No Cloak Challenge

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by giltwist, May 26, 2015.

  1. Iridar51

    I've been saying for a while that Infiltrator's actual strength lies not in cloak, but in radar detection tools and other utility, like hacks, EMPs and mines. I guess I don't hold much credit as a guy who rarely plays Infiltrator, though I do spend a lot of time looking for them.

    Now that you have tried it, would you say that it is optimal for a CQC Infiltrator to avoid cloaking most of the time, and using it only to clear spots, escape from an unfavorable fight or to make certain plays when you have already been discovered?

    (As an example of such a play: you came face to face with enemy HA with active shields. Run away around the corner, cloak to produce sound, then move to another place. Enemy HA will round the corner, looking for you where he heard you cloak, assuming you just crouch cloaked right around the corner, and instead you EMP + attack him from the side. )
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  2. stalkish

    Shhhhhhh, dont tell people ;)
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  3. Navron

  4. Navron


    That was actually pretty hard.
  5. CuteBeaver

    I don't SMG enough to comment on this beyond the impression that cloak has been a nuisance lately. An unreliable mess of bugs. Jaded doesn't even begin to describe my current stance, but I am optimistic the bugs will EVENTUALLY get corrected. Something... something... patience is a virtue... insert optimistic response here. Considering the developers joked about it over twitter, I'v taken a short break until they sort things out. It was obvious cloak was not needed with an SMG. Right now about the only thing Cloak does reliably is clear spots and stop you from firing your weapon while making faction specific farts. Lol...

    Nevertheless I plan on trying this again when I feel more inclined to log in. Right now ARK is too much fun to put down.
  6. giltwist

    I ran archer engineer yesterday for a few hours. I don't get infantry kills as fast as my iron sights basr infiltrator, but the versatility more than makes up for it. Infinite ammo, tons of repair/resupply xp, dead maxes, dead turrets, tank mines, sticky nades, and you can even finish off a smoking sundy with the archer. Without the cloak, I didn't have as much time to line up headshots, but that doesn't matter on the archer anyway. Countersniping wasn't bad either. More deterrance than kills though. I'd love to see video of Mustarde trying the Archer.
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