAB] has decided to raise the minimum joining rank to battle rank 10+.

    With the recent changes of granting 100 certs each battle rank gained upto 15 *100 (1500 certs min).

    We feel it ensures a basic amount of planetside 2 game commitment and allows us to better advise newer players towards squad appropriate class loadouts.

    As shown below by briggs famous youtuber Camikaze78.

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