Noname ESF manuever

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alan Kalane, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Alan Kalane

    I've been trying a long long time and I can't do this manuever properly.
    Maybe it's just me but I believe I'm doing everything right.
    Is it even still possible or has been "nerfed" to make air more "friendly for new players"? I see that Vortex having 45 rounds in a mag, the vid must have been made quite a long time ago.
    Any advices?
  2. PraetorGavorn

    A2A Missiles.


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  3. KenDelta

    It's still possible to pull off (hardly) and yes this was a while ago before they nerfed A2A noseguns and buffed the default ones to god-tier.
  4. Thurwell

    Practice in the VR area. Stay in 3rd person view and use a reaver or mosquito for the visible thrusters. Then watch those thrusters, if they point upwards you're doing it correctly, if they move to point forward you are not. Experiment with moving the aircraft around in different ways and watch those thrusters. The usual way to start out is come to a complete stop, hit up thrust while dragging your mouse downwards. Once you have that down hit your afterburners, the thrusters should stay in the upward position.

    As for what keeps the thrusters pointing up (what we call being in hover mode), if your upward velocity is greater than your forward velocity you will stay in hover mode. The game doesn't care where that velocity comes from so gravity call pull you out of hover mode. That part is not intuitive, in real life if an Osprey pilot has the rotors in hover mode and he tips the aircraft forward, the rotors will stay in hover mode until the pilot tells them to rotate forward. In Planetside the thrusters will rotate forward with no input from the pilot in that situation.
  5. Alan Kalane

    Well, is there any name for this manuever or is it just noname?
  6. Daikar

    Most commonly know as the Reverse Maneuver.
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  7. Alan Kalane

    Pfff omg don't insult me I know the reverse perfectly. I mean the manuever at 5:30.
  8. Aegie

    Yeah, this looks like a variation on the reverse maneuver. I do not think Daikar was being insulting and IMO it seems a bit out of place to respond like to someone who is replying to a post where you are clearly asking for advice. Of course this is not your "standard" reverse maneuver but there are lots of variations on what is essentially the same mechanic and this certain does appear to be one of them.

    If it is not then do not blame the people replying to your post. Also, if it is not the reverse maneuver than it is hard to tell if it is anything different than a simple V-thrust with a roll. Although it does not appear you can still do this, at least the same way as in the video, since applying AB will result in forward thrust from hover quite quickly.

    If you have not yet done so, keybind the "analog thrust" to something within easy reach and practice in VR with a skilled pilot. You can get a lot of interesting moves by watching your thruster position in 3rd person. Once you feel you have a better understanding of the timing required for various moves you should practice them in 1st person until it feels natural.
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  9. Nexus545

    At 5:30? Just a reverse maneuver only instead of going upwards you go sideways.
  10. Daikar

    Holy **** dude, I just answered your question.
  11. Alan Kalane

    Yes exactly. What's this manuevers name?

    Okay, you're right. Sincerely sorry, I thought he was trolling because to me this manuever looks completely different from the reverse.
  12. nubery

    Haha spadar, this invented reaver tank mine bombing.
  13. Aegie

    After a little VR I think you are right that it is a bit different but I think this was back when you could apply AB to V thrust without gaining forward momentum.

    I get that a being trolled in forums is a fairly common experience but I would suggest trying to give people the benefit of the doubt and asking for clarification.

    The closest that I could get to this after a few minutes in the VR is a reverse maneuver with a barrel roll but it was different than I see in the video because in the video there is very little if any forward or backward movement whereas the reverse maneuver relies upon a forward or backward momentum. What I ended up with was basically a backwards barrel roll but that is not what they are doing in the video.

    I'm no Ace so it could just be me but I do not think you can pull off this maneuver as dramatically in the current state of the game. You can barrel and you can use AB to assist but from a hover this will quickly give you forward movement.

    Any Ace pilots here who can try this out and see if it is still replicable?
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  14. Thurwell

    It doesn't have a separate name. He's just reverse maneuvering while rolling the reaver, it makes you do a spiral.
  15. DQCraze

    Yes this is a sidewinder
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  16. Aegie

    Nice, first time I have heard this name but I like it.
    Thing is, can you still do this move without much, if any, forward/backward motion? I've tried a bit in VR but it seems that the you cannot get that speed in the spiral without substantial forward/backward motion from the AB a la a reverse maneuver with a barrel roll.

    In the video it does not look like a traditional reverse maneuver because there is no reverse motion. I've tried it a few different ways but it seems as though you cannot get that amount of speed in the spiral without substantial forward/backward motion.

    Has anyone been able to replicate the same movements in VR with current game state?
  17. Alan Kalane

    All I want to know is if it's even still possible and I just have to continue exercising or it's not and I should give it up.
  18. Justicia

    Reverse maneuver doesn't necessarily mean you actually need to go back. It's just a maneuver that keeps your afterburners locked in a vertical position. The basics of the reverse maneuver simply include afterburn/hover and pitching down. That's it. You can do all sorts of variations, like rolling on the spot like shown in the video.
  19. Aegie

    So when I hit AB why does it move them? Analog throttle off then V-thrust + AB = forward motion... like I said I'm no ace so you may be right and I am just missing something.
  20. LaRZy

    Hmm the "Reverse thrust manoeuvre"

    I have seen a lot of pilots learn this and then it becomes the first thing they do when engaging other ESF,
    so for me I know exactly where they are going to revese thrust to.

    TOP tip! Do not do this!!!! You are making yourself an EZ kill.

    Its best to use the manoeuvre to pull out of a close dog fight. as it allows you to fly backwards whilst facing your nme.