No C-4 for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anchor IV, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Rovertoo

    Well, as NC I can certainly get behind a longer range Damage-all-at-once shotgun. What changes would you suggest for PumpsVSemi/Autos?
  2. Iridar51

    All the same for all shotguns: increase accuracy, reduce pellet damage.
  3. Rovertoo

    So would Pumps be a 2 shot kill and Autos/Semis are a 3?

    Anywho, about your previous post. The extremely high TTK on shotguns currently does eliminate the skill for enemies on the receiving end, but shotguns in and of themselves aren't skill-less. There is a lot of thought put into positioning and a very different playstyle needs to be employed. Not sure what your definition of 'cheese' is, but I feel that current shotguns are in a pretty good place, all things considered. But then, I played a lot of Halo before PS2, and that shotgun has always been a OHK.
  4. Iridar51

    Agreed, though I have to say from my experience of auraxiuming a full auto shotgun that in reality it's the most braindead gameplay available. Mindlessly rush anything without fear of consequences. For LA, intelligent use of cover, high ground and flanking is job description anyway.
    Well in this case cheese is in that shotgun functions by putting enemies into position where they can't do anything to resist, but you sacrifice all versatility for the ability to do so.
  5. Rovertoo

    As far as balancing goes, more power at the cost of versatility is a pretty good way to go, and in this respect I feel that Shotguns are balanced. And while I wouldn't exactly oppose a change like you suggested (after all, a more versatile shotgun would be pretty nice), I do like the way shotguns are now and they do fill the "Super-Close-Range" role, and this change would eliminate that. After all, we do have the Baron already, and I imagine that is relatively close to what you envisioned.

    Agree on the Auto-Shotty though. I only use Pumps myself, if I pick up a shotgun. Maybe use the Auto with slugs if I'm feeling silly.
  6. Pokushocus

    I fully agree, OP. I can't count the number of times I have been instantly destroyed, as infantry or vehicle, by some idiot LA flying around with C-4.

    It is by far the lamest & cheapest way to get kills in this game & I really hope they address this issue. C-4 fairies make me want to not play; & I am sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
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  7. MiniSentrygun

    Removing C4 would be the biggest nerf I can imagine for LA.
  8. CARunner

    C4 is all LA has that makes the class good , by taking away C4 you take away LA's ability. LA is already and still underpowered compared to the other classes and you are suggesting to remove C4???
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  9. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Completely agree with this.

    Taking away C4 from LA's is like taking away the overshield from HA, cloak from infiltrator, turret from engineer, and medic gun from medics.

    Actually, I wish they would add a suit slot option for LA that lets you carry one more brick of C4. Sure make it 1000 certs... it would be worth it.
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  10. DirArtillerySupport

    Can't help but think if C4 wasn't part of the LA's inventory from day one jaws would be on the floor if SOE announced plans to give flying soldiers C4 bricks in the next patch.
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  11. CARunner

    Yes , i came on here thinking of how to improve LA's ability on the field and see this post....just wow.
  12. lords8n

    How about they just replace C4 with a bouquet of flowers.
    Then we can just fly around spreading pollen and allergy the enemy to death@!
  13. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Thinking about this idea a bit more I think a great way to improve the LA class is to add a new suit slot that lets you carry 1(500 certs) or 2 (1000 certs) more bricks of C4.

    Now the catch is that you can never have more than 2 bricks deployed at a time. This would let LA once again solo kill sundies that weren't being detected but those that were would be easily guardable as an LA would have to drop 1-2 bricks, detonate the first load to either get through the shield or bypass a good chunk of blockaid armor and then drop 2 more bricks to kill the sundie. It's still an improvement over the old system where a LA could just fairy over and kill a sundie at will since it would require either multiple LA's to kill one or one catching a sundie unguarded for a good 5-6 seconds to destroy it, with guarded ones still being a pain to kill.
  14. Rovertoo

    I dunno. I think most people would be happy about the change, because I can only imagine just how useless and underplayed LA's would've been compared to the other classes. That said, I'd be fine with a change to C4, or even a straight up removal of C4, if LA's get a tool for the tool slot that still allows them to kill vehicles. Heck, we should have one now even with current C4. Then maybe organized platoons would actually ask their players to play LA, instead of tolerating it.
  15. DirArtillerySupport

    Sorry dude I'm from the old school. C4 had to be placed where I come from. We had 20 bricks available to us with independent detonators for each brick. Flying around like pigeons dropping bricks is just sad. This is not the evolution in gameplay I had in mind when I first heard PS2 was being developed. I think if people actually saw what was coming more people would have been against this sort of flying foolery.
  16. MrForz

    Get Heavy Assaults to spec for maximum vehicle and infantry slaughter and noone bats an eye.

    Get Light Assaults to have creative ways (with a rather high failure potential) to blow people (and perhaps vehicles) up and everybody loses their mind.

    I'll never manage to understand how people get killed by these tricks enough times to come complain about it. I play about everything depending of my mood and whenever I'm in a vehicle or a MAX I can almost smell the stench of the bait the LA's I encounter prepare. I simply move around constantly because they're definitely hell bent on flying over your head when you don't expect it, and I simply don't chase them should they flee. A vehicle driver complaining about getting blown up by a C4 wielding LA... it's like a HA on rocket-launcher duty complaining about getting head-shot by an infiltrator; and even there, it's cheaper to get kills with a sniper rifle than two C4 bricks and a jetpack.
  17. Ac3s

    I actually agree with the OP, last night there was a majot VS zerg moving over a bridge on esamir and we had a nice tank column with anchored prowlers waiting for them on the other side.
    We had the base on the left and a mountain on the right, we had them bottle-necked and they couldn't pass us without a fight.

    5 minutes later there was a galaxy raining down light assaults from above who literally blew up EVERYTHING we had set up in just 2 minutes, it was like 7 prowlers, 4 lightnings and 5 sunderers all gone in a blink of an eye.
    Absolutely pointless to try anything tactical with galaxies being able to respawn light assaults with C4 on them, galaxy sits there on the top of the map where nobody can hurt it, light assaults drop down and then they can pinpoint the tanks with their drifter packs, C4 blows everything up...seriously how can SOE allow this kind of stuff...
  18. Rovertoo

    To be fair, a coordinated Gal-drop of Light Assaults is pretty tactical.
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  19. Ac3s

    There is nothing coordinated about a gal with suicide bombers dropping that can respawn every single time they die.
    You can do this gal trick anywhere, anytime, as much as you like, and your guaranteed to clear the path of ANY vehicles below you.
    I'm not saying its C4 that is in fault here, its the combination of a gal that can respawn the light assaults as much as it likes, then the light assaults having the ability to stop their downward drop and start drifting whenever they want to, and ultimately the C4.

    I think once an infantry drops from a gal it should go strait down without the possibility to jetpack to a different location, because its the cheesiest and most annoying thing in this game imo, it ruins any REAL coordinated tactics in this game.
  20. Iridar51

    Sorry to pop your bubble, but accumulating "7 prowlers, 4 lightnings and 5 sunderers" is not coordinated tactics. :rolleyes:
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