No Deployment zones for Construction

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RockPlanetSide2, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. RockPlanetSide2

    No build zone/bubbles for player construction.

    Just get this done already. Just put no build bubbles around any already existing base. Blocking bases with skyshields etc should just be done with.

    Don't alter anything, just make them unbuildable around any already existing structure. Done, I don't care how many fat kids whine. Finish it.

    Fix your ****ing game.
  2. Prudentia

    but... those already exist...
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  3. RockPlanetSide2

    Yeah and there are not enough and they do not work 50% of the time.
  4. FateJH

    So you believe, if we were to layer more on top of each other, the effect would stack?
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  5. stalkish

    Its pretty clear what he was asking for, being a complete **** towards him is not called for.
    O but sorry, you wanted a like right.......

    If youve still no idea (not sure how) hes asking for no deploy zones to extend further below the ground to stop the skyshield over A point exploiting.

    Also LOL @ you two circle jerking each other with likes, man this place has become pathetic.
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  6. Prudentia

    right back at you mate, you inspire me every morning.
    EVERY base already has a no deploy zone around it, save for like 1 exception on live with ikanam.
    so his demand is dumb cause it's already in the game and his screaming around his pointless. if he wants this fixed he has to go to the Issue tracker and put in a Bug report.
  7. stalkish

    Is like youve not played the game recently.
    Or maybe you ignore your own VS friends exploiting the fact the the no deploy zone ends at the floor, it does not extend below it.
    Or did you miss the skyshield over ikanam motor pool A point?
    Or the one intersecting Aurvan AMP station main building?
    Or the one at Naum AMP station?
    Plus more over the weekend.

    It was your empire, on your server that was doing it......
    A cinical person would assume you benefitted from this and therefore youre blowing smoke around now to try and hide it, or even ask if it was you doing it?

    Just so you can see the problem:

    By all means tho continue belittling people who are bringing a genuine and justified concern to the forums, ive said my piece.

    Saying 'use issue tracker' is a cop-out and you know it, he has every right to come here and make a thread about it. The exploiting is getting out of hand now, i absolutely understand some1 wanting to give that feedback on the official forums.

    TBH im wracking my brain trying to figure out your angle here, other than trolling i just cant see one.
  8. TheProScout

    This has absolutely nothing to do with No construction zones,

    This is just an particular bug All skyshields had, where they also could place more than 1 skyshield at the same time.
    they would place the skyshield, then dismantle it, and place another one next to it...


    And here is an image of all the Non-Construction zones. wich effect more than 70% of the map, it is already so limited where we can build.... no need for more no construction zones!!!