Night vision is useless and Thermal is too expensive.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RX530SS, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. YamiNoTenshi

    Lifetime score per hour, you forget that we didn't get any extra XP from alerts, ribbons or menace kills for the first couple of months, it's not hard getting 200/h with all the extra XP you get from those rewards, please try again.
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  2. huller

    He also forgot about the increase in tank destruction kills, and the countless hours we all spent AFK in game (some far more than other to play forumside :rolleyes:)

    Myself, I am sitting on a pile of 38 062 certfification points well spent.
  3. YamiNoTenshi

    190 certs/hour on my NC toon with 90% time spent in a Vortek/fuelpod reaver, it's indeed impossible to gain 200/h.

    We can't really blame him, he's only been here for about a month so he missed the dark ages when we didn't get any free certs :p
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  4. Dethfield

    Maybe thermal costs a bit too much, but remember what it was like before the update? Thermal was just a waste of certs because it did pretty much the same thing as NV, but was 4x the cost. The better contrast wasnt much good since enemies in NV were still fairly easy to see. I know i sure as hell never needed thermal in my vehicles when i had the NV like it was.

    It probably should have been this way from day 1, tbh.
  5. illgot

    Does Vehicle NV actually highlight light reflections or is it now just a green screen? I am not sure if the glowing lights on mines actually glows brighter with NV or if any lights glow brighter.
  6. KillSwitchWes

    I agree! Now I have to replace most of the optics on my vehicle weapons because NV is USELESS and has very little effect because night time does not really get dark enough to need it. If they went back to having night like it was in alpha/beta than this would be a slightly different story...

    My take on it:
    Night vision should still highlight everything like it used to but to a greatly reduced effect.
    Thermal is good where it is at cert wise, NV how it was seemed to be too cheap given the advantage it gave, especially over thermal.
  7. Salganos

    I can't even find mention of the highlighting being removed from NV in the patch notes. It makes sense, but it also makes the whole scope sway thing even more ******** than I thought. Totally unnecessary to make it arbitrarily sway when its strongest feature has been removed in favor of avoiding redundancy.

    Thermal does seem rather expensive for an attachment. But if SOE lowers the price, those who already bought it will likely feel shafted. Not as badly as some may have with the MAX weapon price drops, but still...
  8. Vakur

    We wouldn't have this issue (NV/therm/flashlight being useless compared to cert cost) if we still had Beta nights.
    Currently nights are just cloudy days, you're still able to see everything just fine.
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  9. Salganos

    I would like dark nights. The flashlight might not be a complete joke then.
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  10. Guadoc

    I read this and thought "What the ..." then my eyes scrolled left and, what a surprise, a Vanu player. Try it when your opponents don't have bright yellow stuff on their armour. Vanu are significantly more difficult to see at night than the other factions.
  11. HMR85

    Flawed argument for all the reasons that have been brought up above. Keep trying though.
  12. TrainerS2

    I am agree with you my friend :D
  13. Vakur

    You obviously did not participate in the Beta, where everything was pitch black and even armor color wasn't an issue. And no, I mostly play TR these days. All infantry should be hard to spot at night, thus creating a need for attachments like NV and flashlights. In Beta that was the case, NC VS and TR were basically equally hard to see.

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  14. Salganos

    Maybe SOE could make the teal parts slightly brighter?

    I find my allies no harder to see in the dark than anyone else most of the time. The dull grays on the default texture are probably as much a problem as the colors though. Have you seen anyone from VS with the Loyal Soldier camo running around? The contrast looks stronger, despite the grays being darker. Might be good for research.
  15. Salganos

    That ... is very dark.
  16. Vakur

    It is realistic however as artificial light sources on Auraxis are rare. It would also fix NV and flashlights being absolutely useless and maybe NC babbies would finally stop whining about 2hard2see enemies/being too easy to spot (even though I don't see the issue in the first place).
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  17. ent|ty

    Don't change it now, I spent 200 Certs on it. It's a must have for ESF.
  18. RasFW

    According to your signature for average xp/min, you only acquire 80.16 certs per hour.
  19. KillSwitchWes

    We are talking about the vehicle versions, not the IRNV scope mounted on infantry guns... That one still highlights everything.
  20. RasFW

    Let me translate: