Nobody wants to die anymore...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VonEisenwaffel, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. VonEisenwaffel

    I come from a family, a long line of people who died. Even my great-great-great grandfather is dead(or is he?).
    So how come, in this game, people are so freaking chicken about it. Sometimes. Looking at you Terran republic.

    I feel kind noobiish for saying this but it would be great if the number of heavies and/or(maybe just or) infiltrators could be capped per squad or side or whatever...when its nighttime and the nummber of infiltrators(already high) with smg's increase by the f***fold when every second player is a infiltrators with smg's running around it gets to a point where my thoughts are hovering over de-install.
    Also, as a bog standard(well there is nothing standard about a jet pack) light assauter, why does a sniper get the double privilige of being outside of my reach and becoming invisible??? It has, in my view, very little to do with the term "infiltration". Honestly.
    Anyways. Heavys, Extra, Infils(here certainly)...there should be a cap. Sorry. No wait a minute...NOT SORRY!
  2. Twin Suns

    Creates a forum account on Tuesday and then commences to tell the PS2 community how the game should be designed and played.

    Now I've seen it all. ;)
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  3. Demigan

    The problem isn't with the classes. Players should be free to pick any class they like. The problem is with how KD is promoted by the game and it's players to be the most important stat to gain, even though you can get KD by using a big tank and farming a spawnpoint for example.

    A better method is to redirect player attention to other statistics to hunt for. Breaking an enemy held chokepoint/area (designated by a position where lots of one faction are holed up for some time and death heat-maps). Vehicle kills, damage done, resources destroyed per minute etc.
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  4. Liewec123

    heavies are like the "soldier" class, there are supposed to be a lot of them :)
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  5. VonEisenwaffel

    hell yeah!
  6. DarkStarAnubis

    I daresay go ahead and uninstall. If you get so much upset just by the choice of classes other players are picking PS2 is not for you.
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  7. HaxMax

    Get rid of the in-game death counter and Kill:death ratio stat. Problem solved.

    Some people will still use third party stat trackers, but many don't bother.
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  8. NotziMad

    To answer your first question ; why are people afraid of dying?

    Kill / Death ratio
  9. OneShadowWarrior

    Ah yes, I never even paid attention to my K/D ever, then every Outfit I seemed to join rated there fighters based on these stats. Stats that can be manipulated by kill mongers. Getting in the way of allied players for the sake of a kill, beating them to the kill or traveling in large packs and bullying or exploiting solo or new players and muscling out the most critical ingredient of gaming = fun.

    To add more fuel to the fire, allowing snipers to exploit head shots and remain invisible, to dominate air under the right conditions with no defense and the encouragement of spawn camping. He who farms with the most numbers wins inherently.

    So we are forced to sit in tubes when outnumbered, forced to move away from outfits with larger numbers or players who are notorious kill mongers.

    It’s join a outfit or your nothing. It gives the new player or soloist, no where to go but in the shadows.
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  10. Twin Suns

    Since you die so much.

    Let me take the time to say thank you. Thank you for being the Bantha Fodder for the community and giving players something to kill in a shooter game. We really appreciate it.

    Just imagine, if the game rewarded people for dying and not'd be number one. ;)

  11. InexoraVC

    easy solution about k/d ratio: just don't look at k/d stats.
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  12. NotziMad

    You know, I've been thinking, if I were a dev, for a FPS game, any FPS game, I would want my players to not want to die.

    You know what I mean?

    I mean personally, I couldn't care less, and very often, for example, if you need to push into the A point, or if you are defending a base that has a lot more enemies, all those kind of situations, someone who cares about his KD isn't helpful. So if I don't care about my own KD, I do care, but in a negative way, about how this affects my team mates' behaviour.

    But that said, if I were a dev and not a player, my vision of a pvp FPS game would include players who don't constantly suicide, who don't play as if dying didn't matter, I would want the players to try not to di.

    Alghough, there may be other ways of achieving this objective, ways that are maybe more coherent...
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  13. Johannes Kaiser

    In a game where you can respawn the only reason to be wanting to stay alive is to still be able to contribute. Die when needed, but stay alive if possible. (Also saves the Medics around some time).
    I will never understand the ADAD-crouch-spammers who thanks to latency seem to move with teleport and lightning speed on the spot and the people who run away if they face the slightest risk. Mimosas, all of 'em.
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  14. DarkStarAnubis

    Wonderfully put.

    If you want to play PS2 as a MMOFPS with teams, squads and outfits, going out and conquering bases and continents in an environment (quoting the designers) where "Death has no meaning" KDR should not exist.

    Why on Earth put ANY kind of negative emphasis on individual deaths in a game where you are supposed to die countless times to achieve team objectives? Get rid of it.

    Make the opposite. Get medals and certs for dying. Get prizes for dying. Make a "dead man walking" camo to give to someone when they reach 1160 deaths. Get XP for dying when the base countdown is very low, to encourage a final push in either direction (to defend or to attack), make the same on a bigger scale for the alert, give a special prize to the "last man dying" of the winning faction when the alert closes, get XP for dying when underpopped, make a special contest for the "Death of the month" recorded by in-game camera and give 1000 DBC to the winner. ..

    And for all the people who like to kill instead of being killed, rejoice!!! Because any of those measures will encourage players to risk more, to dare more, to expose themselves more creating a richer target environment.
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  15. JobiWan

    A typical example of this is biolab spawn camps. I ended up in one last night and the amount of cowards just ganging up in the spawn room was ridiculous. They take pot shots in the hope of killing a camper or two.

    I'm not a great player by any means, but I grabbed a shotgun medic and I charged out, taking 2 or 3 of the campers out each time. Even if just five of those cowards did the same we'd have probably cleared the campers out.

    But no 'muh K/D'
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  16. OneShadowWarrior

    I generally avoid Biolabs like the plague, complete farm fests. I don’t spend much time in them, generally areas that exceed 48 players, the client hit detection goes to trash.

    I know I don’t speak for the vast majority but I don’t think anyone likes being spawn camped or killed before they can react and Rogue Planet seems to have encouraged it since they took over.

    I also don’t spend a dime on developments I don’t think is worth my monies. With all due respect it’s an 8 year old engine like Minecraft.
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  17. JibbaJabba

    Just a thought on K/D.

    This is a sandbox. A "choose your own adventure". We have all played the "walk back from spawn" adventure too many times. It's not fun.

    So you should strive to have a high K/D in this game not for bragging rights or as a measure of skill, but because it's a stat that very loosely measures Fun!

    That's all.

    And I recommend you use the ingame K/D and NOT recursion aka "true" KD. Ingame KD reflects getting a rez and is a better reflection of NOT walking back from spawn.

    Heavies should be fearless about dying so long as a medic is nearby. Heavies need "up time" laying down fire. The only time they should be cautious is if dying would severely impact their "up time" with a long spawn walk. Do NOT let your K/D impact your gameplay decisions.

    And if you are looking for a stat that measures skill? It's not K/D. It's KPM. It's THE stat and lots of other stats have to be right for it to be high.
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  18. NotziMad

    I like never ever look at stats, sometimes my session KD (but that is never realistic, by that I mean that when I think I'm doing really good cause I'm kicking ***, I expect a high KD but that isn't the case and vice versa), what I look at the most, is kills on the scoreboard in that one fight.

    The reason for that is that you could kill 4 guys and die once, and therefore have a KD for this fight of 4. or you could have 25 kills and died 25 times and have a kd of 1. And in my book, that second guy > that first guy.

    Anyway, you made me curious about KPM cause I never heard of it, didn't even know it was how many kills "per minute". But the reason I'm replying to you, is to say; I've got a ton of accounts, like a ton, and more than one BR ASP 100 for each faction. (I'm not showing off, this is my point -----> ) All of my accounts have pretty much the same KD and the same KPM. All of them,n NC, VS, TR, last year, 3 years ago, today, all of them.

    Actually, the more recent accounts have a bit higher KD, but otherwise, the KPM is EXACTLY the SAME !!!! (+ or - 0.01).

    I just thought it was a fun fact, that me 4 years ago and me today, and me on TR and me on VS and me on NC all have the same KPM :)

    (ps. VANU NOT OP)
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  19. JibbaJabba

    KPM can't be used as a lifetime stat though. It's impacted by how many times you take a break to get a snack. :p

    Just within some given session or for the duration of an outfit ops or similar.

    Getting maximum KPM needs:
    Skill - you gotta win your 1v1s. K/D can't suck and get high KPM.
    Fight density - there have to be a lot of 1v1s.
    Fight balance - too many enemies lowers K/D and makes downtime. too many friendlies starves the player for kills.
    Teamwork and support - a medic tethered heavy with an ammo pack at his feet is powerful.

    I'm way more impressed by a 1.5 KD light assault than a 4 KD infiltrator. At the end of the day that LA is sending enemies back to the spawn at 1-2 per minute when that infiltrator is doing it at 0.5 KPM.
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