No Hits Registered After 30 mins

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Goden, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Goden

    Not much else to say. Title explains it all. Usually at 30 mins (usually on the dot) my hits totally stop registering. Even against the VR training dummies.

    Server is Connery.
  2. JDS999

    lol yeah still hit detection malfunction
  3. Rak

    I posted this in another thread:

    Download this utility, it will check your computer's DPC latency

    The cause of this bug seems to be your DPC latency spiking every so often and after about ten minutes you'll be just out of sync enough with the server to cuase the no damage bug to happen.

    When you run this program you'll see a graph and I can guarantee you that every couple of seconds you see it spike into the red. This is usually caused by things like fan speed monitors/temp monitors. Once you know that your DPC latency is spiking, the next step is to find the cause. Start turning off programs one by one until the spiking stops, then go enjoy Planetside :)
  4. BloodyStub

    WOW! All I can say.
    I did this test, thinking I would NOT find anything useful, and low and behold I found my Realtek pcie gbe family controller RTL8111D had crazy yellow spike going up to about 1800+ on that graph about every 3 secs or less.

    After playing with my device manager and reading on the tools site, I found it was my Realtek Nic. I checked the drive, and it was new, but went ahead and downloaded and installed a newer driver.

    THIS fixed the crazy lag spike seen in the tool, and I would expect similar results in PS2, as I was getting a similar experience to the no-damage bug as the above OP and others have reported. Where I would lay a full clip of ammo in someone or thing, and get very little in return to nothing at all.

    So everyone please check and update your driver, and run this tool - make it all be in the green. IF this helped me, and my system was optimized before (yes I’m a tech-y person) then others that are not are bound to have similar results.

    After the driver update, my latency per this tool is all in the green, and less that 10% of what it was before - that in any thing is a huge improvement. Very low responses and green across the board now for the nic.

    Thanks to RAK posting this tool and information.
  5. jamesr20

    Neat. Too bad that ASUS UEFI config/monitoring program is causing it to spike. Guess I'll need to off that. And for some reason Wintap drivers were also causing issues.