Noob Watch [NOCH]

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  1. DarthLeshiy

    Brotherhood of Noob Watch welcomes all the real сombat Noobs.

    Elite Noob Team. The Archnoobs.

    Game is loading, and now my watch begins. It shall not end with my death (thanks to respawn). I shall defend no BioLabs, hold no TechPlants, capture no AMP. I shall take no Crown and win no Alert. I shall play and die at my outpost. I am the Knife in the spawnroom. I am the watcher on the towers. I am the fire that burns against the Esamir's cold, the Flashlight that illuminates the Infiltrators, the Horn that disperses the runners on the road, the Resist Shield that guards the Terran Republic. I pledge my life and certs to the Noob Watch, for this game session and all the sessions to come.

    Night is dark and full of Terrans.
  2. DarthLeshiy

    A year has passed. The number has increased to 3 people. Also we have a branch in the Vanu and the total number of the organization is now 6 people!

    Glorious Vanoobis DartnNanga invites all combat vanoobs in Vanoob Watch [VNBS] - the most battle-worthy noobfit of VS!