No 2x Reflex...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GrymMSK, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. GrymMSK

    Ok so the Zenith did not change and add in a 2x reflex, but I also noticed that the Serpent no longer has one either, or am I just imagining it was there before? The Vx6-7 doesn't either actually, but I seem to recall it already like this.
  2. Thurwell

    Serpent never had 2x reflex. PS2 is weirdly stingy with the 2x sight, should just be available on all guns.
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  3. GrymMSK

    Huh, I never noticed that before. I don't understand why these guns do not have it. Same goes for the Jag and the T16. Those are the guns that can benefit the most from them, but somehow Auraxians can't figure out how to slide them on...
  4. kadney

    Did the Cougar get a 2x RFS in the end?
  5. Thostbog

    Auraxians also like flashing disco lights on their infantry mines. Weird people.
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  6. GrymMSK

    Yeah the cougar has one which is good. Feels really bouncy though, more so than the pulsar C, but that might be the higher ROF talking? Either way its good that the TR have something a bit more damaging now, though I like the AMC, its like a laser.