No More Quizzes?

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  1. xthezerohunter

    I made a new character to see what changes they made to the tutorial and was greeted by the VO playing upon one another and playing right behind each other so the same message would play twice at the same time. I finished the tutorial and noticed there was no quiz. I get no free weapon, no 50% boost for the new character, and no Cells Camo. The 4/9 update didn't say anything about removing the quiz so... I can't get a 50% boost for new characters so grinding needs more wheels, I don't get cool camo to feel like one of the big kids, and I don't get a bad 100 certs weapon that I won't use. I need that stuff.
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  2. Morrak

    I deleted one of the my (very low level) characters to recreate it to test the changes (if any) in the tutorial.
    When I recreated it I discovered that I was not able to complete the tutorial because it continues to ask me to redeploy for istant action more and more. The only working option is to exit from tutorial manually.
    The bad surprise has been that I have not more received the camo cell, the exp boost and the weapon form my preferred class
    This change was not indicated in the patch notes. It is a bug or it "works as intended"?
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  3. Kronos44

    Same here. I made a new character for TR on Emerald server to play with friends. My old TR on Connery had Cells camo, but my new one has nothing, and I didn't get a quiz or anything. My friend however didn't get a quiz either, but still retained his Camo. And my other two characters, (a Vanu, and an NC) both on Connery, have Cells camo as well. What am I missing here? I too feel naked without my camo.
  4. FateJH

    Perhaps they switched it over from new character to new account.
  5. AshHill07

    Don't you get the quiz at BR 5? Or am I miss-remembering that.
  6. Morrak

    Before the latest patch I received the quiz as soon the tutorial has been completed