NOOOOOO What have you peasants done!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Jawarisin

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  2. Ballto21

  3. Lord_Avatar

    This *has* to be a bug... Still - I would love to make skyknights ragequit all day for weeks on end with those babies. :rolleyes:
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  4. Ballto21


    how would they take it right into the danger zone?
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  5. ColonelChingles

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  6. Jawarisin

    I think I won't pull any aircraft if that ever goes live :/
    So I encourage you to take me up on my offer right now, before this death-machine gets released.:p
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  7. HappyStuffin

    Please let this go live. Buff the bursters more even.

    I want the pilots to fear AA for once instead of killing softies with impunity.

    I'm so happy about the thought of this coming true.

    Ooh the sweet sweet tears of joy from aircraft piñatas.
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  8. Ballto21


    I am primarily infantry as you can see from a 5 second look at my stats

    when i do play air i am primarily A2G PPA and Photonpods

    AA gets better exponentially. Significantly so.

    One skyguard? Better ****
    Two skyguard? ********HSIT****HSIT****************
    Three skygaurd? Dead.
    One burster max? LOLpod down and pop fire supp.
    Two? ****
    Three? ************************

    Competent lib with a tankbuster? GG

    One, whatever ill finish this run and repair
    Two OH ****
    Three: DEAD

    AA does its intended roll fantastic, it will kill air and ruin any pilots day, the same as G2G anti tanks.

    One enemy tank? Ok, lets see whos better
    One G2G lockon? Ok, bye heavy
    Two G2G locks? ****.
    More than two?Dead

    Competent LA with C4? GG

    With liberators, i can understand an AA buff being wanted. but with ESFs, its fairly balanced
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  9. Iridar51

    I'd love that. If I'm gonna all that time to just stand around and do nothing, I might as well obliterate any aircraft that passes through, instead of mildly nudging it to perhaps please consider to fly away, if it's not too inconvenient. It's gonna be hell for A2G pilots, and it's well deserved.
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  10. Ballto21

    The only issue i can see with an AA buff is against ESF dogfighters.

    For the most part AA against ESFs is balanced.

    Against liberators, a buff is certainly needed. No question.

    Against gals, it should be a sky sundy. It should be a pain in the *** to destroy, and as is, its in a fairly decent place
  11. asmodraxus

    Finally some decent AA that kills rather then suggests to Airchavs to switch farms...

    Maybe the Airchavs will have to rely on combined arms to take out their direct counter...

    Doubt it will go live :(
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  12. Iridar51

    Somehow I doubt people will pull bursters just to kill dogfighting ESFs.
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  13. Jawarisin

    Remind me to make you pilot the lib next time. Come tell me again that the turtle needs to get nerfed D: And don't you dare posting the video about the speedy turtle!

    I'm not quite sure if it's sarcastic. Normally I'd call the person stupid right away, but I know you're not dumb. This is so extreme, it's ridicoulous. Maxes will run around with bursters as AI (better job than AI weapon, and wrecks other maxes..), AA, and anti light armor too... And it would shut down air COMPLETELY I mean, 6 shots to kill an esf...

    I can't believe you wouldn't see the consequences on the overall game if this goes live. Please tell me you were sarcastic
  14. Ballto21

    Ive been trying to dogfightt, and its not people pulling it, its people who already have it, they will shoot at anything that they can see.

    Burster max at a tech plant because of one A2G? Youre getting shot at while shooting that one mossy
    Skyguard defending the sundy array? Youre getting potshotted
    HA with lockons hears engines? youre getting lock oned

    ESFs in all honesty are very fragile, A2A or A2G, and will never pull off a strafing run against a skyguard and live (unless theyre godly and are really good)

    against libs it makes sense, skyguards as an example should make all aircraft (save gals) scared of getting within a certain range. For libs it should be about 30m out of tankbuster range
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  15. NinjaTurtle

    Firstly this IS a bug from the PS4 beta.... love how they managed to get it on the PC version

    Secondly if this were to be true this would literally kill the entire air game, there wouldn't be anymore air at all. If you thik=nk that is a good thing then why the **** are you playing a combined arms game.

    Anyone that would support this kind of OP **** is just bad and I believe the MLG term for people like this is shi**ers
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  16. Jawarisin

    The fact that it made it live on ps4 and that it's still not fixes is what's scaring me
  17. Haquim

    Well, PS4 is still a beta, so it scares me slightly less than this making it love live on the real PC servers .

    That being said, does my ESF get 600% bonus damage too if this goes live? :p
  18. CNR4806

    This is honestly stupid. Bursters were nerfed in the first place because it had many advantages on top of being a better weapon than the Skyguard, and the nerf took the latter away.

    If anything this death machine buff needs to be applied to the Skyguard, not the Burster.
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  19. Amnoon

    I hope that this is a bug. I really don't know why people wants to kill one very fun aspect of the game. I am primary infantry and this hate against air make me sick. Air is not easy at all so been killed by air is totally justified not a OMFG OP NERF (unless if it is a zerg, but the problem is not air, is the whole zerg).
  20. Iridar51

    I hate A2G ESFs with passion. I'm way to biased to be objective in this case. I don't really care what this would do to balance or lack thereof. I want pilots to suffer, as they make me to.
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