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  1. ShureShot

    So VS got the worst ESRL. It is underperforming and unattractive. Its strength should be when used in groups, which is not going to happen when nobody buys/uses it. Facts. It has a single fire capability, which is utterly useless. It can fire a double shot, which is even worse than using single shots. It should be useful when fully charged, but it hardly is. On top of that, it gives away your position like nothing else in the game.

    All of that was done out of fear that otherwise it might be overpowered. Funny enough, that consideration was never made for the other launchers:
    *universal lock on with more damage than Decimator, more range than G2G and shorter lock time than Annihilator.
    *One shot infantry sniper from behind cover 300m away, same damage as dumbfire against vehicles but camera guided. Now also one shot on esf's.

    Trade offs? nah.

    Unfortunately, it won't stop there. The roadmap has plenty in store for us:

    - Faction pistols:
    • TR: Auto-Pistol – A fully automatic pistol.
    • NC: Scatter Pistol – A shotgun and a pistol had a baby.
    • VS: Charge Pistol – A pistol with a charge up mechanic; hold down fire and your blast gets stronger until you release it.
    First off, a pistol is used in panic situations, when your primary runs dry, when speed is of the essence. TR get a full auto pistol, probably a pocket smg, perfect for the job. NC gets to instagib people, as usual. Lo and behold, what does VS get? Another charge up mechanic. Really? REALLY? You want us to stand there for 3 or more seconds charging up a pistol while the others can start putting a serious hurt on the enemy as soon as they pull it out?

    Better make sure that charge up pistol is not OP! Can't be a one shot kill, and make sure to add some bells or a siren.

    - Max revamp:
    • TR: Lockdown
      • At the expense of losing mobility, the TR max can shift into an alternate fire mode that buffs offensive and/or defensive capabilities.
    • NC: Shielding
      • Create a personal shield for the MAX
    • VS: TBD
      • We’re still mulling over a cool ability for the VS MAX, though I’m told we won’t be letting them fly ala the original Planetside. Let us know if you have ideas.
    So TR Max can lock down and get like a 60% increased RoF and 50% faster reload. Just put one in the door with two engi's behind him and let them come at you.

    The hacksaw max gets a shield. Cute. So if you finally manage to drop c4 on the king of CQC, he can just pull up a shield and it's like you were never even there. That's gonna be really balanced, I'm sure.

    And VS: to be determined. We know one thing: it's not going to be the ability to fly. Because shooting peas from above, now that would be OP. And yes, we know something else: it will probably have a nice long charge up time.

    Just no SOE.
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  2. WaRadius

    VS are supposed to be creative. Stop whining and use your imagination. Just pointing and clicking at an enemy is too mainstream.
  3. Shurrikken


    Saying the launcher unfolds its awesomeness in a group must be a JOKE. Because this goes for any weapon. Why would anyone choose the Glancer over the AV turret? The turret is the superior AV choice. And having a group of these turrets beats any Glancer group for sure.

    There is no NEED for the glancer, it has no niche, you just **** yourself using it. Most people I know who bought it are waiting for the cert reset to get rid of it.

    And on the rest, well, lets keep faith in SOE and not complain about things that haven't been released yet. Although the Pistol topic seems...:eek:
  4. Shockwave44

    This is why anyone who is VS should just switch factions but still keep their VS character. After a while the TR and NC will get bored fighting each other and demand SOE fix our faction or SOE will finally admit they hate the VS and always wanted it to be a 2 faction game anyway.
  5. RichardDunn

    I thought it was "Yes, Yes, Yes". Is this a Daniel Bryan reference?
  6. Karmak85

    that exactly what I did.. Went TR and having fun again!
  7. ShureShot

    So where did this idea to give VS charge up weapons come from? Sounds to me like the fruits of a very unfruitful brainstorm. It makes no sense that the most advanced, futuristic weapons would need a charge up time. Everybody knows that progress means that everything happens more instantaneously. Everything is now, with power at the tip of our hands.

    VS is about lasers. What do we want? MOAR LAZORS!

    So instead of giving us an ability that makes no sense and obviously does not appeal to the players, why not give us more lasers?

    - VS PISTOL: a laser cutter/beam that burns holes in the enemy. It would not be hard to balance: the power, range, damage drop off of the laser could just be the same as that of a (full auto) pistol. Instead of magazines you can have overheat or energy drain on cells. Instead of reload time you could have cooldown or just replacing the batteries.

    But it would be really cool to have a red beam that cuts through flesh. You could have awesome graphic animations, like smoke coming from your enemy where you burn him. And most of all, it is an easy to balance weapon that is exactly what VS is about: lasers.

    - MAX ABILITY: a laser beam from the eyes. It would obliterate soft targets within short range upon touching them, much like shotguns do for NC Max. Easy to balance, and an ability that goes very well with VS. On top of that, it would bring some more balance to the Max class, giving them a powerful but limited short range weapon. Certification example: lvl1: one beam every 45 seconds, lvl2: every 40 seconds, lvl3: every 35 seconds, ... OR duration of the beam: lvl1: 1 second, lvl2: 1.5 seconds, lvl3: 2 seconds, ....

    SOE please abandon the idea that VS should get charge up weapons. I don't know where the idea came from, but it's a bad one. It is not 'Planetside' and it is not 'Vanu'. The Lancer fiasco should at least teach you that much. What we want is cool and useful faction specific abilities that can compete with the other factions. A pistol with charge up time vs a scattergun vs a full auto pistol is a bad idea. A laser cutter would not only be more fun, it would also be a lot easier to balance, since dps of the laser // dps of a pistol. And you want the downtime to be AFTER you fire it, like with the others, not before you can fire.

    Since I had to google that guy, I'm gonna say No. ;)
  8. rickampf

    I Like this energy charger thing... it just needs to be a lil bit better.
  9. Trucky

    VS is really being trolled by the devs at this point.
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  10. Duff_Chimp

    No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's NO limit!
    No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's NO limit!
    No no limit we'll reach for the sky,
    No valley too deep, no mountain too high!
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  11. Malebranche

    VS MAX should have cloak ability. :rolleyes: