No more C4'ing sunderers!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Strykar, May 2, 2013.

  1. HellasVagabond

    A harasser took out my Sundy with 5 rear halberd shots....I was like WTF ?
    This game is doomed :)
  2. Thrustin

    Again, your arguments can be used in favour of LA as well:

    A LA is also a team asset, as he helps his team soften up enemy positions by flanking them. He's being used by the TEAM, he's not required to be in an outfit or is your team limited to using only him.
    If he's playing solo, and he goes and destroys an enemy sundy, and that helps his team repel the attack, that is teamwork. He helped out his TEAM. (Those are your words just by replacing the word sundy with LA).

    Or an other scenario: The LA gets sent in by his squad to take out the sundy while they distract the enemy. That is teamwork right there, per definition of yours.

    I'm afraid you just cannot debate on the basis of teamwork. As long as it takes one person to set up a sundy, it should not take any more to destroy it. My point still stands.
  3. Metal Insomniac

    I rarely agree with threads such as this, but this nerf was too much. A default sundy simply should not be able to withstand two C4's. To those agreeing with the nerf, have you ever even tried to blow up a sundy with C4? It's very difficult, unless it's in a bad spot or not guarded.

    To those arguing "teamwork," wouldn't it make more sense for the sundy crew to actually guard their sundy? A guarded sundy was nearly impossible to destroy by C4, pre-nerf. I'm betting the ones that are for this nerf are either making the best of it, or are simply too incompetent to guard their own sundies.
  4. Vertabrae

    Well you can argue with me all you like. End of the day, the Dev's agreed with me. Seeing the much larger number of posts in this thread agreeing with me as well, I guess it is simply tough luck for you.
  5. Thrustin

    I'm glad you finally see your arguments do not hold any ground. Neither do those of any of the peoplel supporting this change.
  6. Vertabrae

    Yep, no ground whatsoever. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nobody agrees with me. Except some silly people in the forum. Oh, and the dev's who already made the change that you dislike. Think of me next time you're playing LA and hating the changes. I'll be in game enjoying them. Happy C4'ing. :)
  7. Hagestol

    Love the argument: I give up but I'm right. I'll remember that next time the HA is nerfed and you're commenting on it:

    I'll just say: Me and a bunch of nerf herders agreed, and also the devs saw fit to change it so it must be right. Not like devs, especially SOE devs make mistakes right? Ever heard of the NGE? :rolleyes:
  8. Vertabrae

    First off I mainly play Engi these days. I like having unlimited ammo. On the same note, before someone mentions it, I don't really use mines either.

    Secondly, how many threads have you seen me in complaining because they nerfed something? I'll complain about people whining. But SOE, nerf away. Nerf Tanks, nerf air, nerf HA, LA, Engi, Infil, Medic and MAX. Nerf Carbines, ARs, LMGs, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and EVERYTHING ELSE in game. I won't complain.

    Not because I don't care, or that it may not bug me. My view is that there are ALWAYS other ways to have fun. I don't need any class/weapon/vehicle or playstyle to make me happy. Take away my shields, put me in armor that flashes like a strobe light, and put the waypoint symbol over my head so everyone can see where I am. I'll still find a way to enjoy the game. The day that I can't, is the day I will log out, uninstall and quietly fade away. No nasty thread in the forums, no farewell video. I'll simply move on to the next thing. If SOE screws up PS2 like they did with Star Wars, no big deal. Plenty of other games out there.

    Sure the dev's make mistakes. But understand that because you don't like it, it does not mean it was a mistake. Maybe more people approve of what was changed. Look back at this thread. More people support the change than not. So if you dislike the change, then you're in the minority. SOE tries...i repeat...TRIES to please the majority.
  9. Hagestol

    Well, you're an engineer with HA most played in the LA forum after LA received another sizeable nerf to what they can actually accomplish. So I don't know how many other places you nerf herd, you're nerf herding in our class forum and that annoys us.

    The thing is, which has been explained over and over, is that the LA is already underplayed. Now add to that the removal of spawn killing utility which was only really possible solo with an unguarded sundy. It also makes targeted squad LA play harder as you have to send 3-4 LA instead of 2-3 to kill a sunderer safely now, which impairs our team play (herders love that word in this thread) and further reduces the need for our class in organized play. Not fun.
    I mean, why send 1/3 of a squad to kill a sundy when a few HA can lay down fire and a comet wielding MAX can kill it in seconds from across the map? And lets not even mention the ESL.
  10. Vertabrae

    I'm sorry, I didn't know LA was YOUR class forum. I thought it was free for anyone who played LA, not matter how much or little. Remind me to tell everyone else not to post in any class forum unless it belongs to your most played class. TE doesn't use LA all that often, so I don't play LA much on my TR character. The fact that LA is my most played class on 2 of my 6 characters is something you didn't know. You simply saw one character sig and jumped to a conclusion. No worries though. I'll just create another forum account, and use the sig for one of my two LA characters so that I can post in this section of the forums.
  11. Hagestol

    Semantics. If you had enjoyed and played LA then you would know that a) we're underplayed and b) you wouldn't want the little utility it has to be nerfed. Now that is an assumption.

    Assuming I mean my own class forum is simply a faulty assumption on your part. I never said it was exclusive, I said you're a nerf herder entering the LA (our, since you're obviously on the other side of the fence as previously stated) forum to troll after the class was nerfed. You're not needed, your posts aren't productive and you only troll to the point where people call you on your faulty assumptions and then play the "but the devs think". Your arguments are terrible and you should leave unless you have something productive to say.

    Example of productive statement:

    "I believe sunderer soloing was overpowered because of X data Y data Z data and I actually agree with it"
    "I agree with the nerf but find it peculiar that they nerf a class that a lower percentage play and a class that lacks a real purpose. This change should have come with some other fixes, buffs or changes to compensate"

    Example of counteproductive statement (yours):

    "I believe sunderer soling was overpowered because I dislike being soloed and I'm saying this as a LA because I sometimes play it and that gives me expertise in the area"
    "I am right because of other trolls and oh yeah the devs did it so they must have taken my opinion to heart, theres no other reasoning behind it" - ( I mean, its not like they forgot to change the warpgates around and had to hotfix it.)
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  12. Vertabrae

    I play LA for one simple reason. the jetpack allows me to get to spots where I can usually get a nice bunch of kills. While I have used C4 to kill vehicles, I tend to enjoy anti-infantry work more.

    As for the rest, i'm sorry I haven't posted a ton of stats, figures, or whatnot. I'll make a note in the future to limit my LA forum posts to stats and figures. As for trolling, no, that actually wasn't my goal.I simply resented so many people saying, as they said in this thread, "We can't kill a sundy with C4 like we used to, OMG the LA class is dead, no reason to play it now" If you look back at my posts, you'll see I spoke against that. I don't play LA for the primary reason of dropping C4 on vehicles. If you or anyone else does, and that is the only reason you play LA, then sorry for you.

    For me, LA remains a highly enjoyable class, easily capable of scoring large amounts of xp, killing all manner of vehicles, and giving me endless hours of fun.

    Now if you will excuse me, I'm running late for ops, so have a good rest of the night.
  13. Hagestol

    I don't believe I called the LA class dead, but even you have to admit that nerfing a class that is already underplayed is a strange move- especially considering how "overpoweredness" and FOTM works in MMOs. Double so in games where classes can be switched at the click of a button and a mere 1000 cert investment.

    As part of an argument, just for future discussions sake: If you want to defend something and the opposition plays a verified number, you have to counter it or come up with an argument that is stronger than the number. All I see in this thread are arguments that it was OP. I don't see why guarding a burning lone sunderer is OP, and I don't see the player numbers and frustrated sunderer drivers to support any such arguments. So yes, numbers. Numbers or arguments.
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  14. Vertabrae

    Sorry, did someone list some stats that I missed? You keep saying I need to list numbers or arguments. I have yet to see anyone else listing any. Simply a lot of whining from kiddies who can't kill a sunderer as easily as they used to. You can of course link some page that shows LA is an underplayed class. But since the change affected C4 and sunderers, I would like to see some numbers that show how many sunderers died to C4, how many sunderers died to LA as opposed to other classes. Numbers please.
  15. Strykar

    C4 sunderers or not, LA for life dawg. Jump jets are pretty much all we need to kick ***.
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  16. Vertabrae

    Now this is a true LA player, and the kind of player I have respect for.
  17. Hagestol

    The words you are looking for are could, but now cannot. "As easily" sure fits your argument but is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

    The LA could destroy sunderers with some effort, luck and incompetence from the enemy team (or lack of team).
    Now they cannot.

    But please, twist the words so it looks like we're whining instead of having lost utility. And for the record I still play LA and love it. I just think that with the current trend that LA will be discounted from ops as they cannot be rezzed, they have no utility to benefit the team other than counter other LAs and they don't get enough kills on players or vehicles to warrant a change from HA.
    I've seen you in class forums in previous games. All said classes were eventually left out of team play.
  18. Thrustin

    Ignorance is bliss.

    Of course, as long as the only thing he can do is tickle your sunderer.

    I'm still remaining LA, no matter what they change, as it is the only class I really do enjoy.
  19. ArcKnight

    lets not find out
  20. HeadshotVictim

    I don't see killing ONE sunderer as a critical task since everyone and his sister drives sundis in bases.
    I play on Woodman and see often enough 10 to 20 sunderers (with 1 guy each) driving into a base, just to take it.
    One can deploy the rest is just back-up. Noone can withstand sometihng like this. Even with 2 squads it is simply not possible.
    You need around 20 to nail down 20 attackers. Noone is left to attack the sundis. How to destroy them?
    A few LA just run for it and die until they achieve what they wanted.

    well... no idea... wasting C4 until the base got capped I guess.
    Since I have enough time to type: /suicide and respawn at my burning sunderer and repiar it. Seems not fair. but hey, it's just my opinion.

    It was possible to guard a sunderer against suicide runs. Two people stay at the sundi, one of them should have permission to drive it. Get a bulldog and the driver has to change from first seat to bulldog and reposition it every 30 secs... only a bit. To get rid of LAs trying the same way over and over again. You just needed to do it.
    But enough people just parked the sundi and ran for the base instead of guarding a so called "major tactical point".
    If i am not able or willed to defend such a critical target, than victory shall not be yours.
    If sunderes would e worth anythng, the change would be okay, but since everyone can get them everywhere they should e just tinbox tools used to respawn...

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