No Bullet Drop for VS, is it enough?

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  1. LT_Latency

    Why does everyone just look at part of the picture. It shows too much bias.

    TR have RoF and Extended mags.........and lets just totally omit that random horizontal recoil
    NC have High damage..........................and lets just totally omit Low rate of fire.
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  2. Selenadread

    grass is greener on the other side?
  3. MikeyGeeMan

    C'mon guys...

    Have any of you watched theyamiks video on the phase shift. The guy went in a 40 kill streak in the middle of combat. And not running out of ammo ever is a fabulous trait to have.

    And the betelgeuse. Is godlike. Fnkytwn everytime I see goku tags its death by betelguese with am assist by betelgeuse.

    You gotta admit its a good gun if your all using it.
  4. TriumphantJelly

    People go on kill-streaks with the inquisitor. Kill steaks with the TRAP. People go on kill-streaks with the Magrider's "magmower" (only joking about that last one). If you can consistently get 40 kills with a weapon, it's OP, but when a really good player does it, maybe once a month at the most, it's probably OK. And the Phaseshift is *neither* of those.
    Infinite ammo is a great trait to have, if you're not massively penalised for it. Currently, the Phaseshift is a straight downgrade to the Railjack in everything but reserve ammo and *maybe* chamber time (oh, and bullet drop ... Slightly :p).

    The Betelgeuse is a very good weapon in practice because it's traits match well with skill; It is used by people who have Auraxiumed 5 LMGs, so of course the overwhelming majority of those who use it are inherently very skilled with LMGs. It just looks -eh- on paper. Now if you made it a REALLY good gun, on paper, but punished those who know how to use LMGs with it's traits, the Betelgeuse would perform awfully. Essentially, the problem with the Betelgeuse is that it has a very well-adapted trait-set to match skill-sets, and The NC/TR alternatives do not have traits that reward good play.
  5. TriumphantJelly

    Not over here; It's purple :cool:
  6. MAXArmar

    No bullet drop is actually a nice feature on MAX AI weapons, you can sort of snipe with Blueshifts if you fire in bursts and stand still/crouch.