NMG vs Resist shield

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Posse, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Posse

    So... what's the better option considering I have Nanoweave 4 (and I'll eventually get Nanoweave 5) and I usually activate it just before firing the first shot?
  2. TheBloodEagle

    Resist. Nanoweave 5 + Resist are the best combo.
    But the rest of the levels on Resist I believe is still bugged from what other people have mentioned.
  3. Posse

    So I should only be getting the first level of resist right?
  4. MrDerpAssault

    Resist shield + Nanoweave + CQC weapon (Shotgun or sub machinegun) = Domination in CQC ;)
  5. Highway_Star

    What is the deal with nanite mesh? It only seems to give me about 1 or 2 bullets of extra health. It real terms you're getting killed either way, the recharge rate is far too long too.
  6. carbonite

    The problem with Resist Shield is the simple fact, that it doesn't feel right, and it just doesn't work beyond the first certification currently. However, if you do cert into it, only get the first certifications and to be honest - don't utilize it in CQC. If you are gonna roll CQC with a quick TTK gun like a Shotgun or SMG utilize Adrenaline Shield. The fact that you will be netting kills will help keep the over-shield up and recharging, allowing you to go on more sprees.
  7. RHINO_Mk.II

    You say you mostly activate it before getting hit. But in those circumstances where you knew when you were going to get hit, wouldn't you have won the fight straight up without it? Whereas the NMG and adrenaline shield give you a fighting chance when you get hit first because you didn't know where the shots were going to come from.
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  8. Posse

    I activate it at the same moment I fire the first shot, that's what I meant, it's already a reflex, not something I do consciously though (I started doing it when fighting 1v2, but now I just do it everytime)
  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    My point is this: If you are firing at him first, or you know where he is, shouldn't you be winning the fight anyways? The Resist Shield will just let you have a bit more health remaining at the end of it. If you get surprised with the resist shield equipped, but not active, its basically worthless. If you get surprised with NMG or Adrenaline, it still is 100% effective, allowing you to turn a fight that you might have lost into a win.
  10. Posse

    Oh, I see your point now, I understand, if it's that way I'll stay with NMG for the time being, it seems more versatile.
  11. Flashtirade

    The problem I have with NMG is that it's basically only good for one fight. Unless you happen to be fighting close to friendly terminals or you have a lot of down time between engagements, it's a single-use thing until you spend a bunch of certs speeding up that regen. The resist shield comes back hella quick and it works well with the advanced shield capacitor, since your personal shields are effectively half your total health. Upgrades for it are still bugged, but shield can last you an engagement and then be back by the time you need it again.
  12. Tarrick

    Someone actually uses advanced shield capacitor? I tried it in beta and it just doesn't reduce the recharge by enough to be able to use as a tactical advantage, in my opinion. Additionally, if you're going to use the Resist Shield, then you're definitely going to want to go with Nanoweave Armor. Resist Shield is a health multiplier, so it will multiply the effect of Nanoweave Armor. On that same note, you need to be activating as early in a fight as possible. It's great to use before going around corners where you think you might take fire because you will be getting full use of it. Nanite Mesh Generator, on the other hand, is a static buffer and will have the same effect regardless of health level. I personally prefer NMG because it can still save your butt when you get jumped whereas Resist Shield is far less likely to do so.
  13. Blitzkrieg

    Comes down to personal Taste. They are both effective in their own way.

    Resist shield has more up time and gets better with more HP, so nanoweave 5 is a winner.
    NMG is better as a reflex to activate after being engaged. It's also better at keeping you alive from explosions and also dropping from hights.

    Comes down what what ever you prefer.
  14. Dinapuff

    resist is only best when activated before you take any shots. (because its static resistance).
    Nanite mesh is good when activated inside combat. (because it acts like a reactive shield).

    currently the latter ranks of resist shield is bugged so use nanite mesh or adrenaline rush if you don't want to deal with that.
  15. Armchair

    Resist + flak armor = immune to boom.
  16. LT_Latency

    Resist + Nano + medic healing you ???
  17. SpaceKing

    2X medic = poor man's MAX

    adren shield + 2 medics = godmode
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  18. LT_Latency

    Wouldn't it be harder to time the shield uses??? You have to pop it just before you die so the medics actual have damage to heal while your shield is up,
  19. Hypersot

    wait. adren shield is the shield that recharges itself when you kill enemies right? that means you need to be in the thickest of battle...

    will those poor medics survive? :D
  20. TeknoBug

    Resist with flak 4 or 5, you only lose 2 small bars of shield if you take grenade/mine damage when you have shield turned on. It's that good.