No incentive to improve PS2 from Daybreak. Cancelling my sub.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gnometheft, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. gnometheft

    Planetside needed resources and devs given to it, not taken away. Some of the people laid off recently were the most dedicated that the playerbase knows about. I've had membership for 2 years, but I will not see my money spent for this game, used for the PS4 equivalent or a different daybreak game one more minute.

    We were told we would see around 2 dozen features in the game by now than there are. How long were we told we just had to wait? How many pushbacks happened to various features, vehicles, and weapons? How many flat out cancellations?

    Is planetside2 finally going to get the dev time and updates it deserves because a ton of people on the game team got laid off? I think we can all come to a similar conclusion.

    Since there is a blunt display of apathy shown to planetside 2, and I have heard of absolutely no incentive to give PS2 resources, I'm not going to give the company another dollar. Because I pay Daybreak for planetside, and they appear as though they are not interested in using my money it for planetside.
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  2. Iridar51

    That's a lot of words just to say "I'm not paying until something gets done". Drama is excessive.
  3. FateJH

    OP has never been fired due to restructuring?
  4. MallowChunkage

    SOE was sold, it wasn't sold because it was hyper profitable, restructures likley had to be made for the company to have any future at all. They may have been paying more staff than they actually needed, we don't know for sure. I expect it takes more staff to develop games in their early stages than is needed to maintain and update games which currently exist.

    This is kind of speculation though.

    What I'm saying is, let's not jump to "People lost their jobs (and that sucks), company is evil!" quite yet.
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  5. CuteBeaver

    Kinda hard... they fired XANDER! Dats like firing Malorne... Thats like kicking a puppy! I dont know how expensive it was to feed Xander, but, damn. He like just finished the new warpgates and BAM - see ya! Still not canceling sub because <3 planetside 2 and don't want someone else getting fired and the game going to **** even more so.
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  6. nightbird

    Isn't it too early to blame Columbus Nova when the ink on the deal has even dried yet lol? Very few investment companies buy something with the intent of ruining it (and any chance of a return with it). Let's wait 3 months then let the egging begin! xD
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  7. Ballto21

    Im cancelling my sub but will continue playing and tossing the occasional 10$ its way when i buy a weapon on a whim. I suggest anyone else thinking of quitting like OP do the same unless theyre tired of playing the game, not the dev team/company.
  8. sustainedfire

    I do not think "subs" matter. The big money is in the micro purchases that they get some people to buy into at ridiculous amounts.
  9. P4nda

    This is the epitome of misinformation and misinterpretation. **** like this happens all the time when companies are bought out, employees get shuffled around and some lose their jobs.

    What really pisses me off to no ******* extent (I honestly have never been so embarrassed to be apart of a community before) is the current DBG/Nova lynching going on because they finally ******* did what they needed to do and create change! They can finally rehire some new talent and bring a fresh take to the PS2 development cycle.

    Reddit is horrible right now. I highly recommend to steer miles clear of that place for a few days until things settle down. The vocal majority there go from calling for dev firings based on an incomplete game, bugged ridden etc (when in reality the bugs are not as pronounced as they sensationalize) but then the moment they do, the entire Reddit blows up and they've all now decided to unsub because no one can actually see past the current ******* hour and realize this is called progress.

    I am thoroughly embarrassed our community is so brash and hotheaded. If this game fails now, it's because of the circle jerking going on over there.
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  10. DxAdder

    And the team they had in place couldn't deliver the content this game needed on there limited budget.

    Now they are creating a new team with a BIGGER budget. the game getting ported to the PS4 and maybe the Xbox
    I can only see this as a good thing.
  11. Revel

    Funny. I cancelled my sub when I was already paying monthly subs and then they gave it to everyone for free without reimbursement or acknowledgement to the people that had been paying. Going from not having to worry about queues to going to 150/150 during prime time and just logging out in disgust.

    I cancelled right then and there and never looked back. Hope that stunt was worth it to them.
  12. Foxirus

    Personally I feel that some of the Developers had grown negative feelings towards the community. In example, Look at how unprofessional it is that they even responded to these hateful comments. The only thing it showed was that they could not handle heavily negative criticism.

    Personally, if my boss had seen me reading hateful reviews about my product and responding to them in a negative manner openly about it? I would be fired. From a business standpoint, Even a hateful customer could still be a paying customer. Day Break Gaming probably saw this and decided its time for some new blood that isn't burned with the community.

    Most of the developers that got canned, I never really saw active on the official forums anyway. Hopefully Daybreak cracks the whip and gets the remaining developers back in line with posting information and taking feedback where it matters. Not some privately owned site, Not a damn twitter page, The OFFICIAL FORUMS.

    No disrespect to those developers that lost their jobs, But I feel in the end it will be turn around and be more beneficial to the overall game health. Maybe a new boss will crack down on the broken promises and the multitude of failed content release dates. I will still buy items, I will still keep my subscription. I have a good hope that things can only go up from here on out.

    Notice at 2:21 in the video, T-ray states that he wouldn't bother mentioning a bad service, He would simply not buy it at all. Even though some of the reviews are hateful, Its customers who are giving second chances to show you what is wrong with the game. They should have kept it professional and viewed it like this, Not as people simply throwing insults because of the poor state the game was/is in.
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  13. Rraymondo316

    They aint getting a bigger budget

    They canned A LOT of the dev team & they have no intention of replacing them
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  14. SilentSueRia

    ??? eeer... Daybreak just got PlanetSide2 less then 2 weeks ago... Do you want the game even more screwed up?
  15. DG-MOD-17

    Locking this, as it is non-constructive.
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