Noob Question: invisible scopes?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Hiding in VR, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hiding in VR

    To be honest with you I was quite surprised when I discovered that some scopes go invisible when you cloak. Sure, I can understand that with iron sights, but what's the intrinsic difference between a 4x that goes invisible and an 8x that does not?

    Is this some balance thing I am missing?
  2. AnuErebus

    It's the way the game handles cloaking. The 1-4x scopes are physically part of your character model and thus when you cloak they cloak as well so that you don't have parts of your character uncloaked. The 6-12x scopes and the HS/NV are a screen overlay which is seperate from your character model and thus don't get changed by the model cloaking.
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  3. Hiding in VR

    Okay, but aren't they all overlays at the final stage? Isn't it also something of an unfair handicap on those bolt action weapons that are limited to x4 or less? I am thinking of the TSAR-42 (I don't know the other factions well enough to know if they have an equivalent). I was considering picking one up, but if I can't aim while cloaked I am not going to bother. How do other users of such weapons cope? Is there some advantage I am missing?
  4. Cromell

    Non-overlay scopes are actually 3D models zoomed into the middle of the screen, not a flat overlay.

    Also, the advantage of TSAR? NO SCOPE SWAY. This makes it much easier to aim for the head in closer ranges. You can still see your scope faintly so after a while you get used to aiming while cloaked. TSAR is a fun weapon and it's totally worth its price.
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  5. Hiding in VR

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Have some likes :)
  6. m44v

    More than the cloaking, my biggest grip with the damn 3d scopes is that the bullet doesn't go to where the scope is pointing when strafing.