[Guide] Noob Guide to harvest pumpkins...

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    ... If you are pure Infantryman like me (otherwise, get a vehicle):

    a) Loadout: Infiltrator + Ammo Printer + (in order of options)
    1. Minor Cloak and your preferred sniper rifle
    2. Stalker Cloak and the NS44L Blackhand/x4 sight
    3. Stalker Cloak and a sidearm/x2 sight
    4. Stalker Cloak and the Amaterasu

    b) Continent (in order of options):
    1. Esamir
    2. Amerish
    3. Indar
    3. Hossin (nobody likes Hossin anyway)

    c) Region: any relatively flat where you can go around easily and look far away. The flatter the better.

    d) redeploy there, get out, find a vantage point and cloak. Follow this:
    1. Scan the horizon slowly 2-4 times to pass the time
    2. If you see a pumpkin destroy it (pro-tip: If you hear a music and see a lot of bats take cover --> OS coming, that's why a sniper rifle or the Blackhand are the best tools)
    3. If you do see any pumpkin move 50-100 meters toward another vantage point and go back to step 1.
    4. If bored redeploy. Have patience, pumpkins just reappear over and over again. Where there is a pumpkin there are others around.

    e) observe a proper etiquette when looking for pumpkins:
    1. Do not engage players of other factions who are obviously looking for pumpkins (this is especially recommended if they are driving a vehicle)
    2. Whoever is closer to the pumpkin has the priority to take it. Don't be greedy.

    Note 1: The etiquette is extremely important. I was very surprise when I saw (while cloaked) three ESFs belonging to different factions closing in on a pumpkin and hover there because they were deciding who should have got the pumpkin. I saw ESFs, Valkyries, Harassers, Sunderers, Flashes and even tanks of different factions roaming serenely and ignoring each other. Pumpkins are really bringing peace to Auraxis.

    Note 2: Skulls seem the best prize (they shouldn't disappear at the end of the Event). Haunted masks instead will go away. Haven't got any cert, or weapon, or armor, or directive upgrade so far. Tens of horns of any kind and a couple of "super" pumpkins (the Galacto-whatever).

    Happy Hunting!
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  2. Demigan

    Also: do this when lots of players are online. There is a limit to the amount of pumpkins on the map. The more people destroying pumpkins the faster they respawn, the faster they respawn the faster one will spawn near you! One more reason NOT to bother other pumpkin hunters!
    Most pumpkins will end up in quiet area's no one has visited in a while. Unfortunately you cant know for sure how ago someone was there. But if someone DOES go passed such an area than those pumpkins "return" to the rotation and possibly spawn nwar you!
  3. Malebranche

    All I got were the stupid horns and I must have killed like 40 pumpkins now- the galactic ones are the booby trapped ones.

    And I got TKed by my own faction just because I got a pumpkin first. :eek:
  4. FLHuk

    I have and still do find this all very comical in our game.

    Never taken part, never will. Have fun guys :D
  5. DarkStarAnubis

    It is very comical indeed. When I saw the three ESFs staring at each other and saying "Please, you first" it was hilarious.
  6. Skraggz

    While you may live in the world of etiquette, I will take the chance of working directives. I want directives on nose guns. Just a fair warning to everyone else. I get that this is an event but peace was never an option.... sorry not sorry.

    If you die in the event dont get mad and send rage tells. It will only encourage me to look for you.
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  7. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I haven't been able to play this event in 3 years. Every time it's on I was away, so it was really nice to just drive around looking for stupid pumpkins and get a plethora of horns I will never use. I actually managed to find one of the rare ones for the first time ever which was nice. Horns or not, at it's something different to do for a while.
  8. DarkStarAnubis

    Absolutely, I wouldn't dare m8,

    If you plan to rack kills by shooting peaceful vehicles and planetmen minding their own business your skills must be way above the average!
  9. Skraggz

    Attempting to belittle me because I intend on playing the game as it is meant to be and not adhering to your "etiquette" will not stop me. Sorry not sorry.
  10. MonnyMoony

    ESF is the only way to hunt pumpkins. They are so few and far between that trying to hunt them on the ground is difficult. It also gives you good practice flying.

    I tend to run any nose canon, stealth and extended fuel tanks. It gives you a chance to evade or outrun all the try hard, one trick pony sky knight dicks who like nothing better than to farm inexperienced easy targets that they know are unlikely to be able to fight back.

    I also tend to stick to the regions close to the home warpgate as pumpkins tend to get left here due to the fighting being around the periphery. If you are brave, you can also sneak to the quite areas closer to the enemy warpgates too, just look out for the aforementioned try hards.
  11. MonnyMoony

    Yep this. If I see somebody obviously out to farm pumpkins, i'll always leave them alone unless they fire first.

    I have done exactly as you describe, peacefully hunting pumpkins alongside ESFs of other factions and letting another kill it if I think they got there or saw it first.
  12. Demigan

    Skyguards are good for hunting pumpkins too.

    With racer frame you can avoid many enemies who might try to kill you. Aircraft that engage you can be dealt with (in fact I love it when they engage me, they seem to get stuck in the engagement and don't run away until they burn, which is too late). And you can find so many pumpkins in places that the air doesn't spot. Nested at the base of a tree, hidden under a tiny arch or beneath a bridge etc. The pumpkins seem to take a bit longer to load than other stuff, so driving around gives you a "longer" view as the pumpkins have time to spawn.
  13. DarkStarAnubis

    On Esamir I have found a very simple strategy working perfectly for an infantryman like me: relocation.

    1. Relocate to a base where nobody is fighting and there are open and flat areas nearby
    2. Get a vantage point and scan for a few minutes, kill the pumpkins you see
    3. go to step 1.

    Yesterday I got more 20-30 horns, clown masks, a 50 cert pack and a skull max in less than 2 hours.
  14. Atorum

    Just did a farm session, I think I got all the possible horns, masks, Slasher, green rims for Sundy, I guess there are more rewards available.
    Mossy, racer and full stealth, follow the roads, I found loads of them on and very close by the road, few pumpkins around or in bases. Made 400 certs...
  15. Skraggz

    Yes they are, some helpful tips for the nit so great pilots out there...

    1. To avoid most ace pilots, you fly in the 100 meter up range or on ceiling, never in between. Being you cant see pumpkins from ceiling always fly low as you comfortably can.

    2. Use afterburner tanks, I use 70/80. It can get you out of trouble if ground spots you or AA starts on you.

    3. Know where the fights are, typically you will avoid them. If an ace is on you, go to the fights and fly low. Allies will fire on the enemy aircraft, know where friendly construction is, automated turrents RIP enemies.

    4. The one and only defense mod should be stealth. You dont want to be seen, yes it should be maxed.

    5. You will get gunned down, it happens. Repull and go somewhere else. I place beacons in the middle of my factions territory and fly close to them.

    If I can think of anything else I'll add. Just keep in mind if I see you I will try to gun you down... but I'm not against giving advice and helping. If you even shot me a whisper after our encounter that's friendly enough I may leave ya alone from that point.
  16. Skraggz

    Another tip, zoom your mini map out. It will give it a broader view if enemy esf are spotted.
  17. InexoraVC

    >> 1. To avoid most ace pilots, you fly in the 100 meter up range or on ceiling, never in between. Being you cant see pumpkins from ceiling always fly low as you comfortably can.

    This won't help. Ace pilot will kill non-ace pilot anyway. But ace pilot understand that enemy is searching for pumpkins ...and may be he won't attack :)

    Yesterday me (Scythe) and NC's Reaver were hunting pumpkins together. We were friendly... for a while... Until 3-rd and 4-th aircrafts have arrived. 2 sec later unsteady peace has become fast and harshy 2v2 fight :)
  18. Skraggz

    As a moderately decent pilot I am telling you that yea you will die a few times, but how to cut it down. You dont have to accept my tips, they are not rule of law, but what I have been doing.
  19. Trigga

    This isnt Pumpkin farm, this is a war. If you want these pumpkins you have to pry them from my cold dead hands.
    Otherwise ill happily kill you and take your pumpkins without contest.

    Also, how do you know im actualy hunting a pumpkin?
    [Yell] [stalkish]: 'Its ok guys, im just pumpkin hunting'
    You were killed by stalkish

    On second thoughts, ye you guys keep adhering to this rule :D
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  20. Kristan

    I just run an ANT with Basi. It has great field of view, tanky, rolls back on wheels unlike Harasser, could be equipped with cloak or afterburners to skiddadle out of trouble. At least cheeky ESFs find no interest in shooting you, or they get a load of Basi if they try.