No Bullet Drop for VS, is it enough?

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  1. KoS_Migitz

    apart from the VS scout or battle rifles (where it actually counts) the VS trait of no bullet drop is absolutley useless, think of it, about 98% of ingame infantry engagements are pretty close quarters, the base designs dont really complement our trait. Have you ever thought "wow oh boy im glad i have no bullet drop in this cqc engagement!!!" the other factions weapons wont have drop in those engagements either, so when VS complain about how much worse our weapons are compared to others, dont go saying that no bullet drop is OP because its pretty F'n useless. (yes i know VS have some really good weapons, Eg. Orion, SVA. but doesnt every faction?)

    Could we maybe like brainstorm in the comments section some better traits that are noticeable.
  2. MikeyGeeMan

    Hmm how about directive weapons that don't require ammo.

    Or a sniper rifle that can triple charge.

    Oh you already got those...nothing else needed.

    And the vs are shooting plasma not lasers. Plasma is not light its a state of matter. Like lava, you shoot lava, and gravity has an effect on lava
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  3. Fry_Poncho

    Faster reloads are a trait of VS that I find particularly helpful.
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  4. Goldmonk

    Lava OP! NERF! WHERE'S HIGGLES!?!?!? MR. HIGGLES!!!!!! BRING ME MY HIGGLES!!!!!! *runs off*
  5. Ballto21

    what weapon (aside from the eridani) actually follows this trait, and isnt directly caused by magazine size? By which i mean the CARVs 100 magazine reload is 6.4 seconds short (i think) and the Orions is a 50 round mag and reload is halved to 3.2
  6. Ballto21

    Not sure how well the eclipse and darkstar are performing after the update, but the Eclipse isnt overpowered because infinte ammo, since engineers have infinite ammo anyway LAs are usually with squads or otherwise have access to ammo, same withthe darkstar since medics arent exactly lone wolfy, the beetlejuice, im not really certain that infinite ammo causes it to perform so well instead of it being an orion reskin with minor changes.

    On the Skorpios (SMG) it would be different because infiltrators.

    The phaseshift doesnt triplecharge and its balanced with a long charge time (in sniper time) and 200 meters max OHK range. However i love this weapon and refuse to talk bad about it.
  7. Hatesphere

    lave is not plasma in most cases, it is simply liquid/molten rock. plasma on the other hand tends to act more like a super energized gas in most cases, and it has a magnetic field that can be manipulated to move the plasma around.

    also everything is effected by gravity >_>
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  8. z1967

    reload is balanced around DPM and DPS. The GD-7F has a pitiful DPM compared to the GD-23, but the GD-23 reloads much faster than the GD-7F. Now, DPM does play a big factor in this, but so does DPS (hence why it takes forever to reload a TR carbine, or the Gauss SAW).

    That being said, VS could use a blanket mag size buff for all of their non-CQC 143/30 weapons by about 5 rounds or so. Hardly game breaking and it would be a needed change.
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  9. Ballto21

    yes but the DPS of the orion is the exact same as the carv, and the dpm of the orion is exactly half, and the reload is exactly half

    the guy i originally replied to said vs had faster reloads, and im asking for weapons that do that arent because of normal reload time balancing
  10. TerminalT6

    Going back to the OP...

    NC is high damage, TR is high ROF. VS is in the middle. While the middle isn't a bad choice, it's kind of boring. For that reason, SOE tacked on a few traits to certain VS weapons to make them more interesting. No Bullet Drop is one of those traits. Less recoil/higher accuracy is another one of those traits. So is .75 ADS LMGs. Not saying these are applied to all VS guns, not by any means. Not saying they're OP or UP, either. They exist to make VS less boring, from a strictly statistical view.

    I read in that interview thread that VS only exists because of Higby. Been playing Planetside 2 for years, so three factions feels like a necessity of the game's identity to me. But at the same time, it would be so much easier to make only 2 factions unique and special.
  11. omfgweeee

    ok i'm done! every day some morron make vanu ip or vanu traif useless. for every thread like this i will create vanu are op thread to balance the propaganda!
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  12. Moonheart

    This is a topic that has been raised a hundred time already..

    1- TR/NC are persuaded that the no-drop trait is currently useful and whinning about since ages

    2- This belief doesn't match at all the results of VS weapons, who, for the most part of them (let's set aside the special case of Orion) despite of having the no-drop trait, currently underperform compared to the TR/NC equivalants, statistical numbers have a proof

    3- VS soldiers understand why quite easily: on the battlefield, situations where you engage people at a distance where the drop is noticeable are a vast minority, and at this distance, the main problem is not the bullet drop but the recoil of the weapon and the CoF spread, becoming so important that the bullet drop is NOTHING to address while firing at those distances compared to those two aspects... knowing that bolt-action weapons that are unaffected by them don't get the no-drop trait anyway

    4- This lead to a simple situation where VS, for the most part, wouldn't care at all if that trait would be removed from all their weapons, or given for free to TR/NC, only for the sake to stop them whine about it, considering how few we care about it... the only VS opposing this being people that feel sad to think we would loss a "faction trait" just because people are always, whinning about thing they don't have a clue about, nor care to check with real result numbers.

    5- Despite of it, you cannot open a thread about this trait without some TR/NC opposing strongly about it and opposing arguments that have nothing to do with no drop, and drowning any intelligible debate about this thread under not-related concern and VS-hating cries.

    This is leading nowhere, this never have led anywhere and this will never, just because most TR/NC don't even take a look at statistics before opposing everything a VS player write post on this forum.
  13. MikeyGeeMan


    Here's some stats to chew on, sort by a kdr and you will see your shenanigans.

    Betelgeuse has a nice kdr, as well as the darkstar.

    I don't see where the vs weapons are up or need anything else.

    And I play all 3 factions , so yes I have seen first hand the benefits of vs weapons.

    And as several high ranking vs players have already stated vs is already very good with minor tweaks needed....minor.

    So what kind of data will you use to support your claims?

    So far the only person to supply data in this thread is me....
  14. hostilechild

    All i can say is i much prefer the no recoil no cof of VS weapons over NC/TR (haha ok not 0 but dam it feels like it). Yesterday as VS engi with a serpent i pulled a 6.5 KD over a 2hr period, which included the majority of my deaths coming from ******* VS that just don't like my NC outfit and roadkill, spawn killed me.
    Meanwhile on my NC i meaked out a 2.0KD for the day barely, thanks to some max play.

    Is it the weapons? somewhat, but some is simply VS harder to see NC easier to see and i swear run straight at me when i am VS. Maybe they don't see me(black camo at night, or desert when fight NC) :eek: Some of the VS that teamkilled me thought i was NC.

    So want black camo for my NC engi see if VS newbs think i am VS on my NC :D

    VS faction trait is simply sci-fi look and feel. NC faction trait of shotguns all have, we do have hard hitting, but every hard hitting has a recoil and COF that is horrible and to me the worst in class (unless you got a nice no recoil/no cof hack/macro).
  15. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you always can swap to "better faction"
  16. St0mpy

    those annoying clip distance ppa lamers must be using all their skills of aiming then xD
  17. _itg

    Keep in mind you only give up about 30m/s of muzzle velocity for the no-drop trait. That's how they balance it on the vast majority of fake-ES weapons, like the semi-auto scouts. So, yeah, you don't get much out of the no-drop trait, but you don't sacrifice much for it, either.
  18. FnkyTwn


    You mean a sniper rifle that HAS to charge up to be effective under 200m, and beyond 200m you need to hit the target twice, while also managing your breathing and cloaking, oh, and it fires on 'release' and has the slowest bullet velocity IN THE WORLD.

    The PhaseShift is tied with the TRAP for uselessness. The RailJack is twice as loved as the PhaseShift and TRAP combined. There's a reason you see countless <BR10 NC running around with the RailJack, and the RailJack essentially also has No Bullet Drop due to it's railgun-like velocity.

    Don't get me started Mikey!

    Overall the VS trait should probably be converted to faster reloads, which does play into the Heat mechanic.... since they're both technically fast reloads.
  19. FnkyTwn

    The Eclipse was accidentally left out on the latest update, so we don't know yet. I do know that the BattleGoose is a better system now, and I hope when they do update the Eclipse they give it at least 5 more bullets if not more. It's one of the least accurate VS Carbines, with a lackluster RoF. It doesn't win you 1v1s, and while the heat mechanic is indeed nice, it's also nice to not die constantly. Currently the Eclipse does have a super-fast reload, but that doesn't help much when the other gun hasn't run out of bullets.

    The way the BG was, and the Eclipse is, is that if you overheat the gun it locks up until you reload it. So if you overheat it and switch to pistol, the heat doesn't dissipate. If you run around for 10 minutes with your pistol, you've still gotta go reload your main gun, which is kinda silly. The BG is a smoother system now and it's more forgiving. Previously you'd have to constantly run the weapon dry due to a lack of bullets per clip (before overheat).
  20. The_Blazing

    Unlimited ammo for infantry bullet wepaons is possibly the only trait that is even more useless than no bullet drop.

    I'd like them to give the heat-based guns limited ammo just so that people will stop going all like "OMG but VS got infinite ammo, that's soooo OP!".