No C-4 for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anchor IV, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Ac3s

    Stop beating around the bush, you very well know what I'm talking about and how bad things like this are for the game in general.
    Are we really going to have a tOmato, tomAto discussion here?
  2. Rovertoo

    :confused: I'm sorry, I must be stupid. Why is a column of tanks more tactical than a precision squad drop? You might be able to argue it is too powerful, but getting a team together for a coordinated strike against an enemy target is plenty strategic. I might argue it's a mite better than the standard zerg-style tank rushing, but I won't really say ill about those, I think they're fun in their own right.
  3. lawn gnome

    i think LA C4 should be slightly harder to use than C4 for other classes, but galaxies are easy to stop even at high altitude.
    • get an ESF or a liberator with a tank buster
    • pull a HA with a dumbfire launcher (most of the time those gals stay stationary and make for good target practice, also they tend to get nervous when they take decimator hits)
    • pull a skyguard
    • hop into an AA base turret if one is available
    • pull any number of other vehicles with AA gun mounts
    • pull a flak MAX
    they will either die or fly away, either way the problem is gone.
  4. Iridar51

    Oh I agree it's a cheap and cheesy tactic, though I'm perfectly fine with fighting cheese with cheese. I just find your overly dramatic tone of "REAL coordinated tactics" ridiculous when you're talking about a tank column.
  5. Ac3s

    Lawn gnome are you joking man? nothing of the things you mentioned works except for maybe, MAYBE a liberator with tankbuster, and even then a galaxy with walkers on it will usually still rip that liberator to shreds.

    HA with launcher, AA, bursters, skyguard, ... dude what are you talking about, do you even know how high 800+ meters is?
  6. Ac3s

    Yeah because 5 light assaults with C4 are supposed to kill almost double the amount of tanks right? Just keep respawning and keep dropping.
    I don't even think you guys know what coordination means tbh, you know en enemy zerg is coming, you pick the perfect spot to bottleneck them so they cannot overwhelm you, and all it takes is 1 gal and 5 light assaults to blow everything to ****.
    Great game!
  7. Iridar51

    There is no amount of words that can describe how much I don't care what happens to tanks and *people* who drive them.
  8. Schwak

    I don't so much have a problem with LA having C4 but the amount of damage a single brick of C4 does.
  9. Rovertoo

    I hate to pull the whole 'online dictionary, Ctrl+C/Ctrl+P route', but here you go:

    noun: coordination; noun: co-ordination
    the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively.

    It takes much more coordination (read: communication with the squad to stage a LA drop) to do that C4 bombing than for a Zerg to grab tanks and roll across a bridge. Coordination isn't just restricted to your ideals of Zerg-meet-Zerg playing and 'bottlenecks'.
    I agree that C4 is frustrating as it is now. It's balanced, but frustrating. Being insta-killed by C4 just isn't fun. If they changed it so that C4 could only be detonated one at a time, or reduced damage, that would be fine with me but ONLY if the Light Assault got a weak grenade launcher to counter the extreme reduction in kill potential.
  10. Donaldson Jones

    Any argument for neutering C-4 has my unequivocal support. That said, LA's need something to make them a threat I feel one c-4 is enough.

    People love their ridiculous C-4 crutch, I have tried to bring a reasonable discourse about it but SOE is not interested. Still I'll +1 your post just for the fact you noticed how absolutely ridiculous C-4 is.
  11. lawn gnome

    my suggestion has always been to replace the LA 2xC4 with 4x half charges, that basically do half the damage of the C4. the LA still has the same total damage potential but it takes a little longer to do the damage since more charge have to be used AND they also get more versatility with their charges since they can distribute the damage out more precisely.

    i am also in favor of giving LAs access to all of the specialty grenades except the revive grenade (because it would probably be OP) and concussion grenades (because they are fairly similar to flash bangs in purpose, basically it would be redundant). i think a light assault with a grenade bandolier should be one of the most terrifying things on the battlefield. or maybe even allow them to carry multiple types of grenades and give them an 'F' ability that cycles through their grenade types.
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  12. Rovertoo

    :oops: I really want a tool though...

    Aside, another cool Idea I heard was to separate C4 into two types: Current C4, which would do minimal armor damage but have a decent blast radius, and Thermite, which would have no blast radius but do considerable damage to armor, at the cost of doing it over time as it 'burns' through the armor. Of course if we make C4 less frustrating to play against, we should make it less frustrating to use. Can we please remove the silly arming time and all the other nasty delays?
  13. focart

    We dont have solution for insane vehicle spam in a game. So while this problem on board I dont agree with all conversation about OP of C4 LA.
    Tank influence on fights and especially in EISAmir is something beyond good and evel
  14. lawn gnome

    i know i have hit targets at the flight ceiling with dumbfire launchers. it isn't easy but if they are hovering in place then it is really good target practice and they certainly can't retaliate so you get all the time you want to dial in your shots, and i have driven off plenty of galaxies with my skyguard, it may take some time but if you pound away with any form of AA guns they will either leave or die after a short time.
  15. repairtool6

    LA should never loose C-4 ever. I dont think it is going to happend.

    Personally i think they should have access to more than 2 bricks, like the engineer.
    Let LA carry 3 or maybe 4 C4 bricks. Why not?

    The devs dont seem interested/capable of giving LA a proper tool anyway, so why not just give them more c4? Then at least they get something!

    Just my opinion
  16. MrForz

    Yeah it's ridiculously meh at the moment, most of commitments with C4 often end up with a fail and safe uses of it rarely happen because people are too smart for it. Well.. Not everyone it seems. :rolleyes:

    I can't possibly understand what's the big deal with Light Assaults having 90% of their usefulness in two C4 bricks in their lifetime. If I wanted cheap infantry kills I'd go Infiltrator, if I wanted to blow up vehicles I'd go MAX.
  17. Stargazer86

    You can go on a 20+ killing spree with a tank without even trying, and yet killing a maximum of 2 people in a tank with C4 is what people are having issues with?
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  18. Hosp

    Pretty well nailed. People don't have an issue with C4 alone. They have an issue with the fact that there might be an angle they're not watching that said C4 is coming from.
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  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I suggested a new suit slot for LA with this very purpose in another thread.

    500/1000 certs for 1-2 extra bricks but you can still only have 2 bricks placed at a time, so if you had this suit slot and tried to drop a third without setting off the first one/two the first brick would vanish.

    One lone LA could destroy a shield sundie again but it would take dropping the first two bricks to lower the shield, detonating those bricks, dropping two more and then detonating those so guarded sundies would still be impossible to take out but lone sundies would still be killable.
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  20. lawn gnome

    i have a minor issue with the fact that LA are outright better at using C4 than my heavy assault and in most cases can take out vehicles much more effectively than my fully kitted out AV heavy.

    i was actually glad when the shield sunderers showed up because it means that my HA can do something again.

    when i am in my lightning and i die to C4 i generally feel a sense of shame because i allowed an infantry to do that to me. the only reason vehicles die to C4 is incompetence (and maybe some cheese with ESF drops).
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