No ribbons for hacking?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Vaphell, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Vaphell

    so engies get them for repairs, medics get them for healing but no ribbon for hacking in sight - what gives?
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  2. PieBringer

    I heavily approve of this being added. (The three terminal/turret hack exp could also have it's cap increased by at the very least double, as well.)
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  3. Ztiller

    You still get the ribbons for all the tanks you ****.
  4. Vaphell

    So i guess terminals are not worthy. Besides engineers get the ribbons for all the tanks they **** too, yet they get one for tank/turret repairs.
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  5. InfamousOrnio

  6. Mustarde

    Not that I have any trouble getting ribbons, but I agree this is an oversight and should be corrected. It's more out of principle.
  7. redsevenski

    I would suggest that its another sign the infiltrator is left till last but they still haven't completed the screens for the vehicle medals/ribbons (although you do get the rewards for them). I'd like to see this implemented but guess its just not that high a priority.

    Maybe it'll come in with the infil update, which I guess is at least 6 weeks away (as I think the MAX update is next).
  8. YesNoMaybe

    Why would you get a ribbon for hacking you cheating scum!

    jk Yeah I agree.
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  9. Revarios

    tbh same seat as playing mine sweeper clearing the mines in front of an incoming convoy after the slug out has ended.

    i did stop counting after 15 anti tank mines for 5xp per mine that woud make it propably the least rewarding but actually helpful endeavor in this game
  10. Vaphell

    yes, you get ribbons either way but it is indeed a matter of principle. I was dumbfounded when i pulled engineer for the first time in weeks and was rewarded almost instantly with a ribbon and then thought "wait a minute, i hacked like 20 turrets and terminals already, you mean it's not encouraged like everything else in the game?!"
    I think ribbons in general are a nice touch going beyond measurable xp reward, they also roughly indicate a personal playstyle other than the ' killed X people with weapon Y' you get from the dry stats, eg "this guy defends a lot and that one hacks like mad".

    where to post it? 'gameplay bugs' or 'ideas and suggestions'? I see in the gameplay bugs forum threads need likes to get to the front page, am i right?
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  11. iller

    we would need to be able to get credit for more than 3 hacks before being cut off for it to matter.

    ...that, or medics should only be allowed to rez 3 ppl before they have to move to a different zone to do it again.
    (really.. think about that one for a minute)
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  12. Celliosh

    Agree with everything! Give me ribbons, let me hack more stuff before I'm cut off!
  13. The King

    It's like they act as if, hacking gives you a lot of XP. It doesn't...
    No real reason to limit the hacking XP. It's a super slow way to gain XP. lol
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  14. Vaphell

  15. Ztiller

    It does, if you know what you are doing.
  16. SifuBob

    Yeah, i never understood the xp cap for hacking, seems odd. I think it should be revised, and ribbons added too.

    Also, i like the idea of the "mine-sweeper" medal, clearing mines is important work!
  17. Vaphell

  18. Paulus

    Why give a ribon for something you can do by just flying to the nearest empty base and running round hacking stuff? The point of ribons is that they are for rewarding pro-social play. Giving a ribon for something you can do with nobody else around would just be XP on a plate for Infil.
  19. Daemoth

    Like Paulus said, to be a good hacker, the point is not to hack everything in an empty base, doing so will only annoy the enemy. Which is why the exp limit is so low for hacking. You need to hack things that are useful right now. What could be done though, is remove the instant hacking bonus and give a little bit of exp ( or points towards a ribbon) each time the hacked terminal is used, or when the hacked turret destroys something. The bonus would end after a minute it has been hacked. This way, it would encourage pertinent hacking and prevent mindless hacking rush.
  20. Vaphell

    oh please. travelling 5 minutes for the whole 200xp for hacks you can get in a base? Nobody does that really, the payoff is too low and your brain will melt because of boredom after 15 minutes.
    Is it about 2 infs from different factions exploiting hacking by flipping something back and forth for xp? But you can do something similar with repairs (trade xp that is) and i don't see repairs being cut off after first 75xp. Just take 2 tanks to some backwater location nobody will ever visit, shoot each other, get 100+xp for each repair and ribbons on top of that. What about overloading and stabilizing generators? Everybody can do that, are they cut off too?
    Besides if 'unproductive' hacks deep in the enemy territory are not worthy of rewards, why it's potentially possible to do equally unproductive raids with let's say ESF to blast unmanned turrets 100xp a pop with no limit?
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