[BUG] No line-of-sight to the deploy location!

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  1. krozerg

    Line of sight isnt the only bug with spitfire turret. After you dump 2400 certs into it. It wont go off cooldown, cant even select it to place it at times. Then you need to relog, sit in a server queue for 30mins, miss half the alert when you outfit is doing stuff. Once you finally get back in, you place a few more turrets and it happens again.
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    Not "construction" but... I play infiltrator sometimes I I've seen a few instances where I dont have line of sight to my motion spotter so I missed deployment of it. It's not as huge pain as construction appear to have as I can just move about a few meters and place it elsewhere. Just chiming in, in case there is a more general pattern to this issue that can be looked at by the devs.
  4. lemurwrangler

    Every single structure is harder to place cause of this.
    Great... Another nerf to construction, like as if it's fu,cking playable right now.
  5. lemurwrangler

    Just a friendly reminder, this issue still has not been fixed and it's been like this for a month.
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    Bug is still present. only work around is logging off and back on, which is really helpful when you're in the middle of an alert trying to set something up.