In Progress No longer obtain xp/certs from cotrium

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by RaiMarie, Jun 7, 2023.

  1. RaiMarie

    When I harvest cotrium in the wild, they no longer give me precious xp/certs like they used to. I am a bit angry over this and hope it's a bug and not intended. Devs please look into this ASAP.
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  2. Taronik

    This started after the last maintenance as far as I can tell. It persists after restarting the game/relogging.
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  3. RiP0k

    Until there is no experience for collecting Cortium, I'd better then move away from the game until it is added. Construction does not reward builders anyway, and now experience has been removed altogether. And I do not understand why to remove the experience for pulling transport.
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    not getting any xp from harvesting and resupplying cortium besides ribbons only
    since there isn´t any infantry deterence xp that doesn´t involve killing said infantry if this is indeed an intended change .. i may as well no longer play the game for grinding any kind of stuff ...

    unbalanced between platforms
    inconsistent xp gain
    stupendous grinding
    nerfed and more tedious construction
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  5. Mithril Community Manager

    We are investigating this bug. Thanks everyone.
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  6. VakarisJ

    It's not just the XP. Sounds from harvesting and depositing Cortium are missing – the sharp sound of the mining laser is no longer there for either laser.

    Thankfully, the problem doesn't affect missions that require mining Cortium.
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  7. vlaamseleeuw

    No sound when mining and no certs.
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  8. Dabromu

    Besides the obvious lack of XP from mining/depositing, and the audio issues, the actual Cortium nodes themselves seem to be... sparking? Frazzling? Constantly.
  9. RiP0k

    Reconsider removing experience gain from pulling vehicles from terminals in the Construction System. This is a very nice bonus for builders. And because of this, we have not been gaining experience when mining Cortium for a week now.

    There is no reason for such a decision. You could just add a partial price for Nanites for transport. Just to make the cost of Nanites 50% cheaper than taking vehicles from static bases. If it has been abused.
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  10. Kittensune

    Can confirm I experience this bug as well -- in addition, at the same time as it began, the sound of all mining lasers other than the top turret mounted one stopped working entirely. Just zero sound effect from mining/depositing cortium anymore at all. Prossibly related.
  11. Mithril Community Manager

    We got a fix for this audio bug in our upcoming patch. Thanks!
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  12. AgentX

    Yes please, Even if it's 5 XP per vehicle pull it at least indicates whether or not people are using your base. Same should apply for ammo towers.