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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    Test Server is now available with the updates below.
    Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:

    The first match of Outfit Wars is just around the corner, and this weekend we'll be hosting a very abbreviated test run for anyone looking to explore the new Nexus battle island before match time.

    On the Public Test Server, we'll be holding a short Outfit War with the timeline as follows:
    Friday, 4:00pm PT (1:00am CEST) - Enlistment Opens
    Saturday, 11:00am PT (8:00pm CEST) - Enlistment Ends, Qualifier Match Begins
    Saturday, 12:30pm PT (9:30pm CEST) - Playoffs Match (top 4 Outfits)
    Saturday, 2:00pm PT (11:00pm CEST) - Championship Match (top 4 Outfits)

    Enlistment - For this test war, we'll require that an Outfit has at least 5 members to activate enlistment, as well as 5 to sign up. We encourage active Outfits on Test to enable recruitment and auto-join functionality, and make sure that new recruits have permissions capable of joining Outfit Wars.

    Qualifiers - This single match time will encompass all of the teams who've signed up to participate. This is your main chance to test Nexus prior to its arrival.

    Playoffs - The top four highest-rated teams will continue on to the Playoffs. However, without more Qualifier matches leading up to this point, take the Playoff matchups with a grain of salt, as scores will be extremely volatile.

    Championships - Similar to the above, the Playoff matchups will face off again in the Championship to determine the overall "winners" for this event. This should be viewed more as a test of the phases and event structure than anything else, however.

    Known Issues
    • War Assets can't currently be used by any team that doesn't fall into the right "faction colors" ie. NC can only use War Assets while on Team Omega (Blue Team), TR can only use War Assets while on Team Alpha (Red Team.)
    • We're still working to refine the HUD tinting mechanics.

    New Empire-Specific Cannons
    New Empire Specific Main Battle Tank and Lightning Tank main cannons are making their way to the Public Test Server. These weapons are currently a work-in-progress in terms of audio, visuals, and statistics.

    New Conglomerate
    • The JGX12 (Vanguard) and JGX11 (Lightning) turrets function similar to artillery, with better turret elevation, made for lobbing anti-armor explosives. With a heavy projectile arc, the high skill ceiling is repaid with some of the best single-shot anti-vehicle damage in the arsenal.
    Vanu Sovereignty
    • The Perihelion VXC (Magrider) and Perihelion L-VXC (Lightning), similar to their Aphelion counter-part fires a crescent wave that slices through infantry and is unaffected by gravity. In contrast, the VXC is an anti-vehicle weapon with a single fire and fast reload.
    Terran Republic
    • The P4-120 Kingsnake (Prowler) and L2-100 Kingsnake (Lightning) fire a 4-shell and 2-shell burst respectively, peppering an area with high-impact anti-vehicle shells. At close to mid-range, the Kingsnake rewards users with some of the highest damage output in the game.
    Nanite Systems Operatives
    • The Larion PPC (Chimera) and the Larion LPPC (Lightning) are particle projection cannons that fire a lance of light, piercing through infantry and vehicles alike. This weapon has no projectile drop, or area of effect damage, and travels quickly to snipe targets at a distance.
    Chimera Ability, Power Spike
    You'll find the Chimera with a new utility option on the Public Test Server.

    Power Spike energizes a short-lived damage shield, blocking up to 2000 damage for the next 2.5 seconds. While the shield is active, the Chimera's main cannon is charged with a Havoc payload, causing a direct hit to disable the target's ability to repair for a short time.

    Main Cannon Velocities
    Main cannon velocities have been increased for the weapons below. This serves as a general increase to the range and accuracy afforded to most anti-vehicle main cannons.

    Vanu Sovereignty
    • Supernova PC projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.
    • Supernova FPC projectile velocity from 250m/s to 275m/s.
    New Conglomerate
    • Titan-150 HEAT projectile velocity from 225m/s to 275m/s.
    • Titan-150 AP projectile velocity from 275m/s to 325m/s.
    Terran Republic
    • P2-120 HEAT projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.
    • P2-120 AP projectile velocity from 250m/s to 275m/s.
    Nanite Systems Operatives
    • CT-135 projectile velocity from 225m/s to 250m/s.
    • CT-102 Satyr projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.
    Common Pool
    • L100 Python HEAT projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.
    • L100 Python AP projectile velocity from 250m/s to 275m/s.
    We're interested in hearing feedback regarding the event, and your time spent with the new items and updates making it to Test as well.
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  2. TR5L4Y3R

    if AP velocity gets buffed like this at least add flaksuitimmunity back aggainst it ..

    you are asking for feedback?
    vehicles which infantryclasses can`t deal significant damage to or at all should not be able to onehitkill them either ...
    if said vehicle focuses entirely on an AV role it should require an additional plattform for AI duty to protect it against infantry ... lightnings and MBTs HAVE THE CHOICE of an AI focused option .. their AV maincannon doesn`t need to dominate infantry as well when said infantry has no way to damage them ..
    it doesn`t matter if the infantryclass respawns for free nanitecost if dies 5+ times to said AV focused vehicle ...

    also GIVE infils AND medics AV choices in the form of the rockletrifle as primary ... add AV grenades to the rest of the classes for certs (asp takes too friggin long as f2p player and isn`t even worth it with how underpowered AV grenades are in the first place .. so yea BUFF them)

    buff MAX surviveability in general, feel free to nerf it`s AI capability accordingly for it ...
    buff it`s AV and AA capability
    also add a shield to the bunker when a structureshieldmodule is in use so people can actualy spawn as max within a PMB without a sunderer ... might give people a reason to actualy build a bunker you know ...

    before i continue rambling
    i just add my general feedbackthread´s-stingyness-on-customisation.258775/

    feel free to read and consider if you didn`t already ...
  3. ApolloMCProductions

    Potential Exploit: One can join a match, use armory assets, then leave their outfit and join another outfit and stay in the match, thus allowing them to potentially use a second outfit's armory.
  4. ApolloMCProductions

    @RPG_Wrel Bug (maybe): Unable to craft armory assets while on Nexus.
  5. Uvash

    I'll write right away - I use Google translator.Possible inaccuracies.

    About NC towers. I liked the idea of ​​canopy firing, as well as the close range damage to my own tank. But there is a small problem - the reticle. For the rest of the factions, this is not critical, they shoot without a projectile falling or with a minimal fall.
    However, the NC projectile already at 100 meters flies well below the aiming point. For old players, this is not critical, as long as they know about Recursion. But for beginners, there may be misunderstanding and disappointment.
    About the tank gun VS. He is very situational. I'm afraid it won't be very popular, since you can't quickly replace a tank's cannon. It might be worth adding something between HEAT and HESH, but with a large EMP effect (about 8 meters). Yes, even more humiliation of the infantry. Although this does not fit into the concept of increasing the TTK for tanks (But this is just my guess)

    Also, if you take up armored vehicles, it may be worth increasing the range of the "Sweeper HUD" range finder from 500 to 1000 or maybe even further.
    And yes, the Nimitz reactor is useless. Absorbs too little damage, and regenerates slower than one engineer + auto-repair. Maybe it's worth making the ratio 3 / 3
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  6. Cosomos

    Please if nothing else just remove the shield breaking penalty, Nimitz Reactor is so bad in it's current state, just give it an upgrade path similar to Deploy Shield.
  7. AOD_Arrow5379

    Observed bugs from Nexus preview.
    Note that I observed these during the test outfit war while playing on a TR outfit on the Omega side against a VS outfit on the Alpha side.

    - Not able to access infantry/vehicle/aircraft terminal after redeploying on Nexus, redeploying again fixed this issue.
    - Able to call in orbital strikes and A.N.V.I.L.s during the pre-match phase outside the warpgate.
    - Outfit text chat and VOIP non-functional.
    - Able to equip faction specific camoflage in contrast to non faction accents on vehicles.
    - Unable to craft or view war assets on Nexus.
    - Able to exit warpgate during pre-match phase by exiting vehicles next to shield.
    - Large outposts on Nexus capture faster than normal.
    - Able to use vehicles with gate shield diffuser to get past point room shield at Nexus Alpha & Nexus Omega.
    - Statistics tab on map interface is non-functional on Nexus.
    - The "invite online members to squad" button is unavailable on the outfit home page on Nexus, but functions from the member list interface.
    - Cutoff territories still count towards number of territories help by an outfit on the outfit war scoreboard during the match.
    - Warping to Nexus removes you from your current squad/platoon.
    - Warping from Nexus removes you from your current squad/platoon.
    - Despite placing 6th, did not receive "Nexus Season 01 Banner" as a reward.
  8. Cosomos

    My thoughts on the stats on the new Tank Cannons are as follows:
    MBT: Power Creep in the form of DPS, the reload speeds are too short for the increase in Alpha Damage
    Lighting: Some are balanced like the VS Perihelion, but others like the TR Kingsnake are a bit high in the DPS front

    Here are the Changes I recommend:
    NC: -indirect damage is Tank Shell damage type and effected by Vehicle Armor
    The Main feature of this cannon is it's Splash Vehicle Damage. Although, I would like to see a more equal ratio of indirect to direct damage, the fact that the indirect damage is effected by vehicle armor I guess that it is fine as is.
    However the Lightning and Vanguard should have about the same ratio of indirect to direct damage. Also, I believe that Vanguards DPS was a bit on the high side so the reload speed should be slowed down a touch as it is an artillery cannon.
    I believe I could have lowered it's DPS further, but I am unsure on how much the extra gravity will harm it's accuracy
    Wait why does it say it has LESS gravity than normal on the wiki?
    JGX12 (Vanguard):
    700 Direct & 450(2m)-150(5m) Indirect; 4.25s->4.5s Reload Speed; 271->256 Base DPS
    JGX11 (Lightning):
    700->575 Direct & 250(2m)-100(5m)->375(2m)-125(5m) Indirect; 3.75s Reload Speed; 253 Base DPS
    V2(After Gravity Revelation):
    JGX12 (Vanguard):
    700 Direct & 450(2m)-150(5m) Indirect; 4.25s->4.75s Reload Speed; 271->242 Base DPS
    JGX11 (Lightning):
    700->575 Direct & 250(2m)-100(5m)->375(2m)-125(5m) Indirect; 3.75s->4s Reload Speed; 253->238 Base DPS

    TR: -0.6s/0.2s firing time and 0.8s/0.4s total reload delay, as opposed to 0.5s and 1s of the other prowler weapons
    Their is honestly just too much DPS in both of these weapons, it needs to be dialed back allot so it is more of an alpha damage focus.
    Although these new Cannons seem have a bit more in the way of DPS, I believe that due to having less reload delay and a longer reload time, the benefit the Prowler version will receive from it's Ability slot and Upgrade Path will keep it inline with it's other Cannons.
    P4-120 Kingsnake (Prowler):
    350 Direct & 1400 Direct Total; 3.5s->4.5s Reload Speed; 326->264 Base DPS
    L2-100 Kingsnake (Lightning):
    400 Direct & 800 Direct Total; 2s->2.75s Reload Speed; 333->254 Base DPS

    VS: -no bullet drop & infantry piercing
    By far the closest to what I would call balanced, but still the MBT was a bit over-tuned compared to it's older options. Although weaker stat wise to the other factions I believe that the no bullet drop should keep it fair with the others.
    Perihelion VXC (Magrider):
    675 Direct; 2.5s->2.75s Reload Speed; 270->245 Base DPS
    Perihelion L-VXC (Lightning):
    600 Direct; 2.5s Reload Speed; 240 Base DPS

    NS: -no bullet drop & vehicle piercing
    The MBT is fairly balanced already, but the Lightning version is actually too weak. I still am unsure if I added enough DPS to make it more useful, but I think with the fact that it pierces vehicles and has no bullet drop should of set that difference.
    Larion PPC (Chimera):
    700 Direct; 2.75s Reload Speed; 255 Base DPS
    Larion LPPC (Lightning):
    500 Direct; 2.75s->2.25s Reload Speed; 182->222 Base DPS
  9. AvalancheZ250

    This will be a long post, as I'm using it as a place to record my own findings as well as to talk about them. TLDR at the end.

    My feedback for the NC JXG12 and JGX11 tank cannons

    It seems that the NC JXG12/JGX11, while advertised as "artillery cannons" (which would turn the Vanguard/Lightning into purely fire support platforms) it's intended niche actually appears to be close-range AV. It that sense its less of a tank-mounted Buzzard (or Scorpion) and more of a tank-mounted pump-action shotgun, and should be balanced according to that direct-fire reality. Going by that philosophy the "AV splash" is a nice bonus feature (the damage itself is critical to giving the JXG12/JGX11 good damage per shot in direct-fire), but I don't see "artillery-fire gameplay" enabled by the AV splash feature being used much against vehicles given the small splash radius and very low damage if only the splash hits (its 450 "true" damage as it doesn't seem to use the tank cannon resist type).

    JXG12 (Vanguard)

    In terms of battlefield niche compared to existing Vanguard main cannon options, the JXG12 seems to be a close-range alternative to Titan-150 AP that additionally has weaker AI splash than both AP (500 up to 1m; two-shot kill for near misses) and HESH (850 up to 2m; two shot kill with generous splash range), making it ideal for close-range AV work with slightly weaker AI capability compared with Titan-150 AP and also significantly worse than HESH at farming infantry. This significant improvement at close-range AV capabilities comes at the cost of being completely useless beyond 100m, unless you are plinking at stationary targets. Personally, I find this to be fine; I love the concept of a stronger close-range AV option that forces me to get close to the enemy, as that plays into the Vanguard's brawler role. I'd hate to see the gun become primarily an artillery cannon because, coming from World of Tanks, such gameplay is uninteractive and ultimately boring for everyone involved, not to mention impractical without a dedicated "artillery sight" to replace the normal tank cannon zoom optics (see WoT for examples).

    I checked the numbers and it seems that the JXG12, with its base damage of 700 direct (tank cannon resist type) + 450 indirect AV splash ("true" damage; no resist type), deals:
    • (700 x 2) + 450 = 1850 damage per shot to MBTs and Lightnings, if hitting frontally
    • 2(700 x 2) + 450 = 3250 damage per shot to MBTs and Lightnings, if hitting from the the rear
    • I am unsure of how directional damage and different resist types works with the indirect AV splash portion of the total damage, so while this affects both rear damage and side damage, its only really important for the latter as rear shots do so much damage there isn't really any noticeable difference in expected shots-to-kill
    I find this to be quite comfortable; a three-shot kill against the front of both MBTs (5000 HP) and Lightnings (4000 HP), and a two-shot kill against the rear. I'm uncertain about shots-to-kill against the side because I'm not sure if the directional damage resistances apply to the indirect AV splash portion (the 450 for the JXG12). Testing in VR has shown that it takes three JXG12 shots to destroy a Harasser.

    This is a good damage model for the JXG12, although it being a three-shot kill against Harassers (regardless of direction) could be quite painful given the gun's difficulty at hitting fast moving and ranged targets. That said, this does make sense as a balance lever if the intention is to make Harassers the main counterpick to JXG12 Vanguards.

    Altogether, I believe the JXG12 (Vanguard) is in a good spot in its current iteration. Its practically useless at realistic long-range AV ranges, weak but potentially managable at realistic mid-range AV ranges, and unmatched at realistic close-range AV ranges. This makes it a viable alternative to Titan-150 AP for AV work, while not competing with HESH for AI, nor HEAT for ranged DPS. Additionally, Harassers are stronger than usual against it due to being hard to hit while still taking the same amount of hits as from Titan-150 AP to be destroyed.

    As an additional note, the topgun placement on the JXG12 turret was quite severely out of place on the Test Server. A quick check of the turret hitbox using my knife and resulting "hit sparks" showed that the JXG12 turrent is still using the hitbox of the normal Vanguard turret (same for AP, HEAT and HESH). I'm sure this will get fixed before it goes to Live, but I'm pointing it out just in case. Although this may involve the placement of the topguns changing, perhaps making them a little lower to the ground, and this could have an effect (however situational) on topgun viability. Another issue is that the JXG12 has some quite significant (and sometimes comical) clashes with certain cosmetic armour pieces for the Vanguard. I'm not sure what can be done to fix this, or if it should even be fixed.

    JGX11 (Lightning)

    Similar to the JXG12, the JXG11 looks to be a close-range AV alternative to the L-100 Python AP. While both the JXG12 and Titan-150 AP can one-shot infantry on direct hit, only Python AP can do the same; the JXG11 is shy just 50 damage due to its 700 direct + 250 indirect AV splash damage model thereby making the JXG11 inferior at AI at all ranges compared with Python AP.

    Python AP deals (700 x 2) = 1400 damage per shot to tanks, if hitting frontally. That's a four-shot kill against Prowlers and Magriders (5000 HP) and a five-shot kill against Vanguards (6000 HP, not counting Forward Vanguard Shield). Additionally, its faster muzzle velocity and lower gravity effect make it far more useful outside of close-range.

    JXG11 deals (700 x 2) + 250 = 1650 damage per shot to tanks, if hitting frontally. Three shots deals 4950 damage, which if accounting for burn damage to take care of the remaining 50 against Prowlers/Magriders, leads to an effective three-shot kill against the front of TR/VS MBTs (without Fire Suppression) and Lightnings alike. Given the slightly faster fire rate of the JXG11 compared with the JXG12 it is a fact that a JXG11 Lightning can kill enemy MBTs slightly faster than a 1/2-manned JXG12 Vanguard, which makes up for the JXG11's higher gravity and slower muzzle velocity compared to even the JXG12.

    C75 Viper deals (250 x 2) x 6 = 3000 damage per 6-shot salvo to tanks, if hitting frontally and all shots land. This makes it an effective two-salvo kill against the front of all MBTs (except Vanguards that use Forward Vanguard Shield), but is only effective within perhaps 20m.

    Altogether, I believe the JXG11 (Lightning) is a decent spot in its current iteration, subject to how much of a niche it can carve out between the Python AP and the Viper. The JXG11 is practically useless at realistic long-range AV ranges, weak but potentially managable at realistic mid-range AV ranges, and stronger than Python AP in close-range but weaker than the Viper. Compared to the Python AP and Viper, the JXG11 will operate most comfortably in ranges between the Python AP's further effective range and the Viper's barrel stuffing range (read: extreme close-range). The JXG11 may need some changes if the it cannot find a practical usage between the greater versatility of the Python AP and the close-range dominance of the Viper.

    AV - Anti-Vehicle (a combat role)
    AI - Anti-Infantry (a combat role)
    AP - Armour Piercing (a tank cannon option)
    HESH - High Explosive Squash Head (should really just be called HE)(a tank cannon option)

    Finally, can you please rename the JXG12/JXG11? They seem quite uninspired and, like other alphanumeric acronyms that don't form words, are difficult to remember and reference in conversations (ANVIL is a great acronym and is an example to follow if you want to stick with alphanumeric acronyms). The Kingsnake, Perihelion and Larion are far more memorable names than "JXG12".

    • The JXG12/JXG11 are not primarily artillery cannons, and this is a good thing; they are high alpha damage close-range direct-fire cannons (think "tank-mounted pump-action shotgun") with some AV splash as a nice bonus, and should be balanced according to this intended role
    • The current iteration of the JXG12 (Vanguard) is in a good position balance-wise, filling a new niche (close-range AV specialisation) while not overshadowing or being overshadowed by its alternatives
    • The current iteration of the JXG11 (Lighting) is, on paper, in a decent position balance-wise, but this is subject to if players can successfully find a niche for it between the Python AP and Viper options that Lightings already have access to; if it can't, then the weapon may not be bad on its own but it won't be used often due to being overshadowed by better options
    • The JXG12/JXG11 could do with being renamed
    • The JXG12 has significant clashes with topgun placement, which could lead to gameplay-affecting readjustment of topgun positioning on the tank
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