No tactics just numbers

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  1. Millsy

    You fight over an hour trying to get into an outpost from East. Ok let’s get a couple of tanks on the hill to the north, we can shell into the base relieve the pressure and make it in. Tanks get near top of hill ESF see them and kill them.
    You see zerg moving on outpost, let’s grab some tanks draw some away maybe our guys can hold, ESF see tanks and kill them.
    This game is pretty and good fun for a while but soon gets boring when you can’t work outside the box created by ESF scavengers.
    SOE if you want to save this game you must remove ESF, libs and homing missiles. Then new players can get into the game without death from above or instagib from unseen point and click weapons. And experienced players can use tactics and terrain and have battles where it’s not just numbers, and the ESF shepherds aren’t controlling the flocks.
  2. morvaint

    Oh please, at this stage in the game anyone complaining about ESF's has lost their mind
  3. CactusLynx

    >implying bursters, skyguards, and AA missiles don't exist
    >implying ESF's are hard to hit and not made of balsa wood
    2/10 OP, try trolling us again next time.
  4. VKhaun

    You tried a shallow tactic using one unit type and you got killed, so the problem was the game?

    ... yeah I'm going to go with troll thread and give it a 3/10
  5. Pat22

    Have you tried accompanying your tank column with skyguards? It works out great to at least have a couple of those covering your armor.