No customer service # for DBG

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nuggz, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Nuggz

    I have an issue with one of my accounts so I googled the DBG customer service number and gave it a call...

    Only to find out the number has been disconnected or no longer in service...

    So my question is does anyone have a working # for DBG customer support? I hate waiting for E-mails and want to speak with someone directly to get this resolved.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. CodexCharash

    I don't think that there is a active phone customer support, so best way is to write a support ticket. In general they are responding within a day after you replied to the auto message
  3. Nuggz

    Guess its time to stop investing any money in DBG... if they can't keep a working phone line up so I don't have to wait a day to resolve this then I can see they really don't care about my business enough.... SoE kept an active customer support line running but for some reason DBG can't be bothered to give me an avenue to quickly resolve my issues by speaking with a real person via voice and not text...
  4. RobotNinja

    Okay. Bye then.
  5. Nuggz

    @RobotNinja if that is the extent of your helpfulness why bother posting here?? Or can you not resist the urge to be the troll that you are? In any case I would hope that DBG cares about their customer base and their income more than any idiotic troll that cares to respond here.

    Please if anyone has any helpful info on how to contact DBG in a more direct fashion than E-mail or a ticket I would appreciate the info...

    If you don't care then just move along instead of posting please...