[Suggestion] No Building Zone needs to be reduced!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RiP0k, Dec 22, 2023.

  1. RiP0k

    It is also necessary to make higher maximum points for placing structures on most buildings.

    With the current buildings you need to have a flat, large area to build anything sane. There is almost nowhere to build, except in those places that will never see any fighting.
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  2. Droidverizer

    I agree with this, since patch nobody can place anything anymore!
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  3. VV4LL3

    I feel like they should also remove the flail restrictions and allow flailing of bases.
  4. Liewec123

    i agree with a lot of your ideas, but this would be dreadful,
    flail is already ridiculously OP and obnoxious, bringing that to basefights would just SUCK.
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  5. VV4LL3

    I appreciate the feedback! My rationale is how MOST fights take place around bases, which severely limit the flail to other player made bases and the occasional armor column that is within range.

    So the primary concern is that an orbital is usable at a base, but not the flail etc... ? Perhaps if it were more usable outside of those situations, it would provide more incentive for people to defend a base that does not have an orbital uplink.
  6. Roo_Original

    +1 on reducing No Deploy Zone sizes, +1 on increasing the gap on "high" and "low" arrows to accommodate more build options and locations. Please also reduce the distance at which each object can sit next to each other. We want air tight walls. You gave us blast walls for a good reason, so infantry can still pass through, as well as infantry tunnels, but we cannot close the gaps between our walls and structures because of the restrictions. Each building needs to be altered slightly.

    We also need added repair bonus on the repair module. I would say 1.5% for standard and 3% for heavy repair lasting 90 seconds.
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  7. Roo_Original

    I want to be able to create a "main entrance" to the base. We can never block it off entirely due to the vehicles needing to move in and out, therefore infantry will ALWAYS be able to get in, but I want it to be from the direction that I dictate and not through tiny gaps I cannot possibly close with any structure.
  8. KhlorosTesero

    Hot take, just remove building, its a horrible mechanic that does not promote good or engaging game play. It only promotes the most annoying and miserable experiences humanly possible with it.
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  9. RiP0k

    This is an interesting mechanic just not brought to mind by DEV. Outpost hexes are garbage. Artillery is garbage. The survivability of the fortifications is also rubbish; no one will hide behind cardboard from rocket shots. This system either needs to be changed to the type of extensions to existing bases, or given special areas for construction in which buildings will be indestructible as long as there is Silo.
  10. Tycoh

    What flail needs to bring it down to practical and balanced levels is to greatly reduce its fire rate to a crawl and reduce its accuracy significantly, or the other way around and keep its accuracy and fire rate but greatly reduce its splash damage.