No patch today = no patch this week.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MadGelo, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. MadGelo

    Because there won't be one tomorrow or on the weekend.

    Still couple of days of farm left!
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  2. Duff_Chimp

    Possibly next week or some later unspecified date in the future.

    The only question I have about the splash changes is are the vast majority of my tank kills VS infantry that require two close hits, now going to require 3 or 4 hits. If so I predict much unhappiness. I very rarely kill people with one indirect hit, but having to aim and hit 3-4 shells seems like total BS to me.
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  3. wave

    Why not? Several patches have come out on Saturday nights.
  4. Zaik

    I would expect the two shots to still kill through low ranks of flak armor, but no, you won't be able to kill infantry with flak 5 in one reload anymore.
  5. XRIST0

    Who cares , the game is working fine .. In no rush , let them QA this patch properly .

    The last thing we need and they need is a patch full of bugs and new problems .
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  6. Duff_Chimp

    So your saying I should be able to kill sub-BR20 peeps no problem and higher levels will require more hits. Seems fair and balanced to me.
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  7. itzCujo666

    What are you talking about?

    Everyone knows, it will come out between 5 and 6 PM, central European time on Friday night, and the servers will be offline until about 10pm friday night in Europe.... ;)
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  8. OldMaster80

    Very true. Nevertheless GU02 has been released on saturday so we might never know when GU04 is coming.
  9. XRIST0

    If you are always out in the open i suggest rolling flak armor , i personally dont go to areas where i am going to get farmed by tanks ..

    I use nanoweave armor instead , it saves me from ap mines and getting ohk headshot from snipers .. It also gives me the slight advantage in 1 v 1 gun fights .

    It all depends on your playstyle , you cant have everything though .

    I cant wait for the prowler spam to cut down though , really its quite stupid at the moment ..
  10. drNovikov

    When, when, WHEN will I get my TV-guided rocket?!
  11. Wintermaulz

    Week after patch
  12. Shidhe

    I'm betting on Pacific Thursday afternoon.
  13. Duff_Chimp

    And any heavy... i have trouble killing them in two rounds as it is now...
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  14. overunity

    Fix bugs > Release patch .
    NOT !!!!
    Release patch > Fix bugs .

    lets learn from our mistakes :)
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  15. RadarX Community Relations

    We'll go ahead and set expectations. The Game Update will not come this week or this weekend. We are continuing to test a few things and make sure they are 100% ready to go.
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  16. Tatwi

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  17. Kwanza

    Does this also push the ESL's back by a week or will they release the same week as the patch now?
  18. Kize

    If you aren't killing 2 infantry per reload as a prowler right now then you are just terrible... Hate to break it to you. A single non HE round can land 10 yards away from someone and still 1 shot them unless max flak. Trust me I help warp gate the TR almost every night and their only skill set involves prowler spam.
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  19. Ghosty11

    Learn to aim better? I get most of my tank infantry kills with HEAT ammo in a Lightning where the splash radii is already pretty small so I've gotten used to being a sniper with it, instead of relying on the splash damage. Every time I use an HE turret is makes me fell cheap and dirty. ;P
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  20. Stellus

    I still don't get why the tank driver is also the tank gunner. This is the one difference I hate most between PS1 and PS2.
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