No more C4'ing sunderers!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Strykar, May 2, 2013.

  1. Strykar

    I'm sad.
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  2. Mythicrose12

    Double C4 and x2 UBGL will still do major damage to a sundie. It just means we have to stick around (read survive) to kill engineers while the last few sundie hitpoints burn down. Dumb change, but SOE likes to reward the inept. Mines were nerfed, C4 nerf was inevitable. Can't expect AMS sundies to choose blockade armor or mineguard.
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  3. Demyer

    Yeah, it takes 2 C4, 2 ugl and 20 sec of burning to kill a sundy. :(
    Time to retire Solstice SF and VX6-7 (since Serpent is now a straight upgrade).
    Sad day for my LA.
  4. Aegie

    So one of the least used and least rewarding classes gets yet another nerf. Brilliant.
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  5. Kahlev

    Yeah, I'm done.

    F this game. I'm going to go play neverwinter, give them my hundreds of dollars.

    Really sick of my favorite class getting it's few tools and assets constantly nerfed or completely taken away. I was so excited to log in and try the new patch until I read this.

    It's quite literally the last straw for me.
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    The LA is an excellent combat class; with their mobility and shotguns/carbines they can kill a lot of people really quickly and totally disrupt a base. 2 c4 still takes a sundie into the red, and every class has received an indirect nerf to anti vehicle capabilites due to the armor increases on tanks and sundie health increase. Don't be melodramatic. I'm not going to abandon the game because my HA can't 2 shot a MBT in the back.
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  7. LibertyRevolution

    Well at least we can still kill MBT with 2 bricks.. when that no longer works, that is my line in the sand...
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  8. Ztiller

    We have never heard THIS one before.

    Cya tomorrow.
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  9. Roy Teppert

    You quit the game because sunderers got their c4 resistance upped from -50 to -40? That's all it took for you? If that's the case, then you were probably done with the game anyways. And according to the patch notes, two c4 will still put a stock sunderer in a critical state.

    Also, you can still kill any tank with 2 c4. It's not the end of the world.
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  10. InterSpectra

    Adapt and find new ways to deliver the goods:

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  11. Vertabrae

    Oh noes, I can't spent 200 resources and farm 1000 xp constantly, oh noes.

    Team based game, that might require more than one person to accomplish something major like killing an enemy spawn point. What will they think of next?
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  12. nubery

    Sure doesn't take more than a single guy to drive a sunderer into a base and start ******** out hundreds of infantry.
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  13. Vertabrae

    Thank you for demonstrating my point. As I said, team game. 1 guy drives the sundy, and the "hundreds of infantry" use it. Teamwork.
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  14. Havel

    Well, strictly speaking, it actually takes hundreds of infantry to do that.
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  15. RX530SS

    R.I.P. light assault. Looks like the last thing I used you for has been nerfed. Guess i'll be using my medic/flash combo from now on.
  16. Vertabrae

    So you only used it to kill sundies?

    Never used it to drop C4 on a MAX? Get into a nice spot above the enemy and fire down upon their heads?

    Nice to know LA was only ever good to fly over and kill a Sundy. :rolleyes:
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  17. RX530SS

    I have recently been playing medic since it's more helpful to my outfit members. I didn't say light assault is useless. Light assault is still my favorite combat class, it's just not a team based class in a team based game. It was still my primary way of killing sunderers. Looks like now i'll either have to use the flash to kill sundeys or get c4 on my engineer/heavy.
  18. Demyer

    Tell that to engie who can throw 2 mines and shoot them faster then a LA can throw a single C4.
    Mines are way cheaper to cert into, cost less resource and instantly blow up a sundy.
    Running up to a sundy is about as dangerous as trying to jetpack after the sound increase.

    Think I only ran into 2 enemy mine guard sundys so far on Woodman, blockade armor is more common.
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  19. Vertabrae

    From day 1, it should require 2-3 people working together to kill a Sundy. Honestly I feel it should be at that way with any vehicle. The balance should be vehicles cost far more resources.

    LA is still one of the most effective ways to get C4 on a Sundy. That has not changed at all. So it doesn't kill a Sundy as reliably. 2 LA, working together (as a team) should have no troubles.

    Problem is everyone wants to be the 1 guy who gets the Sundy kill and usually a few infantry kills as well. It's a team game, but everyone wants to be the guy scoring the touchdown.
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  20. Vertabrae

    If engie was so much better in the first place, then why do we even have this thread?