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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anchor IV, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Copasetic

    You're talking about making a class less fun for everyone who plays it because you feel insulted that it might be able to do something better than your favorite class.

    Besides that you might want to actually play a class before forming an opinion about its balance. You've got over 17 days each in HA and Engy vs a total of 34 minutes for LA. I hardly play HA (3%) but I still have 24 hours in it, unlocked suit upgrades for it and tried some different weapons. Enough to know that the "nerf HA shield" threads are mostly BS, people wanting to make a class less fun for everyone who plays it because it might do something better than their favorite class.

    Put some certs into jump jets, unlock C4 and play LA for a week. It might give you a new perspective on things.
  2. Ac3s

    Magrider strafing + boost = easy getaway from C4.
    Vanguard shields = easy survival from C4.
    Anchored prowler = complete joke.
  3. Kirppu1

    "Stop giving a worthless class any weight" -you
  4. Goretzu

    To be fair an anchored Prowler is probably reaping in the kills from 300m away from the nearest LA.
  5. Ac3s

    to be fair other tanks can shoot and cover behind a small rock, constantly, and still get loads of kills and still use their abilities, anchored prowler can neither follow its targets nor move out of the way from incoming fire, your assumptions are just false in terms of survivability.
    In an MMO mobility means survivability, the other tanks get just as many kills except the prowler has nothing to evade C4 like the other tanks do.
    How on earth do you think that being a sitting duck is a good idea? did you ever play prowler or are you just throwing around ideas?
  6. Iridar51

    Last time I saw tanks-killed-by-C4 numbers, magriders were on the first place. Just sayin'.
  7. lawn gnome

    actually i am in favor of a delay on HA shields, to make them less of a panic button tool (i also think that the shield should be beefed up in return to make it more effective for planned assaults)

    actually i have been certing up my LA and working towards a safe fall 3 implant, AND while not a whole lot more time i have NC and TR characters that i primary as light assault with (those characters are actually why i began investing in my LA). holy crap, being able to fly makes approaching almost any threat easier.

    i believe the light assault should be made generally a lot more versatile in exchange for making it slightly harder for them to kill heavy vehicles, my proposed changes would result in LA taking maybe half a second to a second longer to kill vehicles to offset the fact that they can FLY. none of the HA shields stop tank rounds.
  8. lawn gnome


    i would think magriders would have a serious advantage on that front with the magburner and the fact that they just tend to move around more in combat.
  9. Copasetic

    Your proposed change was giving the LA 4 half-sticks of C4. Unless you drastically reduce deploy times for them that's going to double the time it takes to blow up a vehicle, from ~4 seconds to ~8 seconds. Conversely I don't see how taking half a second longer to destroy vehicles would change anything.

    Maybe you could explain your idea a bit better because I'm not sure what you're suggesting anymore.
  10. Iridar51

    I guess it has to do with the fact that magriders are locked to looking in only one direction even in 3rd person, and they can shoot and move the same time, so they do that often, and it just takes a lot of concentration.
    Also magriders often use PPA and just park on top of a hill or something, so they piss infantry off, and somebody comes and C4s those tunnel vision rats.
  11. placeholder22

    As usual, I have the perfect and genius solution to the problem:

    Create an alternative to the C4. One that is less frustrating for tankers AND . I'm thinking...

    Thermite charge. Thrown like C4 but without detonator, sticks to vehicles and maxes. 75 Infantry resources. Up to 3 can be carried.

    When the thermite charge lights up after 2 seconds of being thrown, it does continuous damage of 1000 per second over 4 seconds to whatever they are attached to. It's possible to save an MBT if the engineer immediately leaves and start repairing (but the LA is still there, can throw a second charge, can gun the engineer down, etc)

    It will also do continuous AOE damage to nearby infantry and vehicles (500 per second at 0.1m, 1 at 5m), this is a trade off to the ability to repair. It also means it is very ineffective against infantry, as they have plenty of time of running to the side, but it can be used as a brief distraction or area denial tool.

    There will be a hugely visible, bright, blinding light effect and lots of smoke. Anyone who's hit by thermite immediately knows whats going on, and so will anyone around it.

    As Sunderers must not be this easy to take out, since they enable infantry fights, lets just say, blockade armor and shield work very well against it (it can use the same damage type as C4... Sunderer should get a health buff anyways, btw) Anything else should essentially die from 1 charge.

    Rather than getting instagibbed by "C4 out of nowhere", unwary tankers will be given time to save themselves, or their vehicle, or maybe heroically immediately kill the now very noticeable LA and *then* save their vehicle. What it will be most of all is MUCH LESS FRUSTRATING, because as a tanker, you get ample warning, and you can react. Rather than just a sudden death screen without warning. The experience of losing the vehicle (which must happen) will be less frustrating.
    Meanwhile, LAs (and basically, all classes that will have access to it in lieu of C4) have a more efficient, and more reliable tool of dispatching vehicles. C4 isn't fun. Since everything needs 2 bricks, you might as well /suicide after blowing up 1 vehicle, since you are now useless and need to respawn to get new C4 anyways. If you actually have the tools to dispatch multiple vehicles, suiciding (and thus, suicide rushing) is a much less interesting option.
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  12. Dieter Perras

    The problem here is not that C4 is op but that tanks in this game have no suspension and moving over even tiny bumps makes canon jostle to the point where you have to stop moving to shoot. I remember hearing a quote from WW1 that said "mobility is the tanks defense, not its armor" or something like that. But tanks in PS 2 can't use that mobility because the maps are covered in bumps and things to f**** with your aiming.

    well accept for the magrider of course but those things tend to be pretty hard to C4 when they have a competent crew.
  13. lawn gnome

    no it would add just slightly more time onto the detonation. as a C4 aficionado myself i am aware of the time it takes to deploy C4 AND the delay after laying C4 that prevents you from triggering it immediately (which tends to be a large portion of your delay and is why i used to trigger C4 with rockets, but they took that ability away so now i set them off with AV grenades which is unreliable at best). also currently C4 does around 80% damage to tanks SO you would have to lay 3 half charges (120% damage) and then have a spare charge for use against other wounded vehicles or infantry. the only situation where you might need to use all 4 charges is shielded vanguards (of course) and sunderers.

    in reality my suggestion would add about a half second to a second to the kill time.

    i have had plenty of practice with C4, when you look at my weapons list by default C4 is #4 in the list. or you could look at my C4 stats on: i am pretty proud of that, although they have gone down since they nerfed the rocket launchers and made it so my decimator can no longer set off C4 charges with a single indirect hit. don't presume you have anything to teach me about those explosives in this game, i have set them off in every way possible (the lasher is surprisingly difficult to use since C4 charges seem to have WAY more HP than any of the mines).

    a second is a VERY long time when fighting vehicles on foot and giving vehicles that little bit more time to respond would even out the massive advantage that flight confers when using C4. but like i also have said before i think LAs should be given access to most of the specialty grenades INCLUDING the AV grenades which would allow them to solo most sunderers with the right build, BUT since they can fly it should take slightly longer to do. i want to even out the risk associated with vehicle hunting among the different classes, currently LAs have the least risk associated with destroying vehicles due to their enhanced mobility.

    or we could give the other classes some way to make their use of C4 easier (i have no real ideas on that front).
  14. lawn gnome

    with the upgrade on AV grenades making them sticky, that may be enough to at least balance out heavy assault C4 use vs. light assaults. we will have to see, but seeing that in the patch notes has given me lots of hope for the HA as a vehicle hunting class.
  15. Leivve

    wow, 2 week break and this thread is still going strong.
  16. lawn gnome

    she does agree that reading is an important and useful skill, as do most people in the developed world. you should try it some time.
  17. DG-MOD-20

    If you'd like to be able to have discussions on these forums, you'll have to do so constructively and without making personal attacks.

    I'm locking this thread.
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