No more C4'ing sunderers!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Strykar, May 2, 2013.

  1. Shuriken

    Good thing I didn't waste that 500 certs on another block of c4. Was planning to do it right after going on forums...
  2. Cpu46

    I could care less about weapons and tools that other people use. This is a game that I am in for the combat, not dinging my next level or being the absolute best. I am fine with loosing fights due to others being better equipped than me, that is simply a part of combat. Light assault simply gives me a more interesting combat role. I'm not as resilient as a heavy, as long lived as a medic, nor as useful as an engineer but I can get places that no other class can, move faster than the other classes, and have a multitude of tactics that just don't work with any other class.

    When I drop a brick of C4 onto a lightning's bumper and detonate it that lightning has to retreat to repair the damage, even if I die it means there is one threat absent, however temporarily, that my allies now do not need to worry about. I don't care if that lightning never dies and I don't get any exp for hitting it with C4.

    When I drop behind a group of enemies and spray wildly into them they have to turn around to kill me, preventing them from firing or advancing for however long my assault lasts.

    Even firing a non lethal smoke grenade off from the under-barrel of the TRAC-5 S into the middle of nothing causes the attention of the enemy to shift away from the battle for a second.

    All of these tactics are chaotic in nature but benefit my own side ever so slightly and while other classes can do these things they are easier to pull off as a light assault. Also it is surprising how rarely players look up.

    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll have to keep an eye open for those. I do feel the need to warn you that the Marathon series is not actually a book but instead an old FPS from 1994 and was one of the first games made by Bungie, creators of the Halo series. Still worth a look since the entire trilogy is now open source and the story is well worth the HEAVILY dated graphics.
  3. WycliffSlim

    Fun story about this. I was solo defending a base from about 6 or 7 guys. They weren't guarding their sunderer. So... I sneak over to it and drop 2 C4... I then proceed to defend the Sunderer for over 30 seconds. I kill 2 of them as they come back, then kill BOTH of them 2 more times when they respawn. Oh... Yeah, the Sunderer still on fire. Finally they kill me 30 seconds later and repair it.
    But wait, it gets better. They STILL aren't defending their Sunderer. So, I go over and I put 2 more C4 on it, get the Sunderer on fire and then defend it for about 20 seconds while it burns. Finally I get overwhelmed and they repair it.

    Finally, I respawn as an engineer and tank mine it because they were too stupid to even finish repairing the sunderer. But by then it's too late and they've capped the base.

    They let me get to their sunderer 2 times as a LA and drop C4 and then kill them as they came out while it burned for 30 seconds. They were stupid and they deserved to get killed by a superior player(not bragging but I was clearly better than them). But due to people whining about LA's and C4 they mananged to take the base since I couldn't take back the point and remove their spawn at the same time.

    My new gameplan. Get C4 on my HA and just 2 C4+Decimator Sunderers... well, until that gets OP too and they just remove C4 from the game.

    Also, sorry MBT drivers... but you're now my main target since it just become 10times harder to kill a Sunderer.
  4. kadney

    Killing sunderers gets somewhat pointless. Even 3 mines and a sticky grenade won't do the job anymore most of the time. (That's 300 infantry resources) Neither will two bricks of C4. I know, teamplay and stuff. Sadly sneaking trough the enemy lines in the heat of a large fight isnt rewarding anymore. Sadly so few people in this game actually defend facilities and / or group counterattacks.
  5. Leo Cyrule

    If they remove C4, or make it utterly useless, I will still kamikazi the living trash out of the sunderer till it blows up! Light Assault, not useless cannon fodder!

    I will crash every freaking galaxy that I can spawn into a sunderer till it blows up! It should never be that expensive for one person to stop the short coming of an entire army of people who feel threaten by the games already weakest class that just grows even weaker! I don't care about the experience. I just don't want to deal with 70+ people storming one place for three hours.

    Light assualt really does have the least rewarding time when you play them. Their C4 can barely kill a single person anymore who is standing on top of it. The C4 no longer takes down a tank , nor sunderer. MAXs are suspect-able... but lets face it... if the LA was seen... he may never get to blow it up. Jet packs are also freakishly loud now...

    I might as well buy a flashlight attachment and put it on the LA, go out with absolutely no ammo, and playing with my feet. It's almost the same thing right now.
  6. Lubbe

    Best change in the entire game, no more solo warriors soloing sunderers!
  7. Hagestol

    MBT drivers should be worried now indeed. And Sunderers will get a new counter eventually, so no use celebrating :)
  8. Strykar

    Even better, people have even less of a reason to stay behind and actually have to guard their spawn point.

    Great changes, am I right? Nothing better than more mindless gameplay.
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  9. Leo Cyrule

    I will still crash a galaxy into it to destroy it. C4 may be useful now... but it can still take out a harasser...
  10. WycliffSlim

    Do you know how many well defended Sunderer I ever managed to solo? I could maybe do it... 1/20 times and that would be after multiple deaths, most of the time after I got both bricks on the Sunderer but I'm apparently too stupid to press the red button. A well defended Sunderer is incredibly difficult to get solo'd by a LA. This change came about because too many people can't be asked to stay with their sunderer and defend it, but they DO have the time to come whine in the forums about how their sunderer got blown up while they were busy dying on the front lines instead of doing what they were supposed to do.

    If you pull a sunderer for your squad/platoon/outfit then your job is to keep that sunderer alive. If you're not an engineer and either right beside that Sunderer or in a gun keeping an eye out then you're not doing your job and you deserve to get your sunderer blown up. It only takes 1 person to pull a sunderer, it should only take 1 person to blow it up.

    I guess all those people who certed into blockade armor after the AV mine nerfs are feeling silly now.
  11. Thrustin

    It takes one man to create the spawn point, there is no team work there. As long as that is the case, it should not take more than one to destroy it.
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  12. Vertabrae

    Thank you for proving my point. Another person who is mad that they can't kill the Sundy worth 1000xp, the person inside it worth 100xp, and possibly up to 11 other people inside it, worth up to 1100xp, all by themselves. I'm very sorry that you can no longer simply fly by and earn up to 2200 xp all by your lonesome. sorry at all.
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  13. Thrustin

    What point? I'm merely saying your argument is not valid.

    And don't get me wrong, I'm not mad. LA's could not engange sundies on their own purely with C4 before this change even happened, so I got used to it.
  14. Hagestol

    Another pubbie not able to calculate basic math. Before it was 200 resources to attempt to get a Sunderer buring, which means the passengers could simply exit and repair. So no chance for a 12 person sundie kill unless they are baddies, but he probably knew that and just wants the argument.

    We could never gib sunderers, but we could kill them if they were unguarded. Unguarded sunderer for 200 resources of explosives is fair. There was never a good chance of getting a guarded one, you might as well go HA and snipe it for a decent shot at those. But he knoew that as well, so he is just trolling.

    I dislike this change. When one person cheaply can pull a mobile spawn point then one person for a crapload of resources should be able to destroy it - if it is unguarded or only has the driver and you manage to kill him three times so he can't repair it.
  15. AndreyMusaty

    I rarely play LA, but 2x C4 on my HA has been and will probably still be the most effective "strategic" teamplay element in the game. Flash + 2 C4 + 1 rear/side basic rocket shot and the Sundie is gone. You may even live to die killing foot troops or to bug out and redeploy. :D

    If you need a more guaranteed effect, strap those C4s on a buggie. Sure, it costs way more resources, but you will actually live longer to kill that level 4 blockade armor Sunderer even as an engineer (if you're lucky with random AP mines lying around a Sundy).
  16. Vertabrae

    And your argument is....
    So one man can never be part of a team. It takes 1 guy to lay a squad beacon too, guess there is no teamwork there either.

    I'll play along with your idea of one guy not being a team. Lets make everything in game team based. How cannot kill someone unless 2 or more people are shooting him at the same time. Cuz you man shooting someone is not teamwork.

    A sundy ALWAYS requires basic teamwork. One guy to spawn and deploy it, other members of his/her faction to spawn there. The owner of the sundy might be a lonewolf, so might some or all of the people using the sundy to spawn. But the Sundy is being used by his faction, which is his TEAM. You are not required to be in an outfit to use a Sundy, nor is your "team" limited to your outfit. If I play solo, and place a Sundy in a good spot, and people from my faction use it to spawn, and it helps us take a base, that is teamwork. I helped out my TEAM.

    End of the day, it thread is long past it's expiration date. I have no idea why we are still talking about it. You guys may or may not like it. But I'm happy with the changes, and so are many others. For those of you unhappy, wait a while I am sure it will change down the road. Peace out.
  17. Hagestol

    If one man is part of a team, said team will shoot down the LA with the sundy weapons or their own. With ease.

    Using a sundy to spawn isn't teamwork in that sense, defending it is teamwork - it is an important asset and should be protected. It is a mobile spawn and it should be vulnerable to a 100% attack class if left unprotected. Right now we cannot kill a sundy unless we resupply.

    See how I just demolished your entire argument? :)

    And for the sake of mocking back: Lol at a HA claiming LA is overpowered. LA being the second least played, and HA well.. Being the most played and they also retained their ability to kill a sundy without resupplying.
  18. Leo Cyrule

    Mmm... I later discovered that a single block of C4 can actually still take down a lightning that is undamaged. The issue is you have to wait for the twenty second burn down... which means stay on top of it, and keep engies away. Still it's fun to see Lightnings cower away when surrounded by LA whom may or may not have C4.

    So... to ensure that happened, I kept the Lightning Pilot inside by staying right next to the tank. All the while I was surrounded by enemies all trying to shoot me, and there were three nearby MAX units I could not take out. Lets just say after a long twenty seconds of dancing around a lightning, and using it as cover to hide from the max units whom have yet to shoot, (They tried to get me in sights...) and a (same burning one) tank who kept constantly moving around. Eventually I got my kill. And I got killed by the max

    I just hope the C4 gets it's power back. Because that is not something you can plant easily, and confirm the kill with.
  19. Anchor IV

    I love how almost every post in this thread is some variation on "LA is now useless, woe is me"

    It really cracks me up seeing everyone throwing down their jetpacks because you can't singlehandedly destroy a huge armoured truck surrounded by enemy infantry anymore.

    Light assault can be one of the most potent infantry fighters in the game if you use it right. Using drifters or standard thrusters you can easily outmanoeuvre all other classes. Hop up to roofs, fly through windows, make quick escapes off bridges, etc.
    I've seen LA players rack up huge killstreaks just by using guerrilla tactics.

    And yet you all ***** and moan because now the extremely deadly remote explosive doesn't give you mountains of XP as easily. It's not like it's even impossible to kill sunderers with it.

    I still use LA a lot, for what is was intended for. Maneuverability.
  20. BobroWexNC

    but we do get assists if you help blowing up a sundi.

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