No cheaters on PS2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jingstealer, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Jingstealer

  2. Campagne

    No sirree, none what so ever.
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  3. WinterAero

    If you were there on that 'certain' voice chat the other day, you'll know how easy editing it is now too that [insert ******** NC pro name here] told everyone how.

    Just learn to do it yourself. You'd be surprised, especially if you are on Cobalt, just how few regulars aren't at this stage lol. It gives you a lot of extra time to score damage on targets running into cover (which you can then blame on ping or lag as he suggested) and if you push it, a shot to the foot will still register as a HS but I'd imagine most dont go that far.
  4. Warboss Thrakka

    So Jingstealer. I have been a victim of this also. There exists an outfit on Emerald called MAG3. They are stunningly shameless cheaters. They not only abuse the Magrider boost exploit that has been in the game for 6 months now..but they also have aimbot and a damage hack which allows their vehicle weapons hit around 30-50% harder if not more. it's brutal. They never respond when i try to speak to them. They know better. It's insane the DEVS REFUSE to do anything about this. And it's not just Them now... most VANU players are now exploiting the mag boost bug
  5. MD_Geist

    I thought something was more than a little bit suspicious when our favorite faction of jobbers suddenly had an army of heavy supersoldiers that could clear rooms singlehandedly when that's unprecedented even for the very best players in the world outside extraordinary circumstances of luck. Good thing you can just pull a max and delete them because they stand there shooting it like ******* every time. No matter how much a ******* cheats, it can't cheat itself into a horse.
  6. Johannes Kaiser
    Sorry for the drive option, had no other way of uploading in short order, made this with my phone, I'm not at all adept at screencaps.
    Pretty blatant, filed a report, contacted one of his outfit officers (who is a very nice person and handled this amazingly fast), sent him a tell that I reported him for his behaviour. What I got back was some whargarbl in kyrillic - I assume it means something, but I do not speak any language that uses this script, so no clue, could have written a cake recipe for all I know.
  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    Old terrain exploit, there are a couple ways to get underground and it can happen accidentally but he's clearly abusing it.

    I think he's trolling you, his stats aren't unusual.
  8. Johannes Kaiser

    I know. I had a few occasions where I fell through the terrain and just kept falling. And a very interesting one, when I exited a burning Harrasser on some rocks at the last second and got stuck inside the rocks. Like, chest popping out of the surface. Since there were enemies around, I thought to myself "well, let's see how long I can survive and how many I can get before that happens", seeing as I did have ~70% cover, but was completely immobile as a tradeoff. Ater someone posted in yell chat a bit annoyed it turned out that apparently while stuck in the ground that way I was in fact invulnerable, something that was not intended when hatching the last stand plan. So I apologised and redeployed. Was an odd experience nonetheless.
  9. Towie

    DBG (RPG) mentioned a new 'push' on cheaters some time ago - but to date I haven't seen anything more and the suspicious characters are still appearing on a daily basis.

    Worse still, we appear to have some Chinese characters / outfits appearing on Cobalt (allegedly). Not content with destroying Soltech and Connery they want to spread their wings.

    I still have my cash ready to re-sub just as soon as I start seeing results but it's just not happening. Not yet anyway.
  10. Johannes Kaiser

    And just an hour ago I met a guy who managed to do ALL the following in less than half a second (and I had good ping, so it might be just Planetside stuff [TM], but I doubt it).
    1. Switch from rocket launcher that he was just reloading to his LMG.
    2. Turn around.
    3. Kill me with what I can only assume to be a 100% HSR.
    Now, the distance between us was ~2m, and I shot first. I did warble my aim at one point, annoying, but happens. But, should a HA not take longer than half a second to switch weapons in the first place?
    Called him out on that over yell chat, the result was that from then on whenever he killed me he did a V6. When I killed him once finally (played the bait and my teammates got the kills most of the time) and did the same, he made a ragetell.
  11. Raidashi

    Not gana lie, I feel like I run into cheaters a lot, but I honestly cant tell if it's just lag, or a wild disparity in skill most the time. The most frequent thing I'll run into is dumping an half a mag (I'm talking 10+ confirmed hits including some head shots) into some one only to have them turn and kill me instead in 2 shots, or watch some one casually bust in and solo take out 7+ people holding a point all while under fire.

    I think that's why cheaters are so readily able to run free, because it's so much easier to obfuscate that they're cheating. It's honestly much rarer when I know for 100% certain theres some one cheating, such as a sniper standing inside of a rock/wall and shooting out of it (pretty obvious when the rounds killing you are coming from it), but things like doubling your HP or damage isnt readily apparent to most, and theres enough vets in the game that even aimbotters can get away with it because, frankly, enough vets are basically aimbot accurate themselves. It's just odd when you see a BR7 doing it too.
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  12. WinterAero

    It's when you have to be mindful of a little common sense and try and make sure that you are communicating the extent of the experiences properly (as Johannes Kaiser has attempted to do above).

    I've done the topic to death at this point; but in short, many people aren't really getting what they are being told.

    Nobody is under the impression that there aren't numerous internet/server and game related issues. Also, that after so many years that there aren't sizeable amounts of veterans (its the majority now in many circumstances).

    What you have to consider. Is that said 'obvious common sense'. With cheat sites clearly still active for the game; and more obvious people having their sprees; it should go without saying that you still have numbers of 'discreet cheaters'. We all know the type. People thought they were 'pro's. Then the fools went and did a stream and a minimized window at a bad time - exposed their whole cheat UI for the world to see. Bye bye buddy thanks for the memories. People were running things like Hagsclub/Aimjunkies/X22 and otherwise in this game for years before anything was done. Their forums still have some of those old posts. With them discussing how to best keep being caught at a minimum. Radar hacks/Recoil/No clip/Wall hack and 'soft' body locking - to make sure you 'just' get the edge in every one on one.

    Its easy to believe every cheater is just a mindless moron. But there are plenty who really cared about their K/D. Had a low self esteem and this is where they found their friends. They wanted to win. And got tired themselves of being killed by either people better than them - or other cheaters. Its not hard to imagine how many came to use a few downloads. And like an addict; the addiction gets worse and soon becomes a crutch.

    As the community shrinks; it stands to reason that there will be a market for those wanting an edge. If people have noticed, there can be periods of server instability. Its haywire. You'll sometimes either not have bullets register at all; sometimes you will kill a guy in what seems an instant moment (when you shouldnt have). Anyone with any skill + this games TTK, can only imagine how frustrating that must have been for the other guy/girl on his/her screen.

    But then there are the other moments. And these are what we are really talking about. Supposed 'vets' even, a lot of the time. Who 'always' appear to be able to tank insane amounts of infantry damage. Recover and locate a target (at any angle or elevation) quick enough to still win, even when you've not missed a shot yourself and had them by surprise. Once in a while - sure. But not as commonly as these folks manage it. And they run solo, often with HA. With the awareness of someone with motion darts down. If you have enough hours in the game, you know the sort of scenario. You can approach from any angle. Stealth, LA/roof. You name it. You will find not only that they prefire - but their movement doesn't affect their aim. Whats often funny too - is that you never see these guys right after a patch is carried out.

    Take the outfit Hydra. I used to cross them all the time. Halospud, in a 1v1 assuming he's on heavy he'd win 6 or 7/10 against me. No problem. It felt legitimate and that I had a lot to learn back then. But then there are others, that honestly make his skill level look like utter garbage. And not in the good/usual way. Their positioning 'every' time; was just far too lucky to be honest. The sort of person who plays an engineer but somehow still clears whole rooms of vet level heavy assaults solo. Sometimes, its plain ridiculous the things you'll see people pull off. And its repeatedly. Causing many entire platoons to quit fights entirely; which in my experience vets don't - when facing actual pro's. They do it - when three guys are somehow instantly taking out people from all angles.

    I would suspect its Radar/Hitbox editing at the very least most of the time. And yes it gets tiring after a while, because it noticeably changes the feeling/fun of an entire fight.

    At this stage we just have to make do with it. But when you consider all the other issues with the game and add this on top? I don't think its surprising that people aren't staying around. Do you?
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  13. Towie

    Oh boy - Hydra - not many of them still play but whenever you face them, you'll think WTF.

    The one thing I like about Hydra is that they seem to have taken it upon themselves to take the Michael out of Major Dope - who is without doubt the most caustic idiot ever to 'grace' PS2 (look at their Rank denominations).

    Sadly the antics pulled by Hydra are now commonplace by the new breed of 'Just joined Superhero' category. Sadder still - they are probably the only ones who stand a chance in a 1v1.
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