No calls for Pump Action Nerf??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by a-koo-chee-moya, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    Disclaimer: I do not think that Pump Action Shotguns are OP, nor Shotguns in general.

    The title says it all. Pump Action Shotguns have all the ingredients to be called OP.

    -one shot kill
    -amazing CQC(If you didn't notice how much maneuvering it takes to get into Shotty range w/o being gunned down.)
    -Not insanely long Pump Action

    All of this should equal much rage. For Semi-Auto shotguns which are free, most players have used them and learned of their horrible range, and thus of the maneuvering it takes to actually get kills. Pump Actions, however, are buried in the myriad weapons that no one knows anything about, so no such consensus should have formed.

    However, while typing this, I have formed a Theory.

    Theory: As no one actually looks through the myriad shotguns in the game for Pump-Actions, and no bothers to mouse over the weapon you were killed by, most players don't even know they exist.

    Time to buy that Pump-Action and get the Nerf Train steaming on!
  2. sindz

    Did you ever try using a pumpaction? They were OP and godly when they were first implemented. Now, they are trash.

    They are beyond **** atm, you need to be in kniferange in order to one shot hit kill. outside point blank range you are better off throwing rubber ducks at your enemy. Get back to me when you aurax'ed one - it was the worst experience in my planetside life, I raged so hard it wasnt even funny. Outside of tower battles, its pointless.
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  3. a-koo-chee-moya

    Read disclaimer before you start to rage. Also, it could be inferred that I have never used one from the last sentence.
  4. Allin

    If you die more than you kill, it's not that good it seems.

    To create a theorem you need to have solid base assumption, and with assumption based on speculation (as your inferring of not having a pump action would imply), you don't have a theory at all, you have a guess.

    Guess =/= Theory.

    Logic 101

    So, if you used it, you would know your statement is bollocks.
    If you didn't use it, you are just guessing.

    Also, the guy you replied to wasn't raging, but answering you with facts. It seems you are nothing but a troll.
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  5. a-koo-chee-moya

    What I mean is that there should be threads that say "I snuck up on an engineer and turned and oneshot me NERF NERF NERF".
  6. MarkAntony

    No need to be nerfed. They aren't that good.
  7. Zeppelin123

    Hmm I like my shotgun but I am also really baaad at aiming. That said the more I get better with aiming the less I like my good old shotgun :(
  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    Read Disclaimer.
  9. eldarfalcongravtank

    no, they aren't OP. i may not be an absolute expert but have used my phobos pump-action enough to figure out the pump-action shotguns' advantages and limitations:

    + one-shot-kill capability against anything without max-rank nanoweave or heavy shield
    - need to get extremely close to enemies
    - if you arent close enough, you need to close the gap which gives enemies with ranged weapons opportunity to open fire at you
    - low firerate means if you miss one shot you'll most likely die
    - limited kill potential per magazine means that you cannot deal with many enemies around (unlike when using a carbine or lmg)
    - pumpactions need quite some time to reload to full which is a death sentence in closerange combat
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  10. a-koo-chee-moya

    I agree with all of them except 5. Carbines will only be able to kill around 2 a clip (VS) unless they are literally standing still right next to each other.
  11. LT_Latency

    Huh? If someone blows you away in one shot it pretty easy to figure out it was a pump action.

    There are very few places to use them in the game and even then it's still very hard. Most people will pick a semi cause they are WAY WAY better unless you run into a pump which won't happen often
  12. Stigma

    Well, I don't think shotguns in general work well in a game that has such a relatively high TTK like planetside, as very close CQC engagements far too often become "auto-win" situations for shotguns. At least in a game like battlefield if the TTK is really low in CQC reagrdless of if you are using a shotgun or an automatic so the difference is much less drastic.

    That said, pump-actions in particular are if anything underpowered compared to the semi-auto versions. Semis can still one-shot you on an ideal shot, and you can spam them really fast, plus they have both lots of ammo and a short reload. Yes you are less likely to get a one-shot but does that matter when you can shoot almost as fast as you can click? It basically only matters if you go up against another shotgun user - and there are fairly huge tradeoffs in how easy and forgiving the weapon is to use. At least pump-actions suffer fairly serious consequences for missing. Semis don't. If anything is overpowered it is the semiauto shotties (that unfortunately everyone gets for free basically).

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  13. Sandpants

    And Auto Shotguns are not OP?

    I mean both kill you extremely fast. But I don't understand how instant death deserves the stigma whilst a death some odd 500ms later does not. In practice, whether you die instantly or half a second later will not have any impact on your chances for retaliation.
    And when you look at it from a critical point of view, the PA user has one chance and one chance only. I don't exactly commend people for using PAs, but neither do I get into a spiteful rage state.
    On the other hand, when some Auto-shotty user kills me it peeves me off like nothing else. There is no way to escape an Auto-shotty. If you get in range they will spam you down. It's EXTREMELY easy to kill someone with an auto-shotty, even from 15m or so.

    So no, I don't buy into the common tears about PA being OP, cheap and un-skilled. People who complain about PAs are just angry and confused people. And I rarely take the opinion of such people seriously; no one should.
  14. Nexus545

    pump action shotgun does not receive a nerf because it falls into the classic shotgun role. The fully auto shotguns on the other hand should be nerfed into the ground.
  15. DatVanuMan

    Are you asking for more nerfs? Come on, man! :( Hasn't this game had enough?
  16. Vertabrae

    I still run a pump, but I usually do it with slugs on my nc. No idea why I don't do the same on my tr/vs. I should. It's fun as hell when you combine it with light assault. I don't do the sniping thing with it, pervert to get closer in on a rooftop and lay waste. Maybe that's why my nc kdr is much better than my tr/vs kdrs. Hmmmm
  17. Latrodectus

    It's not a question of overpowered, it's a question of whether or not some one should be capable of over-specializing in combat, especially to a degree that doesn't allow for counter-play. What shotguns should do is give you a playstyle that closely resembles what SMG's offer, relatively good DPS with a focus on mobility (firing from the hip) for CQC. What they currently offer is a massive DPS advantage over every single weapon within a certain range, without even having to bother with head shots. There should be no weapon in this game that can out-damage head shots with body shots.

    edit: Because I hate stating problems without offering up suggestions, I would suggest that shotguns be changed so that they do less DPS, but can activate slug ammunition just by pressing the alternate fire key (B by default). This way they don't have to be hyper-specialized but still retain some of their flavor.
  18. commandoFi

    When they first came out everyone called for nerfs, so it got nerfed. After nerf it wasn't very good so no one used it. Since almost no one uses it, there are fewer chances for victims to decide it is OP. They really are the shotgun equivalent of the TSAR-42 and KSR-35 close-quarters sniper rifles.

    TL: DR few victims + not very good = no calls for nerf
  19. Ripshaft

    The PA nerf train passed awhile back, as it stands not many people use them due to their limitations, basically you only use them if you love the ability to oneshot and/or the feel of a pump action. Well that's not quite accurate, pump actions are good for one other thing and that's people with good battle control, who know how to get into groups within the enemy lines - the pump action has a very small "threat" associated with it, people react to full auto fire and semi auto fire, but a shot here and there and people tend not to check what it is, and with the pump action that next shot they hear is often the one that kills their oblivious butts.

    Though yes, as with all things whining it all comes down to prevalence, because whines have nothing to do with actual gameplay mechanics and everything to do with perception. Until PAs become the norm again we shouldnt hear much whine about them.
  20. Larolyn

    Only time they can be considered remotely OP is when the end user has 50+ FPS in a CQC fight.
  21. Plorf

    I hate getting one-shot, but as far as shotguns are concerned, the full-auto ones and to a lesser extent the semi-autos are the OP ones. You are absolutely guaranteed a kill in close range even if you just spray, it's ridiculous. I switch to my HA with a Pandora any time there's random shotgun spamming Light Assaults, it's easy mode. I actually feel bad for whoever I kill, since there's nothing they could have done.
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