No more C4'ing sunderers!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Strykar, May 2, 2013.

  1. Strykar

    I'm offended that you think this. I'm pretty sure when people ***** and moan about how 'underpowered' LA is, they ignore just how amazing jump jets really are.
  2. Thrustin

    I did not mean to insult you, I meant he'll be happy you playing LA as long as it does not inconvenience him in any way, such as being able to destroy his sunderer.
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  3. HeadshotVictim

    What I noticed after some testing is:
    The faction destroying the sunderer is getting more Exp now.

    The LA placing 2 C4 on it gets a Critical Kill Assist (which is still 350 Exp or something)
    The one destroying it gets 500 for destroying it.
    It needs more coordination now, but it is still doable.
    A LA with a well coordinated rocket from a HA will destroy the sundi as fast as before.

    With more Exp for everyone.
    It is not much, but it is something to consider anyway :D
  4. MorganM

    No they can't. At least be honest with your comparison.

    Single right click.. single left click... C4 is deployed... one more click to detonate. Wow that took so long!
    Two left clicks to throw 2 mines down.... wait for switching from mine to gun... aim at the mine... hold mouse until justice is served.

    So don't sit there and tell us it's faster... we all know it's not... you aren't fooling anyone.
  5. jak

    At least your mines stay around after death... :D

    Regarding C4 and LA, I haven't really felt much of a difference. Sure, it's a little harder, but I've adapted my tactics. All it really takes if you NEED to get a Sundy kill is jump in a lib, empty one nosegun clip into it, bail and float over it with your C4...dead Sundy. That's the easy solo way. In groups, just watch its health and wait for someone to hit it a couple times, then make your move. It requires a bit more work, but it's nothing drastic to me.
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  6. Thrustin

    Don't underestimate how long it takes to drop those two C4 bricks, let alone to actually detonate them. They've introduced since beta some artificial delay which is a major cause for my deaths when trying to blow a vehicle up.
  7. Hagestol

    Thats like getting a diploma for participation. 200 resources for 350xp is a terrible investment considering you will most likely die attacking a sundy that has more than one guard. Add to that 350xp investment for a slight chance that the sundy is destroyed and not repaired. Most cases will lead to no experience whatsoever. I see your point, but I doubt anyone would waste their C4 for a chance at some xp, if it is in LOS heavies will deal with it anyways, so the only real scenario I can see is if there are two LA - in which case nothing changed from before as three C4 was always the preferred way to kill a sundy.
    If they insist on this change they should at least lower the resource cost of the C4 bricks. Imo.

    This. I can't count the amount of times I've been killed because throwing and detonating my C4s actually takes ages. But I guess it is all for balance. Though I'm still annoyed that we cannot solo stock sunderers anymore. One thing was certed sundies, because that would actually make sense if they sacrificed other utility/protection they'd get a pass on solo LAs, but the stock one? :(
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