No Planetside station cash cards at walmart

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Psychokiller22, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Psychokiller22

    Just went to my local walmart store cause they advertised that walmart sells planetside station cash and there wasn't any. Only cards there was for free realms and everquest 2 and crap. Why not make the station cash universal it's all the same right?

    It should be advertised these local retailers may or may not have cards in stock.
  2. Jaeger41

    The Walmart SC card I got did not have Planetside2 listed on it, I guess because the game is too new. It did list about a dozen other SOE games on it, and had the "Only at Walmart, Bonus 500 Extra Station Cash" box on it.

    You can check at to see which local stores have it in stock.
  3. humpmasterflex

    Walmart has SOE Station Cash cards, which are not PS2 specific. You can redeem them in any SOE game, i bought two $15 cards last friday during the 3x station cash day, and i got 12,000 SC for 30 bucks.
  4. siddar

    SC is held on you station account not in a specific game. If you buy SC in planetside 2 and then log into EQ, EQ2, DCUO, Vanguard, Freaarealms, ect with the same account you bought SC with in PS2. The SC you bought in PS2 will all be there minus what you have already spent.

    I play EQ and PS2 on same account and only buy SC in EQ even though ive spent around 4000 SC in planetside.

    So any type of SoE SC card is good for PS2 as long as you redeem it on the same station accounts as you use to play PS2.

    Note $15 cards are the ones with bonus 500 SC. So make sure you avoid the $5 and $10 ones if you want the extra 500 SC.
  5. quicKsanD

    They were probably sold out. They are very popular around the Station Cash sales because you get an extra 500 SC from the game cards which when doubles or triples based on the sale. I went to Walmart on Jan 20 before the 3X sale and they were all gone.

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