No Bullet Drop for VS, is it enough?

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  1. Goretzu

    Well the EM1 is probably the worst NC LMG (and least NC-like LMG), but it is not terrible and is fairly controllable with relatively undisciplined fire - although most have asked for the EM6 or GD-22s to be the NC newbie LMG since... well beta basically.
  2. Moonheart

    Why debate about weapon stats when we have accurate killing statistics in this game?
    => Out of the 3, the Orion is the best starting LMG. Period.

    Now, what is important to note, it is only for "starters". If you look a bit farther, on the global, long term scale, this is different:
    => While the Orion is a good starting weapon, it fail to compete in any way with TR/NC later weapon. So complain about it is completly short-sighted from TR/NC soldiers. Players will, on the long run, use their later weapon a hundred times more than their starting weapon.

    Now, let's see the static of the game later:
    => VS SVA-88 and NC LA1-Anchor are pretty much balanced. But on the TR side, there is no LMG that can achieve such resultats (the MSW-R shown here is on par with two other TR LMG, but there is nothing superior)

    That's funny to see how much TRs are screwed up against the Anchor and the SVA-88, and neverless keep focus on the stupid, short-term, minority game aspect of the Orion, following the NC trend that are not enough with going "easy mode" on the TR with their Anchor but would also like to rule the beginning of the game by killng the Orion.
  3. Taemien

    Good question. I wasn't debating weapon stats, I was only using a handful as an example:

    I -could- show how the NC6 Gauss SAW is the best LMG in the game when used in a certain way, but I didn't go that far as it would derail the subject at hand. The OP is going on about one faction trait and I'm merely showing there is literally a dozen faction traits per faction. You can't speak about one inside a vacuum.
  4. CorporationUSA

    If you need larger mag sizes, then I can't help you. See how that works?
  5. Nemetis

    For the new players Vanu is the best faction..
    For experienced, the worst!

    Simple as that.
  6. Ballto21

    Larger magazines help newer players survive longer, being more forgiving for missing.

    Larger magazines for more skilled players mean more kills per reload. Example, solstice VE3 has 143 damage per bullet. At a 30 round magazine, thats 4.2 kills maximum assuming all hit in the chest of people at 10m. The trac 5, at the same damage model, has 5.7 kills before needing to reload on the same assumptions.
  7. Ballto21

    back this up
  8. CorporationUSA

    It's meaningless when you have more horizontal recoil, and it's a crap trait compared infinite ammo, night camo, and no bullet drop.
  9. Ballto21

    >Eclipse and Darkstar are terrible
    >Beetlejuice is eh, i personally wouldnt take it over an orion
    >Implying bulletdrop matters on any class except infiltrator at normal infantry engagement range. At 50-80m, aiming right on the head will still be a headshot on almost any non suppressed weapons except maybe some SMGs. If youre engaging at 100m and are not an infiltrator, nothing can help you.
    >Night camo worthless during the day, TR are equally dark at night for the most part, especially on esamir and indar. Red accents are too small to see at ranges camo helps.
    >Forward grip, problem solved. Also lets just ignore the Orion has a 0.13 HIGHER horizontal jitter than the Carv.
  10. Thovargh

    Did you ever look at the KPH stats your 'eh' Betelgeuse rakes in?
    That thing scores almost 50% higher than any other LMG
  11. Jovisfulmina

    An LMG used only by auraxium masters does more kill on average than an lmg used by every noob and his grandma ?
    Color me surprised ! Who would have known ?
  12. Ballto21

    With very limited usage because of close to 6k kills needed to get it, used only by veteran heavies, not surprised.

    Id take my attachments and larger magazine over no ammo needed any day.
  13. Thovargh

    Yeah and I'm sure the same happens to the butcher and godsaw. Oh wait, it doesn't.
    Or the difference vanishes when you only take people with br75+ into account. Nope, still miles above.
  14. Lesbiotic

    I am curious if you are coming to these conclusions from just looking at them on paper or if you are actually using the guns.

    Saying things like the orion having a bigger magazine than betelgeuse being an advantage, when you would need to pretty much full auto the entire mag for that to be the case. The pause for cooling down is very short and typical engagements you will get much more ammo "per mag" out of a heat gun than a regular magazine, even before todays buff. It can also be mentioned that these guns cool down when not equipped so it will be very rare you will be caught "with your pants down" unless you are reloading your pistol.

    While I don't completely disagree with you on the orion being a perfectly viable, and even superior option in some situations, and darkstar not being the best in every situation, it does confuse me how you are drawing some of your conclusions. Having recently unlocked darkstar, "Terrible" is not a word I would use to describe it at all. I cannot speak for eclipse.

    I don't really want to start an argument over these little things but it would be nice to know where you are coming from if you're going to be throwing around such strong opinions. I found it almost amusing how much you love the phaseshift yet hate on the other heat guns so much.

    I would also like to point out, for the guy you were replying to, VS directive guns aren't exactly available to new players :p
  15. Ballto21

    I dont own the directive guns (yet) but based on what everybody who does use them is saying about them and recorded accounts of their use the eclipse and darkstar are direct downgrades to other ARs and carbines.

    The beetinkler in my opinion, this is just my opinion, its very situationally better than the orion, as you would ned to go on a 44 killstreak almost every like to make maximum use out of infinite ammo over using the orion with ammo belts, or miss so often Stormtroopers would call you a bad shot. Sure its nice that you dont absolutely have to reload, but it seems that stopping shooting for three seconds is not that big a deal, especially looking at the sirius (my favourite VS gun, phaseshift very close second) with its something like 2.7 second short reload and the orions 3.2 second reload not being terrible.
  16. Mxiter

    VS have the least strong traits and the least strong drawback that come with.

    VS drawbacks:
    -Smaller mags (car/ARs)
    -Higher first shot multiplier

    VS pros:
    -Fastest reload
    -No drop
    -Lower recoil
    -0.75ads move mult-high RPM LMGs.
  17. Lesbiotic

    Fair enough and thanks for the honest reply, but I need not remind you that practically everyone hates your beloved phaseshift as well :p Perhaps your opinions will change once you have and use the guns.

    In regards to the thread topic, I recently finished the VS AR directive and noticed no difference when auraxiuming the NS11 when it comes to drop, and I suffered no ACC or HSR loss compared to my other VS weapons. If you are trying to get headshots at 100m+ with an AR/carbine I recommend not using a suppressor.

    I have characters on all factions and have never once thought of the vanu "slower bullet but no drop" trait as an advantage except for when slug shotguns were first added. At the same time, I don't really care if it is changed or not considering how little of an impact it makes.
  18. CorporationUSA

    >Your preference for guns is irrelevant.
    >Bullet drop is a thing for 2 out of 3 factions(save for a few VS exceptions) and infantry renders well outside of 80m. The range at which you choose to engage is irrelevant.
    >TR camo doesn't even come close. There are some that can be bought which are much better than the default camos at night, but why should the majority of VS players have access to the best night camo for free?
    >Let's do that :p
  19. Prudentia

    so infinite ammo is a VS main trait? ok, then i want it on atleast 50% of our weapons like the TR have 40 bullet mags on almost all weapons and NC have heaps of 167 and 200damage weapons
  20. moriarrr-ceres

    If we had less vertical recoil (first shot multiplier) maybe we could rivalise with some NC long range weapons. IMO velocity/bullet speed>>>>bullet drop. And also our weapons do less damage at this range. I can finish by the fact we have very few good long range options (pulsar C, corvus, flare , that all). The crazy first shot multiplier on somme weapons make them uncontrollable at distance, even with a compensator equipped (and strangely with have some godlike accurate jewells, ex: terminus,zenith, more accurate than some long range options...)