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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Jaamaw, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Jaamaw

    Community Clash Preseason game is coming up! Join now!
  2. VSDerp

    Bump if you haven't checked out the CC preseason game out here is a link:
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  3. Wisdomcube2

    If you want to sit in an aircraft all day with 50% server pop and lib bomb the underpopped factions, look no further. NNG is for you!
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  4. VSDerp

    haha <3 we playing TR soon for 2 weeks btw!
  5. Wisdomcube2

    Idk why you guys do the random faction switches for 2 weeks. But they need it so i'm not going to complain.
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  6. VSDerp

    switch it up cube
  7. Jaamaw

    Is some one crying tears of infinite saltiness? lol :p

    TR begged us to come over cuz they need some help against DaPP.
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  8. warfighter926

    lol Dapp :)
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  9. AdamPA1006

    Hey Im Mattherson TR and have been in a handful of battles against you guys and have been really impressed. Sadly I was part of a zerg so you guys got outpopped but very impressive.
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  10. VSDerp

    thanks man but we will be playing TR soon so we can help the TR out a little bit.
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  11. gregfox89

    Yes I am so psyched to play TR!
    My TR character is so lonely, I don't have people to play with and AOD platoons make my head hurt...
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  12. VSDerp

    let's help these TR to victory!
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  13. Jaamaw

    Have been featured 4 TIMES in MLG Report play of the week!

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  14. VSDerp

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  15. Herby20

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  16. VSDerp

    herpy<3 lol
  17. Coltorl

    Sorry if this seems weird/invasive/random but...
    I checked out your forums out of pure boredom and saw a recent thread here:

    Most of the guns are pretty spot on, but I have an issue with the LMGs
    For the first Short-Mid range category I think it should be relabeled to "Variety of Attachments" or something along the lines and have the T16 taken out of that list and add the T9-CarvS
    For the Second Short-Mid Range category the EM1,Polaris, and Buill should be added as they are the low recoil 143/652 rpm weapon models.
    For the short range category it should be Anchor/Pulsar/MSW-R
    The Long Range category is a bit iffy, I wouldn't recommend any LMG to be used pass 100 meters tbh, but the GD22S,Ursa and Rhino can be in the list, as they are also low recoil weapons that can perform well at such a range.

    Sorry, again for my snooping, just want to help you guys out if you want it.

    Also the guy who made the list didn't include pellet count for NC max's
    Scatter Cannon 130x6
    Grinder 130x6
    Hacksaw 125x6
    Mattock 112x6

    categories are correct.
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  18. VSDerp

    np thanks man. :D
  19. Jaamaw

    No worries what so ever! Thanks for the help!!

    How did you like the site?
  20. Coltorl

    Extremely well done, props to the designer. It's reminds me a lot of this forum in design and layout (maybe because it's the same software?) But your's was obviously much more optimized and easier to look at.
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