No full Xbox PC Controller Support

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kinectamaniac, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Kinectamaniac

    Welcome to 7 years ago.

  2. IshanDeston

    I have my Xbox pad configured for flying my plane, until i can rebind the roll from the house to the keys, and it works like a charm.
  3. Kinectamaniac

    The game doesn't have the proper LT Aim/RT Fire for the Xbox PC controller...which pretty much every shooter for the last seven years has added for Xbox PC controller support.

    I love the idea of the game...but it's pretty poor design not to include something that other shooter developers have been adding to their games for the last seven years.
  4. GoTDirt fromMAG

    Would be great if they could get around to including support.
  5. medbot544

    Dunno, got my logitech one to work but I only use for flying since it makes it 10x easier. But I did have to really fiddle with settings to get it to work right; some ingame settings and a few outside. Still can't find any settings for adjusting sensitivity though...
  6. ytman

    Do you want to play at a severe disadvantage or something?

    I understand that analog movement has some benefits but analog aiming is for chumps.
  7. bPostal

    Xbox controller? ****, I can't even get my joystick to work.
  8. Phyr

    It's bad enough people can't aim with a mouse, why would they want to use a controller?
  9. Vanon

    You can use xbcd from microsoft, joy2key is also free. Then there is xpadder, which is good as well, but you pay for it. It's pretty worth it though. Any of these will make your xbox 360 controller work.
  10. PieBringer

    Why would you want to use an XBOX CONTROLLER with it's limited amount of buttons, in a game with so many different functions?

    Unless you're just going to be using basic movement and aiming controls... I doubt you would benefit much at all from using a console controller. I'm not trying to hate on Xbox, I'm just saying: Some games are good for console controllers, some aren't. Planetside2, as far as I can see, is not one of those games.
  11. Sentient Void

    I'm glad I was able to find this post in the official forums. I am having the *same* exact problem (I am using the wireless controller with the wireless accessory, BTW). I tried to do a similar if not the same exact setup as typical console shooters - I issued all keybindings to be the same as Battlefield 3 on the xbox, but for some reason if I try to aim with left trigger and then shoot with the right trigger, it will exit the zoom mode and not shoot. However, I can aim with the right trigger by itself fine, and without aiming I can shoot from the hip fine with the right trigger.

    All other controller keybindings seem fine, but this is the only issue that is preventing me from fully enjoying the game with my controller.

    Since I'm not the only one, this is clearly an issue either with the controller drivers itself (though I have the msot recent updated ones) , or with Planetside 2 compatibility either with xbox controllers specifically or with gamepads/joysticks in general. Looking at the forums with a quick glance, this doesn't seem to be an issue that is widespread with all other controllers/gamepads/joysticks...

    I wonder if the devteam knows about this issue and if/when they will address it?

    I hope soon, and I hope mroe people come onto the forums who are having this issue - because it has to be mroe than just us.
  12. Jestunhi

    I can see using a controller in a vehicle tbh, just not on foot.
  13. Monnor

    I dont play shooter with gamepads.
  14. SirBurning

    Usually only games that get released on Xbox aswell get 100% Support.
    Most true PC titles have no support, or struggle.
    Look at any MMO and see which one you can play with a controller.
    Or look at Crysis 1, pure shooter , PC only. *** Controller support.

    You cannot expect 100% working support for a game that's never released for a console.
    Or you can look it at this: Its a PC only, and Keyboard & Mouse works flawless :) We deal with this all the time on console ports. Mouse acceleration etc..
  15. Heyasuki

    We only need flight/vehicle controls to work and that's pretty much already in the game and you switch to KB and mouse while on foot it's that easy. There are ways to make it full controller support however just like the deal with lag etc on consoles they would have to give you a similar advantage to make it competitive while on foot. Now I've done hybrid controls myself. I use half controller and mouse. So I move, sprint, chat on my controller on my controller and use the mouse for aiming etc.

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