Noob-ish player looking for an outfit on any faction.

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  1. EpicKnight

    So with PS2 I play it for a while then drop it and then go back to it and over and over again both each time I play I hardly get far the problems for this are:

    I'm clueless as to what weapons and gear I should use for classes and both land and air vehicles I have tried to what I feel is right by using VR Training.

    I go at it alone and don't do a great deal of work or get far and I've not tried to reach out to outfits but this is my second try at reaching out.

    What chars do I have and what level are they?
    I have three one for each faction though they all are levels 10-20 sadly, my highest TR.

    What's the class I mostly play?:
    To be honest I play Engineer, Heavy Assault and MAX equally a lot more than the other classes, though I don't have any great weapons or gear on any of classes on any faction sadly

    What are my strengths and weakness in this game?
    I have spent a lot of time (too much) in the VR Training Facility and I'm mostly fine all around, I'm an ok pilot, a good driver and infantry man though again they lack the right equipment outside of the VR Facility to be efficient with each three on any faction, though I've not really used aircraft or vehicles outside of VR due to confidence.
    I've never given base building a shot but I knew the basics.

    What type of outfit am I looking for?
    Mostly either serious or semi-serious.

    How active can I be?
    Well I have no life so i'm free pretty much free 24/7 so I can be very active.

    Do I have a mic and do I have either Discord or Teamspeak3 or both?
    I do have a mic but I'm more mute these days and I have both.

    Am I able to juggle being in more then one outfit?
    Sadly no, it would be too much for me.

    So I think that about covers it so please inbox me if you think I'm worth yours and your outfits time and all that or if I missed something and you wish to ask please do, though I don't think I'll be responding to comments.
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  2. ShadowYoyo

    Hey there, can I ask you where you from?
  3. NotziMad

    ah well, if you're a noob, you should contact BROS, it's a noob outfit :)
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