No Bullet Drop for VS, is it enough?

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  1. Ruchalus

    TR have extended ammo and RoF, NC has high damage, we of the VS get no bullet drop. To those of the VS, is it enough for you or would you prefer something else? Those outside the VS, what are your thoughts on the matter?

  2. sustainedfire

    Its enough.

    VS is easy. Fire and forget. No need to keep hosing down extra lower damage bullets, or be precise ADS like NC. Just point and click at the enemies direction.
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  3. RemingtonV

    The bullet drop is the best trait. When in close range, the high mags of the TR and the power of the NC doesnt matter too much. (as long as you can aim). when it range, it allows players to hit their enemy WELL before the enemy gets them in range, allowing VS players to tear them up before they get close. I play on all teams and I find VS the easiest to get kills with.
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  4. CorporationUSA

    Yeah, it's enough. I don't think it's the best trait, but let's not forget that the VS also have the best night camo, and the only weapons with infinite ammo(if you're willing to work for them, save for the Phaseshift). The TR trait is pretty bad though. They could definitely use something better than higher mag sizes.
  5. zombielores

    You don't really lose anything for it, something like 30-50 m/s on velocity for weapons > 400 m/s velocity which you won't notice anyway.

    You also don't realize the trade offs that are made, Higher Damage means lower RoF and Higher RoF means lower damage/controlability.

    For weapon traits vs balance, there should be a trade off for every trait, the more important it is, the more you should sacrifice for it. So No Bullet Drop cannot have a high significant impact if we're going to keep it's low penalties.
  6. Pat22

    I wish the mythical "faster reloads" came into play more to make up for the lack of DPMag on pretty much all VS 30-round guns.
  7. Rabbitz

    It's nice on hard-hitting long-range weapon.
    It's too good, so they had to introduced a bullet drop on VS sniper rifle and a shotgun slug long time ago.

    Only battle rifle and semi-auto scout rifle still have a full advantage of it.

    So, no bullet drop is OK for me. But I'd love to see something more from wacky energy base VS weapon.

    Maybe a special ammunition upgrade on some gun that increased a bullet size but severely reduced speed, don't explode on contract and dissipating on a certain distance.
    Basically, it turned some guns into something like K-Volt from Crysis series.
  8. ColonelChingles

    The VS don't get drop-free projectiles where it counts (most sniper rifles).

    The NC don't get the highest damage-per-shot weapons where it counts (sidearms, sniper rifles, and shotguns).

    The TR don't get the largest magazine where it counts (LMGs).

    So... what faction flavor?
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  9. Keldrath

    It makes 0 difference. It's completely unnoticeable in any range where infantry combat actually takes place.
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  10. Ballto21

    No, its pretty pointless of every weapon except the Specter, Phantom, Eidolon, Phaseshift and Semi auto scout rifle.
    One of these things is not like the other
    One of these things arent on the infiltrator!
    Infiltrator is the only class that can make any use out of no bullet drop and having it only on certain weapons kind of makes it pointless.

    Most infantry engagements happen within 75 meters. Unless your weapon is suppressed, drop wont really matter that much. Dead center aim, not accounting for bloom, will still hit the head if you aim dead center on the head. With suppressed weapons, there is a very slight advantage, but id say most weapons that ever get suppressed are CQC weapons like carbines and SMGs anyway, at which point youd be engaging within 15-40 meters, at which point drop still isnt affected that much.

    Honestly if the devs ninja removed it almost nobody would notice for a long while.
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  11. Ballto21

    Well you have a 200 damage model for every weapon type. Jackhammer counts as a shotgun i think.
    Extended ammo anywhere is a good thing. Its why i prefer the TR light assault than the VS one, 40 round mags mean more kills before a reload.
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  12. Ballto21

    The darkstar and eclipse are garbage. Theyre bad variants of the Eridani in all honesty. Bacontomato is ok, but if i had it i probably wouldnt use it except to auraxium it.

    <3 phaseshift

    If you cant find use out of bigger magazines, then uh, cant help you. Sorry.
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  13. Ballto21

    At 75 meters (longest range most infantry engage at) if you are aiming at a target standing still and have trigger discipline the bullet drop will amount to so little you will still count it as a headshot.

    As for suppressed weapons, well i usually only see SMGs and Carbines suppressed, even when i fight the VS. And those weapons are bad a longer ranges anyway
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  14. Ballto21

    With a higher damage dropoff rate at medium-longer ranges you need to hose down more bullets anyway. Also the horizontal recoil on many of your weapons is insane
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  15. Ruchalus

    What if we were to lose the whole no bullet drop yet gain better muzzle velocity? What are your thoughts on that?
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  16. Ballto21

    It would need to be a buff of 60 or more to every weapon that currently has less than 400 M/S velocity. At least 100 to make a noticeable difference on drop,
  17. Prudentia

    fun fact:
    velocity is only slower on cloned weapons with no bullet drop
    on normal weapons VS have somwhere between a whooping 5 to 10 m/s more than their NC/TR counterparts :eek:
  18. Bonom Denej

    I was one of the people saying that no bullet drop was pointless. But then, I started using the Ursa at some long ranges and damn, is it easy to score headshots that way.

    Of course this is a very specific situation, but it's the first time I was like "wow, so no bullet drop CAN have an impact".
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  19. Prudentia

    these kind of posts always make me think something is wrong with my game :confused:
    even if i single shot at afk enemies the Ursa is less accurate for me than the last shot of a 10 round flare burst :oops:
  20. Goretzu

    JH is probably the only weapon where it really counts, but really the JH shines in flexibility, it is really not more powerful than the tight choke semi-autos in single shot mode and the PA/Auto shotguns in triple-shot mode..... its strength is that it can be both. Where the VS and to a lesser degree TR get something that is different to anything else for their heavy weapon (which isn't to say better or more useful, as such, but the TR and NC have nothing that really does what a Lasher can do, for example, and whilst the NC and VS have weapons that can come close to the MCG nothing really does what it can do in the right circumstances).

    The 200 DPB weapons are a bit meh to be honest, the NC6 SAW is probably the best long range LMG in the game (although not be that much), but by the range it outshines other LMGs you'd be better off with something else anyway (which is why so many NC LMGs outperform it), and you'll do better with a CQB/medium range LMG over all, the others are 6 and 2x3 with comparable weapons (NC or otherwise). There's no real inherent advantage in any high damage weapon if it isn't capable of a 1 shot (or at least a 2 shot), certainly when comparing 167 and 200 DPB weapons.

    TR's extra ammo in Carbines is certainly useful (and shows in their performance stats), but is pretty much balanced and does add some nice factional flavour.

    Also I think maybe you're over looking that many of the VS weapons are balanced to be quite forgiving and easy to use too.